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December 26, 2004 Tsunami

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Missing People From the Tsunami Disaster -- Missing from INDIA

The people listed below have been reported as missing.

If you have any information about any of these people, please contact their loved ones at the e-mail address listed below the name.

IMPORTANT: Please be respectful to these people and ONLY send them an e-mail if you have information about their lost loved one. DO NOT send them an e-mail otherwise. Period. Thank you.

If you would like to add the name and information about a missing person, please click below:

Please ONLY use the link below to report a missing person. Thank you.

Missing Person Information Submission Form

Missing People -- India

Aboo, Sabitha
We are seeking information on our dear friend Sabitha Aboo. She works for GE Medical in India and we have not heard from her. We are praying she is safe.
Update: I sent an inquiry about Sabitha Aboo. I received an email from her today. She and her family are fine. Thanks for your assistance!

Abraham, Sophie
I'm looking for a girl called Sophie Abraham. She is 14 or 15 with black hair. She comes from India but has lived in Geneva, Switzerland, all her life. She was in the south of India but we are not sure where. zanniluca@hotmail.com

Adam, Alain and Sassoon, Edwina
My brother Alain Adam, French citizen, and his friend Edwina Sassoon, British citizen, went to India in early December. I do not know the region, nor do I know when they were due back in London. I have not heard anything from anyone.
Update: This is to let you know that I heard from my brother from India. He and his friends are fine and they are going to stay a couple of weeks to help.

Ali, Chenna Mubarak
Chenna Mubarak Ali, South Soorankudy, Kanyakumarie district, Tamilnadu. Could you please tell us where he is because his friends are worried.

Allari, Rachel
Her name is Rachel Allari, age 27. gerwill466@aol.com

Allu, Prassanna
I have a sponsored child living in India, north of Madras. Her name is Prassanna Allu and she is 6 years old. Please let me know if anyone has any information about her and her family. She is very precious to us. vinnyveee@hotmail.com

Alphonse, Father
I wish very much to have any information on a Catholic priest named Father Alphonse who was transferred from St. Joseph's parish in Millbrook, New York, to Tamil-Nadu in India a number of years ago. He was a kind and wonderful priest and I am very concerned about his safety. howisonxxx@aol.com

Amen, Hal and Pat
I am trying to locate neighbors of mine. Their names are Hal and Pat Amen. They were vacationing in India at the time of the tsunami. They are a spry couple in their 60s. If anyone knows of their whereabouts please let me know. slundgren@chw.edu

Amer, Raf
If anyone has any information on young Briton Raf Amer, 24, backpacking on Andaman islands for Christmas, please get in touch.
Update: Please accept my grateful thanks, but my friend Raf is safe and well on Havelock Island in Andamans. Communication has been very difficult and he is awaiting transportation now. Thanks to all the wonderful e-mails and prayers. I hope everyone is lucky to find their loved ones. God bless.

Amin, Kunal
I am looking for a former student of mine. His name is Kunal Amin and he was spending his break from school with his family in India. I'm not sure of where exactly he was staying, but if there is any information on his status, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you. erinlink77@hotmail.com

Amritraj, Anand
My friend's name is Anand Amritraj. He and his brother, Vijay, were Wimbledon, U.S. Open, Davis Cup champions. They were all at their family's home in Madras for the holidays. I have left several messages on his cell phone, but no response. As Madras is on the water, I am terribly concerned. Please, if you know anything about these guys, please let me know. They are pretty big celebrities, especially in India, and more important than that, Anand is a good friend. My heart is breaking.
Updates: As far as I know both the brothers are fine. Their kids are taking part in the ATP Tennis Tournament in Chennai, India. I remember seeing one of the brothers there -- I'm not too sure if it was Anand or Vijay, though. But I'm sure if some calamity had happened they would not be participating.

Regarding Anand Amritraj. The family is well and already trying to raise some money for the relief effort. I am relieved and thankful to everyone who responded. There is no need to contact me anymore. Thank you so much.

Anbiah, Georges and Jaya Rita
Georges and Jaya Rita Anbiah, living on Church Street, in Azhagappapuram, KK Dt, Tamul Nadu 62940. nos53@ozemail.com.au

Anderson, Kristi

Andrews, Joel
I am searching for my son, James. He is attending a wedding in southern India for his friend, Joel Andrews. I have not heard from him since before Christmas. The name of the city I believe is Kurichy, India. jennieslinder@aol.com

Angbo, Michele or Chandra
My sister and brother-in-law were in India when the tsunamis hit. We have not heard from them since the disaster. If any one knows information about Michele or Chandra Angbo, please e-mail me. apetre@youthville.org

Anil, K.P.
I am looking for my friends family (parents and sister) who were settled in Andaman (and) Nicobar islands, working for the Indian Air Force.

