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Asian Tsunami Disaster

Please click on the tsunami news stories below to stay up to date on the tsunami disaster.

And please check back often because tsunami news stories are constantly being added.

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Tsunami News

Asian Tsunami Disaster

Two Years Later: The Psychological Hell of the Tsunami
(Posted December 26, 2006)

Java Tsunami Death Toll Reaches 650

Prayer for Java Tsunami Survivors

Java Tsunami Death Toll Reaches 500

Java Tsunami Death Toll Reaches 300

July 17, 2006 -- 86 Killed in Quake and Tsunami in Java

Remembering the Tsunami -- One Year Ago Today

November 19, 2005 – 6.5 Earthquake Hits off Coast of Sumatra

Tsunami Warning Issued for Indian Ocean -- July 24, 2005

6.8. Earthquake Hits Near Indonesia

8.7 Earthquake Hits Off Indonesia Causing Tsunami Warning;
‘Small’ Tsunami Occurs

Thailand to Stop Identifying Tsunami Dead

Tsunami Reconstrucion Funding Shortfall is Over $4 Billion

Tsunami 'Baby 81' Appears on U.S. TV with Parents

Sri Lankan Police find 29 Skeletons at Tsunami Site

Habitat for Humanity to Build 25,000 Homes for Tsunami Survivors

Tsunami Uncovers Ancient Indian City

Timothy Barnes is Arrested for Stealing Tsunami Donation Cans

Tsunami Survivors Coping With Depression May Not Receive Adequate Help

‘I Want to Kill Myself’ – A Tsunami Survivor Expresses His Suicidal Feelings

Information Campaign Initiated in Sri Lanka to Prevent Human Trafficking

6.0 Aftershock Hits Aceh, Indonesia

Tsunami Survivors are Exhibiting Indomitable Spirits and Strong Resilience

Reverse Sterilization Sought by Some
Female Tsunami Survivors Who Lost Children

Indonesia May Build “Escape Hills” in Aceh Province

Body of South Korean Tsunami Victim Found After Two Months

Tsunami Relief Aid at $6.28 Billion

John and Jackie Knill – Two Wonderful People Who We Lost in the Tsunami

Over 1,000 Sri Lankan Children Lost Both Parents in Tsunami;
Over 3,400 Lost One Parent

Illegally Dumped Hazardous Waste Released in Somalia After Tsunami

Drinking Water Sources Contaminated in Many Areas Hit by Tsunami

Maldives Government Wants to Relocate Many Residents
to Prepare for Future Tsunami

Indian Parliament Consider Financially Supporting Tsunami Orphans

Former U.S. Presidents, Clinton and Bush, Finish Tour of Tsunami Countries; Clinton Calls for 3-5 More Years of Tsunami Aid

Former U.S. Presidents, Clinton and Bush, Visit Sri Lanka

Former U.S. Presidents, Clinton and Bush, Visit Aceh, Indonesia

Former U.S. Presidents, Clinton and Bush, Tour Tsunami Countries

First American Arrested for A Tsunami Scam

Strong Aftershock Hits Aceh, Indonesia

800,000 Tsunami Survivors Still Need Aid in Aceh, Indonesia

U.S. and Japan Will Provide Temporary Tsunami Warnings to Indian Ocean Nations

'Baby 81' Reunited With Parents

Tsunami Rebuild Will Cost $10-$12 Billion

Six More Months Needed to Identify Thailand Tsunami Victims

Aceh Tsunami Survivors Leave Tents

Indonesia Will Use Tsunami ‘Buffer Zones’ to Protect People From Future Tsunamis

U.S. Pledges $35M for Tsunami Warning System in Indian Ocean

Australian Teen Sentenced for Tsunami Aid Fraud

Six More Months Needed to Find All Dead Bodies in Aceh

Mile-Long Rocks Were Swept Away at 100mph
by the Earthquake That Set Off the Tsunami

President George W. Bush Pledges $950M for Tsunami Relief

33 Americans Confirmed or Presumed Dead; 18 Missing

Thai Government Working to Safeguard Mental Health of Children Tsunami Victims

800 Thai Children Orphaned After Tsunami

Another Tsunami Scam Website Shut Down

Angry Sri Lankans Protest Aid Distribution –
70% of Tsunami Survivors Not Receiving Aid

Indonesia’s Tsunami Death Toll Nears 240,000

Nine Survivors Found 38 Days After the Tsunami Disaster

Maldives Not Receiving Sufficient Tsunami Aid

Nations Agree on Indian Ocean Tsunami Warning System

Tsunami Relief Inadequate in Aceh, Indonesia

Tsunami Dead Remembered In Sri Lanka One Month After Tsunami

Children Return to School in Aceh, Indonesia

Tsunami Survivor Rescued After Being Stranded for A Month

Tsunami Non-Nationals Dead and Missing Statistics

7-Year-Old Girl Lost in the Tsunami Reunited with Parents

Tsunami Death Toll 226,611; 6,245 Still Missing

Extensive Environmental Damage Caused by the Tsunami

Four out of Five Health Workers Missing in Aceh, Indonesia

Nine Mothers Claim 3-Month-Old Tsunami Baby

U.S. Deputy Defense Secretary Visits Aceh Province

Thai Prime Minister: “Others Need More Help Than Us”

Malaria Could Kill 100,000 Says WHO and Malaria Expert

President Bush Lauds U.S. Military Tsunami Response

Satellites Measured Tsunami’s Height

Tsunami Warning Systems Will be Launched for Indian Ocean

Child Trafficking Potential Problem in Tsunami Regions

Many Tsunami Children Left without Families

Aid Workers’ Safety a Concern in Indonesia

U.N. and Other Donors Decide on Tsunami Aid

U.N. Secures $717m for Tsuanmi Aid

Ari Afrizil: A Great Tsunami Survival Story

South African Police: E-mail Scams Began Day Tsunami Hit

Sri Lankan Teen Raped by Rescuer
After Being Pulled From the Tsunami

17-Year-Old Vacationing in Thailand Loses Five Family Members

Bride a Widow After One Day Because of Tsunami

Phone Call Saves Lives of Villagers

‘Too Soon’ to Allow Tsunami Adoptions

U.S. Helicopters Speed Aid to Indonesia

Swedish Boy Lost in Tsunami is Found, Reunited with Father

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