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Missing Person Information Submission Form

If you have a missing loved because of the tsunami tragedy, we want to help in every way possible; so please submit the form below and we will post the information in the "Missing People" section of this site. Additionally, we may send the information to others who we believe may help locate your loved one.

Our objective is to do everything that we can to help locate your loved one. But please read the following and make sure that you understand and agree to EVERYTHING below before submitting information. Thank you.

By sending information to Tsunamis.com via the form below you undertand that any or all of the submitted information may be posted on Tsunamis.com (including your e-mail address) and/or sent to other people, groups, organizations, or agencies who Tsunamis.com believes can help locate your loved one. (Your phone number WILL NOT be posted on the website or given to anyone.) Our objective is to do everything we can to help locate your loved one. With this in mind, you agree that you will not hold Tsunamis.com or anyone associated with Tsunamis.com liable for any action taken by anyone with regard to the posting or use of this information. Tsunamis.com will not be responsible or liable for anything or anyone. Period. You also understand that you may be contacted.

Submitting your phone number is optional; it will not be posted and will only be used for contact purposes.

Any information that you submit may be edited for clarity and length at our discretion.

And please remember that you are all in our thoughts and prayers.

Please ONLY use the following form to submit or update information about a missing person.

Information about YOU:

Your first name:

Your last name:

Your e-mail:
Your city:
Your state/province:  (U.S./Canada residents only)
Your ZIP code:
Your country:
Your phone number: (optional)
Missing person's last known whereabouts:

  Information about the MISSING PERSON:

  Missing person's first name:

  Missing person's last name:

  Information -- Please be as complete and detailed as possible:
  age, height, weight, skin color, eye color, identifying marks, etc.
  Add ANYTHING that may help us find your loved one:

  Please re-type YOUR e-mail here:

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