Shashikala Ankala and her family
Looking for news on Shashikala Ankala and her family. Father - Krishnamurthy Ankala, Mother - Ademma, brother - Dhanunjaya. They live in a village called Gotukuru. CCF Adarsh Comm, Dev, Trust 006219/047. us@sacoriver.net

Arya family
My friend Akash Arya went to India with his family. I have heard nothing from them since their visit, and they were supposed to have returned already. If you know anything about the Arya family -- mother, father, sister, brother and brother-in-law -- please contact me. rachels@bosley.com

James, Anuj
I am looking for [my] friend Anuj James who is on holiday with his family, who I know was to visit Kerala on December 9 and was to be back at the beginning of the new year. Several e-mails and calls to his cell phone have been unsuccessful. Just want to know if he and his family are safe and well.
Update: Just to say could you please delete the appeal I sent to you, my friend and his family are fine and well. Thanks.

Applebee, Richard
Looking for friend, Richard Nixon Applebee, aka Nick Applebee, aka Immanuel Applebee. Age 61 or 62. Emigrated from U.S. to India, exact parts unknown, in October 2004. john@subudsandiego.com

Appurubugatha, Praneet
I want to know if Praneet is OK. Is he? He attended Mosside Elementary School, Gateway School District, Monroeville, Pennsylvania, in 2003 (2nd grade). He would be 8 or 9 years old now. susan_caruso@hotmail.com

Arasu, Arul
Arul Arasu, teacher at Government Senior secondary school, Katchal Kambanka, Andaman and Nicobar Islands. His wife has returned with her child to India.

Arnesen, Tommy Rask
From Norway. He was expected to be on Andaman.

Arokiasamy, Sam
Dr. Sam Arokiasamy works at Miniala Clinic, Ambikapuram, Tamil Nam, South India. We've been friends for many years. If anyone knows if he survived the tsunami please let me know. Thank you! My prayers are with all the survivors as well as those who lost loved ones.
Update: My friend Sam Arokiasamy is OK. Thank you.

Arulappan, Isaac
I am seeking information about my Indian friend, Isaac Arulappan, living in Tamil Nadu, India. dehaase@ideafamilies.org

Arunnasalam, Mathew
This young man ... lives in Tamil Nadu. Please let me know the whereabouts of him and family. bccassell@insightbb.com

Attumalil, Alex
Looking for Alex Attumalil and family who are visiting family in India. Alex is a member of our fire department, not sure of the exact area in India they were traveling to. Alex, John has been desperately trying to contact you, we have tried all e-mail addresses and phone numbers. Please get in touch with someone. Jen0403@aol.com
Update: Got good news this morning -- Alex and family have safely made it home! Thanks so much!

Aye, Jennifer
I want information on a Chinese-American by the name of Jennifer Aye and her family. She was in India during the tsunami along with her family visiting a hospital that they own. oboiitsjohnchoi@gmail.com

Aziz, Shayer
I'm looking for a boy named Shayer Aziz. He is 12 years old and traveled to India for the winter break and I haven't seen him since then. He has Black short cut hair. He is about 5 foot 11 and he is in 7th grade. He is also Indian looking and his skin is light tanned.

Baindur family
Hoping to find out Nivedita (Nita), Ashwin and Arjun Baindur are OK. Please e-mail me if you have any information.
Update: The Baindur family is apparently safe and sound.

Balachandran Family
We are looking for the Balachandran family. Australian citizens, who were on a holiday in India. Last message from them was from Chennai.
Update: The family Balachandran has been found. We have had contact with them and they are fine.

Barnes, Patricia
Call home. Paul is worried. pfrankel@gtwlaw.com

Belmont Children's Home
I'm trying to find the status of the Belmont Children's Home. Last known to be located in the Vettuankeni, south Chennai, about a half mile from the shore. I was there three years ago as a volunteer and the location may have since moved, but I have not been able to get through to any of their phone numbers or to any of the directors in the United States. I'm getting kind of desperate. Thanks. mira_photography@yahoo.com

Benziger, Gabriel
Our friends living in Belgium worry a whole lot about their friend who they see as their son, Father Gabriel Benziger, director of social works. He was working as a missionary priest at Port Blair, Andaman, India, and stayed in the Catholic bishop's house, Junglighat, Andaman, India. Do you have some information about him? God bless, and take care.
Update: Thanks very much for your help, we have found that Father Benziger is safe and well. I spoke to the Bishop today and he assured me that Father Benziger was safe as were all of them in the Bishop's house at Port Blair.

