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Tsunami Survivors are Exhibiting Indomitable Spirits and Strong Resilience

February 25, 2005

by Kevin Caruso

Many tsunami survivors are suffering from clinical depression, anxiety, and other disorders; some are suicidal; some will die by suicide; and many will develop post-traumatic stress disorder and suffer from other serious psychological problems years down the road, but rays of light are beginning to break through the dark clouds, and in the midst of the hell that they are enduring, signs of hope are emerging.

Let me introduce you to one of those signs of hope:

His name is Alex. He is a 10-year-old dynamo from southern India. He lost his mother, sister, and grandmother in the tsunami. He was devastated by the disaster and has been struggling with serious psychological problems because of what he endured, but he is beginning to feel some joy and to have some hope.

So is Alex afraid of the ocean because of the tsunami?

Read on…

"I am not afraid of the seas. What happened was an accident. I want to go back to the water…today!”

Alex had a broad smile on his face as he uttered those words because he was preparing to go fishing with his dad.

“We will catch many large fish today,” he added confidently…then off Alex went with his father in their new fishing boat.

A ray of light breaks through the clouds.

And not far from where Alex lives, in the village of Pudukuppam, India, all 350 homes were destroyed; but they are now being rebuilt. And villagers are learning new trades to help generate income.

An elderly woman who has never weaved before, sits and weaves some cloth… a new beginning.

Another ray of light breaks through the clouds.

And in the greater region where Alex lives, all 52 schools have reopened. Many children are depressed, but most are attending school.

Another ray of light breaks through the clouds.

A large hospital in the region was destroyed by the tsunami, but it is now being rebuilt.

Another ray of light breaks through the clouds.

The government is disbursing micro-loans to allow those who lost their businesses to start anew.

Another ray of light breaks through the clouds.

And several mass marriages that were postponed because of the disaster were recently conducted. Many newly married couples danced with joy as they looked forward to the possibilities that the future holds…

Thousands of rays of light burst through the clouds at once!

The tsunami disaster has caused unimaginable levels of death and destruction, and there are no panaceas for the horrible losses that occurred. It will not be easy to rebuild shattered lives and leveled villages; and we all need to continue to help the tsunami survivors FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES…

But the rays of light that are shining through the clouds, such as those above, do indeed provide hope that the healing process has begun for many of these precious survivors.

To all of the tsunami survivors: We love you, and we support you 100%.

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