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Thailand to Stop Identifying Tsunami Dead

March 19, 2005

by Kevin Caruso

Unbelievably, officials in Thailand are ending their operation to identify the bodies of tsunami victims; they contend that ending their efforts will vastly improve tourism, and that needs to be their top priority.

Family members of those missing in Thailand are both appalled and enraged at the decision and rightfully so because family members were promised that the identification process would continue until the last body was identified.

Appallingly, this is not the first time that Thai officials called off the search for the tsunami missing; just days after the tragedy, officials announced that they were stopping their search, but international governments and family members of the missing rallied to bring officials to their senses and the search continued.

Over 3,000 bodies have not been identified yet. And that means that over 3,000 families still do not have confirmation that their loved one passed away and still do not have the remains of their loved one.

3,000 precious human beings need to be returned home.

The Thai government needs to wake up again and put their priorities in proper order.

The families of the tsunami victims deserve better.

Our love, thoughts, prayers are with all of you who have lost a loved one in Thailand.

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