Bermeo, Ana M.
We are trying to find out about are friend Ana M. Bermeo who left New York on December 27, late evening flight to India to visit her parents. She was suppose to return we think on January 3. She's about 25 with shoulder-length brown hair, about 5'6", medium weight. She lives in Astoria, New York. Please, if you know anything please let us know. She was also traveling with her fiance; he was going to meet her parents for the first time and also lives in New York. Thank you. ztsapos@aol.com

Berthram, Daniel
Looking for the information on my friend Daniel Berthram, a U.S. citizen. He went for Christmas holidays to India. drsradeljak@aol.com

Besant, Annie
I am looking for information about a co-worker of mine. Her name is Annie Besant, in her 20s, and she was last known to be visiting relatives in India. Please e-mail me if you have any information about her. MRK97@aol.com

Bhatt, Rashmi
I am looking for Rashmi Bhatt, an Indian citizen who lives in Florence, Italy, and was traveling in the south of India at the moment of the tsunami. Please should anybody know anything let me know. Thanks.
Update: Rashmi Bhatt from Pondicherry is safe and fine!

Bhukhan family
My daughter's friend and her family were vacationing in India for the holiday, from California. They are the Bhukhan family. They are a young family with two children. Lenisha is 13, though very petite with long dark hair and her younger sister is 9 years old and her name is Bhavisha.They are an American family of Indian descent. Thank you for any information. muse2u@sbcglobal.net

Bidwe, Ramesh
Mr. Ramesh Bidwe, a city-based physician, is missing since the tsunami in Port Blair. Anybody knowing his whereabouts or any information please contact me.

Bindra, Pamela and Mohammed
Pamela and Mohammed Bindra, went on their honeymoon cruise scheduled for Bangladesh, but went on sightseeing in New Delhi, India. benedicklouw@yahoo.com

Bishwakarma, Gokarna
My brother Gokarna Bishwakarma is living in Port Blair on the Andaman Islands with his family. He is working in Vavy and has lived there for 20 years. p_nepal@hotmail.com

Boily, Richard
I am looking for my cousin, Richard Boily, a Canadian from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He is in his mid-50s and has been working as a tour guide in India and surrounding areas for the better of 20 years. I have not been able to contact him since the quake. micnat@videotron.ca

Brandin, Jessica
My daughter, Jessica Brandin, age 24, from USA was on Havelock Island in the Andamans. We have not heard from her, and would appreciate info on her current whereabouts. She is travelling with another young woman, named Jo. foxf1@aol.com

Bullen, Brittany
I'm looking for a 16-year-old girl named Brittany Bullen. She was volunteering with her family (sister, brother and both parents) at a pediatric hospital in Chennai. She is from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. If anyone knows anything about her please let us know. laura_ashley2000@hotmail.com

Canvin, Jennifer; Andy Asharafi
I am trying to make contact with my disabled sister, 40, and her boyfriend. They travel to India every year and stay in the Andaman and Nicobar islands. My sister is confined to wheelchair, has blue eyes and long dread-locked hair. Her name is Jennifer Canvin and her Spanish boyfriend is Andy Asharafi. I have left messages and descriptions with embassies and help lines. I am desperate for news.
Update: This couple is safe and well.

Capraro, Sue and Oscar
Our friends, Sue and Oscar Capraro, were attending a wedding in India. Area unknown. If you know anything about them, please let us know. They are from Denver, Colorado. bkshanz@hotmail.com

Carter, Elisabeth
Dear friend from UK, Elisabeth Carter, on holiday with boyfriend, Richard. Both are British citizens. In India for Christmas and New Year's. Last communication was a holiday greeting card. gkjones@ikon.com

Ceeley, Fred & Ann
Last heard they were working with the U.S. Peace Corps in the areas affected by the tsunami. Unable to reach their children. LN68@aol.com

Chakrabarti, Urmi
I am looking for a close friend, Urmi Chakrabarti. She was traveling with her parents and brother. They were visiting relatives in Calcutta. I have not been in touch with her since she left on December 10. She was scheduled to fly back to Dallas, Texas, with her family on January 8-9. She is about 5'6", 135 pounds, wears black glasses and has black, very curly hair. She is Indian (Bengali) and speaks Bengali and English. I would appreciate any information you could give me.
Update: Urmi Chakrabarti and family are fine. I really appreciate the replies and concern.

