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Missing People From the Tsunami Disaster
Missing from BANGLADESH

The people listed below have been reported as missing.

If you have any information about any of these people, please contact their loved ones at the e-mail address listed below the name.

IMPORTANT: Please be respectful to these people and ONLY send them an e-mail if you have information about their lost loved one. DO NOT send them an e-mail otherwise. Period. Thank you.

If you would like to add the name and information about a missing person, please click below:

Please ONLY use the link below to report a missing person. Thank you.

Missing Person Information Submission Form

Missing People -- Bangladesh

Khambaty, Sakina
Looking for Sakina Khambaty. She was attending a wedding in Bangladesh. Please e-mail with any information. bryinfl@yahoo.com

Shorif, Mohammed
Seeking information on Mohammed Shorif and family located in Ohab Colony of Dhaka. He is my World Vision child. feralcat@ragingbull.com

Smith, Paula
We are seeking information on an American citizen by the name of Paula Smith from Dallas-Ft.Worth who, with friends, took a trip on December 16 - January 10, 2005. She was going to India, Cambodia, Nepal and Bangladesh. We helped her obtain visas for this trip and want to make sure she is OK. John_paul_Villa@MSN.Com

Dayalgi family
I am looking for a very dear family friend. Her entire family is in Bangladesh and we have not heard from her. Her name is Poonam Dayalgi (or Dayalji). Her family went there for her brother's wedding and should be returning on January 2. sheree_capellaro@balboainsurance.com

Hossian, Tamjid Zahin
I am looking for a former student, Tamjid Zahin Hossian, age 5. If you have any information on him or his family, please let me know. I am very concerned. martyandnaomi@comcast.net

Islam, Qamrul
Looking for Qamrul Islam. He is teaching at the college and is there with his family. c011796@grandecom.net

Kabir, Fahrin
Fahrin Kabir and her family. cindyalways@hotmail.com

Nuttal, Charles
If anyone has information on Charles Nuttal. [His] last known country was Bangladesh, working for the British Consulate. Please e-mail me, as I am desperate to know that he is safe. toot1856@yahoo.com

Quazi family
Looking for Hashmi Quazi, his wife, Kaniz, and two children (one is named Shanin). They left on December 19 to attend a wedding and we at Converse Consultants have not heard from him as of yet. acrosby@converseconsultants.com

Simon, Christie
Looking for Christie Simon and her boyfriend, Greg, of Ontario, Canada. Unsure of her itinerary and unable to reach her parents at this time. Was scheduled to travel around Southeast Asia before beginning a work contract for CIDA in Bangladesh in March. If anybody has any information, please contact me, as her former co-workers are terribly worried. Thank you. cheryllynn75@yahoo.com

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