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Reverse Sterilization Sought by Some
Female Tsunami Survivors Who Lost Children

February 25, 2005

by Kevin Caruso

Many women who lost children in the tsunami and had previously underwent a sterilization procedure are experiencing deep anxiety and depression. They are not only grieving for the children that they lost, but many now want to bear more children; thus many are seeking reverse sterilization.

Parameshwari Bose is one of those women.

She was with her four children in her home village of Nagapattinam, India, when the tsunami struck. All four of her children were swept away by the powerful wave.

And now she and husband, Jyoti, a fisherman, grieve and feel that they have nothing to live for. They feel that they must have children again to regain their purpose in life.

Parameshwari and other women in her position have been appealing to the government to pay for the reverse sterilization procedure.

And on February 24th, Sheela Rani Chunkath, the State Health Secretary, announced that the government will indeed pay for all such procedures.

Our love and prayers go out to Parameshwari and all of the women who have been so affected we wish you the best; we support you; and we love you.

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