Chakraborty family
We are looking for the wife and two daughters of Lt. Col. Nabendu Chakraborty. [They] were residing in Car Nicobar in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands at the time of the tragedy. The missing are: Mrs. N. Chakraborty, Spriya Chakraborty, 6, Akanksha Chakraborty, 3. House name -- Tapur. If any details are obtained, please inform. jlsri15@rediffmail.com

Challis, Clive; Amanda Lester
Looking for Clive Challis and Amanda Lester, and their two children, Georgia and Ed, from London England. On vacation for a month in India. carolinebowyer1@aol.com

Chandra, Maya
I am worried about my dear friend Maya Chandra, in her 30s, who moved to India a year ago. Don't know what part of India. cruz_436@hotmail.com

Charhar, Rahul Saran
We are looking for Rahul Saran Charhar. We are not sure of his whereabouts but would like to find out if he is OK. teeka1au@yahoo.com

Chartier, Guy
Looking for Guy Chartier, a friend traveling through India. vacchistory@telusplanet.net

Chobhe, Bipin and Teju Rama
We are looking for our friends. We have not heard from them. Their names are: Bipin and Teju Rama Chobhe. Their children are Tanmay and Chinmay. Their address is: Hare Krishna Mandir Road, Model Colony, Pune, Maharashtra.

Christian, Eisha Anne
Her name is Eisha Anne Christian and she's one of my best friends. Her family is from the southern tip of India in one of the affected regions. Please let me know whether or not she's safe. Thank you for all your help and efforts in finding her. I really appreciate it. touti_p@yahoo.com

Clark family
I am looking for the Clark party. There are three of them and they are all from Stafford in England. ad.marsh@btyahoo.com

Clark, Paul and Ursula
Please, can anyone inform us about Paul and Ursula Clark (London), [who are] traveling in the south of India? Rudith.Suvaal@wanadoo.nl

Comee, Stephen
Looking for information about Stephen Comee. He was in Vyloppily Saskrithe Bhavan, Kerala, India. He was there with a group from Japan performing traditional Noh dance. Any information will be greatly appreciated. jcevans@net1plus.com

I'm writing in for my friend, Sandi. Her brother was traveling in India with the Japanese Noh Theater, and the family has yet to hear from him. His name is Stephen Comee and he lives in Japan. shelton410@verizonmail.com

Cook family
I am looking for my aunt, uncle and cousin: Mr. and Mrs. David Cook and their daughter, Stephanie. Stephanie was to be married in Mumbai, India, to her fiance, Kanal, during the Christmas holiday but were to be traveling in southern India sometime before or after the wedding. Have been unable to contact by mobile phone or the hotel at which they were staying at in Mumbai. Any information would be greatly appreciated. acook@pefcu.org

Cooper, Ben
My little brother, Ben Cooper, 28, is India. We last heard from him on Christmas Day. He was in Varanasi. He may be traveling with an Israeli girl.
Update: He has contacted my mum and me, and he's fine. Thanks to everyone who contacted me with kind messages and information. It meant a lot.

Correya, Oswald
My friend Oswald Correya was visiting Chennai with his wife and toddler son at the time of the tsunami. He was there to see his brother ordained as a priest. I have not heard from him since December 18. bptsj@earthlink.net

Corrigan, Richard and Tyler, Diane
We are desperately looking for any news of Richard Corrigan and Diane Tyler from London who left Heathrow for India on December 17. Last heard from on Christmas Day. Richard probably on an Irish passport and Diane or Diana on a UK passport. No more details as yet. Please phone Ireland to let family know.
Update: Both home safe and well in the UK. Thank you.

Cox, Elisabeth and John
Elisabeth and John Cox left the UK for India on December 23 for a three-week stay. This elderly couple lives in the UK. rutholaf@comcast.net

Dadabhoy, Omar
He was going to get married in Port Blair, and was to meet his new wife and her family after December 20.
Update: He has contacted us and is safe. Thank you for all your help and I hope you all find your loved ones safe.

Dakwali family
Looking for Pranjali and Akilish Dakwali. Don't know if they are all right. Pranjali is 17 and Akilish is 10. Mrs. Dakwali is a physical therapist; father is an at-home dad. This family used to be in the U.S. in Southgate, Michigan, before they headed back to India. Please let us know if they are all right. We'll keep them all in our prayers! diannnagel01@yahoo.com

d'Alançon, Helene Audemard; Rick Cummings
Helene is a French national and Rick Cummings is an American national. They are currently on Havelock, Andaman islands. fadlancon@aol.com

Danalakashimi; Sivakumaram family
Danalakashimi or the family of Sivakumaram living in Madras, India. tomcreasy1@aol.com

Das, Nabakrishna
Nabakrishna Das was visiting in India. Please let us know if you know where he is or have him contact us. Thank you. eljm88@yahoo.com

Dattada, Vijayendra
Looking for a friend located in Madras or possibly Trichy. His name is Vijayendra Dattada. bertll@hotmail.com

