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U.S. Helicopters Speed Aid to Indonesia

U.S. Helicopter Distributes Aid in Indonesia
A U.S. Helicopter
Distributes Aid in Indonesia

January 4, 2005

by Kevin Caruso

“Helicopters are what we need,” said U.S. Marine Col. Dave Kelley, chief of the U.S. Support Group-Indonesia, based in the Banda Aceh airport. (The Banda Aceh province of Sumatra, Indonesia, was the hardest hit of all of the tsunami-affected areas.)

And several SH-60 helicopters have been arriving to help move aid and injured survivors.

The helicopters are carrying drinking water, food, and other necessities to communities in need.

Helicopter pilots and crews are working with great diligence to get aid to those who have not received any yet.

“We just picked a spot which didn't look like anyone had been to yet," said helicopter pilot Lt. Ruben Ramos, after returning from one of his numerous aid flights. “We dropped off 50-pound bags of rice and several cartons of bottled water there.”

Helicopter aid operations are continuing in full force.

Photo Courtesy of AP
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