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17-Year-Old Vacationing in Thailand Loses Five Family Members

Christian Olsson
Christian Olsson

January 9, 2005

by Kevin Caruso

Christian Olsson, 17, was vacationing with his family in Thailand the day the tsunami hit.

He said that he was resting in his room when his dad knocked on his door and told him there were some large waves that he wanted him to see.

When Christian got to the beach, he saw many people taking pictures or videotaping the waves, not realizing the danger that they posed.

But as the waves continued to approach and the people knew that they were going to be hit, they frantically tried to outrun them, but it was too late.

"When the wave hit me, I got smashed into a wall with my head. I floated. I got up on a roof. I lay there for an hour. Then my thoughts just, I guess it was then [that I realized I was alone]," he says.

It was later in the day the Christian found out that his mother, father, grandmother, cousin, and aunt were all missing, and presumed dead.

Christian has since returned to his home in Sweden, and he still believes that his loved ones will be found alive.

“I think they are alive,” said Christian. “And I think they will be coming home.”

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