David, Sheba
I am looking for one of my friends named Sheba Janak David. She went to India to meet her parents. Her last known whereabouts were Chennai, India. She is 5' tall, 24-26, fair complexion, short black hair. If anyone gets any kind of information about her, please let me know. vwalter64@cs.com

Dawar, Mamta
I am looking for my friend Mamta Dawar and her family. She and her husband, Jijith, lived with their two boys and worked at Port Blair. Both are civil engineers. Mamta is from Jaipur, Rajasthan, and Jijith is from Kerala. kavi_anu@hotmail.com

Desai, Usha
I am looking for a friend of mine, Usha Desai. She and her family left Christmas week to attend a wedding and spend the holidays with family. We are very concerned about her. shpati@jcpenney.com

Dharamsey, Sangeet
Sangeet Dharamsey, 16, visiting family in India. Status is unknown. pmilg@optonline.net

Dias, Bishop Alex
Seeking Bishop Alex Dias of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Thanks. lychen@monaco.mc

Dias-Hawkins family
Seeking information on the Dias-Hawkins family. Aileen, Torrey and their son Xavier, one of my son's best friends. Also, their family that was traveling with them. Please e-mail any info. Thanks!
Update: This family is safe and all home in the US. Thanks!

Dinesh, L.
We are looking for L. Dinesh about 11 years old in Tamil Nadu province of India. We have sponsored him thru Compassion Intl. for 7 years and are very concerned about him and his family. Any information would be greatly appreciated. He is like family. csutter@houston.rr.com

Doll, Derek
Derek (born Aug 21, 1943) left England Dec. 22/04 for vacation in Madras India- we believe he was staying in hotel on beach and we are very concerned because we have not been able to make contact with him or hear that he is ok. Any help would be much appreciated as my father in law is Derek's older brother and he is very worried.

Dubbert, Barbara
Looking for my sister, Barbara Dubbert, and brother-in-law, Robert Payne, vacationing in India. Please call or e-mail someone in the family! rmnsavage@aol.com and TopFisherLady@hotmail.com

Dubuc' family
Philippe, Christine and three adult children: Charlotte, Julien and Martin. They were on holiday near Madras or Pondicherry. They were due to return on December 29. ghyslaine.wolff@wanadoo.fr

Edassery, Ossie
I am looking for my friend Ossie Edassery. He left for Kerala on December 25. I have been e-mailing him and yet I get no answer. I also try calling, and nothing. Bulerias1981@yahoo.com

Emmons, Beverly; Peter and Annie Simon
Looking for Beverly Emmons, Peter Simon (both in their 60s), Annie Simon (in her 20s). All from Brooklyn, New York. In India for vacation. Beverly is about 5'4", gray hair, glasses. Peter is about 5'6", gray hair, balding, glasses. Annie is about 5'6", brown (probably dyed or braided) hair, tongue piercing, tattoo on her lower back, glasses. ThomNYCLD@aol.com

Ferreira, Irwin
I last heard from my friend Irwin Ferreira on Christmas Eve when he e-mailed me to tell me he was in India until the end of January. Has anyone heard from him since? flansch@unionstate.com

Flood, John
I have a friend who lives in Trivandrum. His name is John J. Flood Jr. I do not know if the province of Kerala is affected by the quakes but I am very concerned and would like to have news about him. Could you please help and locate him? Thank you. delaine.josette@wanadoo.fr

Ganesan, K.
K. Ganesan was a Junior Assistant, T.N.E.B, with the Tamil Nadu Electric City Board in the Salem District. He is the oldest brother to Balasubramanian and the brother-in-law to Uma. dillesh3@knology.net

Gardner, Dawn and Elizabeth
Daughter: Dawn Gardner and Mother: Elizabeth Gardner. Dawn is half African-American and Chinese. She is slim and about 5'4". Elizabeth is a very petite, Chinese-American, about 5'1". They were going to India for religious purposes. We don't know where in India, but remember the city's name begins with the letter "M." They spoke to Dawn's uncle a few hours before the tsunami hit. They left on December 18. Dawn was supposed to return on January 2 and her mother on January 9. We have not heard from them. ssolis_99@yahoo.com

Garlapotty, Ajay
My friend Ajay Garlapotty was vacationing with his family in India near the coast. He was supposed to return home yesterday but no one has yet heard anything from him.
Update: Please remove Ajay Garlapotty from your list of missing. His family has thankfully been contacted and they were all able to reach higher ground.

