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Tsunami Non-Nationals Dead and Missing Statistics

January 21, 2005

by Kevin Caruso

Hundreds, if not thousands, of those who died from the tsunami are non-nationals.

And thousands of non-nationals are missing.

The list below indicates the number of dead and missing from several countries.

Australia: 13 dead; the government says it has "grave concerns" about 46 others; another 303 Australians are unaccounted for

Austria: 6 dead, nearly 500 missing

Belgium: 6 dead

Canada: 4 dead, 13 missing and another 74 unaccounted for

China: 15 dead (10 from Hong Kong; 3 from the mainland and 2 non-Chinese residents of Hong Kong), 29 missing, according to Chinese state media

Czech Republic: 1 dead, 7 missing

Denmark: 7 dead

Finland: 5 dead, 214 missing

France: 22 dead, 74 missing

Germany: 60 dead, 668 missing

Israel: 5 dead, 5 missing

Italy: 20 dead, 310 missing

Japan: 8 dead

Netherlands: 6 dead, 30 missing

New Zealand: 2 dead, 64 missing

Norway: 16 dead, 88 missing; Another 820 Norwegians are listed as "unknown" -- these are people who were traveling in southern Asia last weekend and the government has been unable to contact

Singapore: 8 dead, 16 missing, 15 "uncontactable"

South Africa: 11 dead, 4 missing

South Korea: 11 dead

Sweden: 52 dead, 637 missing, 1,201 unaccounted for

Switzerland: 23 dead

Taiwan: 3 dead, 45 missing

United Kingdom: 51 dead, 359 missing and feared dead, 624 other Britons unaccounted for

United States: 18 dead, 16 presumed dead (456 inquiries remain)

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