George, Godfrey and Prabha
Seeking contact with Godfrey and Prabha George, who are vacationing on the southern coast of India. They are Indian nationals living in the Buffalo area of New York. robin@secretvalleylabs.com

Gibson James; Van Son Alexandre
This couple and their son, Maarten, were last known to be in Goa. hisanfiddiyy@aol.com

Grover, Keshav
I am looking for Keshav Grover, age 19. Lrobo524@aol.com

Gual, Lal
I am looking for Lal Gual. If anyone knows of his whereabouts, please contact me. Please Lal, contact "unca jon." thereshopenjc@yahoo.ca

Gubbla, Vijeyakuma; Gubbla Srinu; Gubbla Krishnaveni
These are the names of my missing relative who lived in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Please Help me find them, I haven't had any information from them. r_pudding@hotmail.com

Gudipoodi, Mounica
Looking for sponsored child in Repalle Guntur District. jross@giantcomm.net

Gupta family
Looking for my friends Mrs. Alka Rani Gupta and her husband Ajay Gupta as well as for their children Aru and Anu Gupta. Aru Gupta living in Madras (Chennai).

Hafiska, Nayeem
Hi, I am trying to get in touch with a friend of mine. His name is Nayeem Hafiska. Mr. Hafiska is a producer with the Merchant Ivory Productions based in Mumbai, India. I am at a loss as to the current economical state of this city relating to the recent tsunami. I am aware that this company was filming a new movie and to my personal knowledge, may have been based in various parts of India. I just need to find out if Mr. Hafiska is okay. rawsealey@yahoo.com

Hahn, Erwin Beck
Please help me find Erwin Beck Hahn. He is German, but had lived almost all his life in Mexico, with my family. He was on vacation in India. He told me he and his wife, were going to be on an island after Christmas. He was supposed to be back in Mexico the first of January, but he doesn't. He has a German passport. I don't know where to look for him. Please help me. marcon27@yahoo.com

Hamdev, Suresh
Suresh Hamdev and family living in Chennai.

Han, Ihnna
Looking for Ihnna Han. erichall1414@yahoo.com

Harbutt, Lisa
I am looking for my friend. Her name is Lisa Harbutt. She traveled to Havelock Island on December 7 and was planning to stay there for Christmas.
Update: Lisa Harbutt is safe and well. The family have spoken to someone whose daughter was on Havelock Island. There is relatively little damage on this island and no reported injured or missing foreigners. Communications are difficult, so be patient.

Heiligman, William (Harideva)
Looking for Harideva (William Heiligman). Was to be in Goa, but have not heard back. Harideva is 6 feet (182 cm), blond, early 50s but looks 30s, blue eyes, birthmark on back of neck.
Update: Please remove William Heiligman (Harideva) from your list. He is safe.

Hendricks, Bobby & Veeda
They have a daughter called Annette and live in Perambur, Chennai. hendricm@hotmail.com

Hermom, Shalom and Ezra
I am looking for Shalom and Ezra Hermon. I am not for sure if they were affected by it or not. They live in southern India. casperr44@hotmail.com

Hepzi, C. and family
My wife and I sponsored a child and her family in Tamil Nadu, India for Christmas. We have not heard from them since this disaster. The father is Reverend C. Hepzi of New Cuddalore road A - Mani Nagar Panruti 607106. Any information that someone could provide as to the whereabouts of this family would be greatly appreciated. bmac22368@hotmail.com

Heroux, Francois
We are desperately searching for Francois Heroux, 31, a Canadian citizen from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 6', short dark hair, brown eyes, dark skin. Last contact was by e-mail on December 26 in the morning. He was to travel from Goa, India, to the southern point of India that morning with intentions of going close to Sri Lanka.
Update: Francois Heroux has been found alive through help of the media and another parent. He suffered a scooter accident in Goa, India, had a head injury and amnesia. He was hospitalized and had no concept of the terrible tragedies going on.

Horton, Wayne and family
We are looking for Wayne HORTON, his wife Dominique and their three children Sophie, Joelle & Oliver, 11, eight and six years old from England. They were on holidays in Goa but we don't know if they planned to move in the South of India. They were due back to London on Jan. 8.

Jacob, Sabu
Looking for Sabu Jacob, a friend who lives in Bombay [Mumbai]. Jason and Kitty from Elbow Beach, Bermuda (now living in Shirley, New York), are very concerned. Anyone who knows him and sees this, please pass it on or contact us. Thank you. mizmeow_180@yahoo.com or SKYDIVEALB@aol.com

Searching for Sabu Jacob. He was visiting Kerola to see his mother. Searching for the Jacob family. ITZBABYPHAT921@OPTONLINE.NET

Jerome, Francis
I am looking to hear from my college friend Francis Jerome. He is in Sakthikulangara, Kollam, Kerala, India. This place was hit by the tsunami. Please let me know if you have any information. vinodthomas@sbcglobal.net

Jhaveri, Hansa
I am looking for Hansa Jhaveri. judilaclair@aol.com

Jishnu, Vijayan
Vijayan Jishnu, 5 years old, and family (mom, dad, sister). I support him thru GFA's Bridge of Hope and they just give you a new child if something happens. I'd like to know as I feel an attachment to him. He lives in Tamil Nadu state. phataway@yahoo.com

Johansen, Robert
Seeking Robert Johansen, from Sweden, traveling on a Norwegian passport. We last heard from him on December 23 when he was on Havelock Island. 90961602@mobilpost.no

John, Deepak
Looking for my friend Deepak John. Last heard he was is Kerala. He was planning a trip to Goa, so he could have been in any of these places. arunas@discovery.co.za

John, Denniza
I sponsor a 7-year-old little girl named Denniza John. She lives in a village by the name of Mettugulab, but I do not know exact location of this village. She has a brother named Denzil John, and her mother and father's names are Theresa Anthony and John Anthony. If anyone has any information about this family, or if anyone could tell me the location of this village, I would appreciate hearing from you. Thank you, and may God bless all affected by this terrible disaster. nhlewis@spencerfane.com

Johnson, Saumia
Looking for Saumia Johnson. She is 19 years old and is of Indian ancestry. She was visiting family and friends in the state of Kerala, India, on the southwestern tip of the country. She has long black hair, dark skin and black eyes. Her height is approximately 5'6" and her weight is estimated at 150 pounds. When in India, it is probable that she was wearing native dress. Her nose is pierced with a small stud on (I think) the right side. Calls to her cellular phone have been unsuccessful and nobody has had contact with her since before December 25. If you have any information as to her whereabouts, please e-mail me. KeleTiva5@yahoo.com

Jones, Eleanor
Has anyone seen or heard from Eleanor Jones and family? clairenoble_@hotmail.com

Joseph, Elizabeth
I am searching for my friend Elizabeth Joseph and her family: Cyril (husband) and their teen daughters Marci and Melissa. They left Atlanta the weekend of Dec. 18 to visit Kerala, India and Malaysia.
Update: Elizabeth and her family are safe and sound. Thank you for allowing us to post this appeal.

Joseph, Ragendu
I am looking for a friend who lives in Bangalore, India. His name is Ragendu Joseph. I am not sure if his city was affected by the tsunami. If anyone has any information about Rangendu, please let me know, as I am praying for his and his family's safety and hope they are all right. mmuskinja@cogeco.ca

Joshi, Ram Bahadur
Nepalese, working in India. Last seen in Bangalore on December 23, before traveling to Kanyakumari with four or five people. No news to date. Physical description: lean, has a beard, age about 45, fair complexion. vallabh21@gmail.com

Kalaimani, J. S.
Looking for J.S.Kalaimani, Tripura Sundari Nagar, Kaladipet, Thuruvottiyur, Chennai 600-019. kristienv@bigfoot.com

Kashyap, Ridhi
We're looking for our friend Ridhi Kashyap. Last time we heard from her was on December 24, when she was leaving on vacation with her family to the south coast of India. From what she said, we believe she was somewhere in Kerala. She is Indian, traveling with a British passport, and currently lives in New Delhi. If you know anything about her or her relatives, please contact us. whereisridhi@yahoo.com

Kelse family
Seeking information about Michael and Marion Kelsey and their daughter Gabrielle (13). My brother and his family were last heard of on December 26 when they were on a chartered yacht captained by a Swede. It is believed they were off the coast near Phuket. maureenkelsey@onetel.com

Khanade, Dr. Rajeshwar
Dr. Rajeshwar Khanade, 43, went to Point 41 in Campbell Bay to see tortoise eggs. They were near that point in the morning when the incident took place. sonayec@yahoo.com or sinhali@hotmail.com

Khanna, Kanika; Parekh, Mira
Please e-mail with news. cchobohobo@hotmail.com

Khurana, Sunil
We (hospital staff) are trying to locate Dr. Sunil Khurana and family who went on vacation on a houseboat in the Bombay [Mumbai] area last week. pgiuliano@healthquest.org

Kirha, Balie
I sincerely need help in locating my brother Balie Kirha. He was last known to be in Nagaland, India. I have not been able to contact him and have not heard from anyone regarding his whereabouts. He is a Pastor who graduated from Rhema Bible Training Center in 2000. He has been a missionary in India since 2001. If anyone has any information that will assist me in finding Balie I would appreciate your help. e.anders@prodigy.net

Kirkpatrick, William and Gill
Flew to India by way of Singapore on Christmas Day. They have not been heard of since. We were not entirely sure of their itineraries or secondary trips, which may have included Thailand. andrew.kirkpatrick@calgaryhealthregion.ca

Kohn, Dennis
My friend, Dennis Kohn, is a photographer who traveled to India on December 9 for a month-long working vacation to shoot new material for the 2005 art show season. I don't know his itinerary and can't locate family members (a sister, Ricki) to confirm his whereabouts or see if anyone has heard from him. Dennis lives in Santa Rosa, California; he's 58, has dark hair and light aqua eyes, and is about 6' tall. Please help, if possible. Thank you. BlindSquirrel101@hotmail.com

Kondalu, Kanu
His birthday is April 5, 1997. He goes to a project called Ashirbad Child Development Center. fredsimpson321@hotmail.com

Kondigari, Balaiah
We have a sponsor child through World Vision named Balaiah Kondigari. He lives in the state of Andhra Pradesh. If anyone can tell me if he and his family are is OK, please e-mail me. lisahughes@shaw.ca

Koren, Rotem
Seeking information about my friend Rotem Koren, an Israeli citizen, who was leaving for Andaman Islands from India around December 12. May have been traveling with a female friend, also named Rotem, and an Israeli. Both are in their earlier 30s. Thank you. strawbaleguy@earthlink.net

Koshy, Samuel; Josh Samuel
American name Samuel Koshy or Josh Samuel has family in Trivandrum, India. rsma43@hotmail.com

Kozhikott, Alex and Alice
Looking for Father Alex Kozhikott, a Catholic priest at St. Mary's Convent, Kalathoos, P.O. Kottayam Dt, Kerala 686633. Also seeking Sister Alice Kozhikott, a nun at St. Ann's Health Center in Nunna Krishna Dt, AP 521212. Any help would be greatly appreciated. jameskris@comast.net

Krishna, Pria and Vashtiburana
Seeking Vashtiburana and her infant daughter Pria Krishna (family of Ranga Krishna). On vacation for Christmas visiting parents to introduce them to the new baby. Any information is greatly appreciated. Vashti is 28 and Pria is 2 months old. Thank you. JoyLuck527@aol.com

Krishnachander, Anushka
I am looking for a good friend of mine, Anushka Krishnachander. She's about 26 and lives in Madras. I have been trying to e-mail her since the tsunami with no response and have no other contact information.

Krishnan family
We are looking for any information on our very dear friends who were due to arrive in India the morning of December 26. They were headed to Madras (Chennai). Their names are Dr. Mahadavin Krishnan, 51, his wife, Lalitha Krishnan, 50, and sons, Murali and Ashwin Krishnan (both in their early 20s). lskeder@aol.com

Krishnan, Murali
I am seeking information regarding the whereabouts and safety of my dear friend Murali Krishnan, 23, who was scheduled to be in Madras on December 26. gregpresto@yahoo.com

Krishnan, Reshma and Suneel
Reshma and Suneel Krishnan traveled to India to visit their families. They traveled to Kerala, India. We have not heard of their safety as of yet. Reshma, please call Alison when you are able. alison.eaton@convergys.com

Kroell, Lothar and Silvia
I am searching for my parents Lothar & Silvia Kroell from Germany. They have been in Kalkutta since 12 Dezember. Since this time, we don't hear anything. They may have been in the Andamans. architekt-kroell@t-online.de

Kuckreja, Manmeet
I am looking for my friend Manmeet Kuckreja. He is 24 years old, 5'11" tall, about 180 lbs. He was in India for the holidays but lives here in Hollywood and attends USC film school. Manmeet, send a line just to say you are OK please.

Kujur family; Tirkey family
We are looking for the Kujur and Tirkey families, who lived on the Andaman Islands (the North side) Diglipure. We are family but we live in Belgium and haven't got any news. depreterwim@skynet.be

Kula, Ed and Connie
All I know they were vacationing on beach in southern India. jl9145@yahoo.com

Kumar, Ruban
Ruban Kumar who lives in Vepery, India. He is the boy I sponsor through Compassion. Does anyone know if he's OK? kgood@comcast.net

Kumar, Shriram
I am looking to find news about my dear friend Shriram Kumar and his family. They live in Chennai. He and his sister are twins. Her name is Shridevi. Please contact me with news. Thank you so much.

Kumari, Hemants
City: Jai Prabha Mahila Vikash Kendra India. Christian Children's Fund Child number: 11398 Pamevehansen@hotmail.com.

Kundu, Kaushik
Looking for Dr. Kaushik Kundu. Left for India with wife and two children on December 23. xovertherainbowx@hotmail.com

Leger, Tim
Tim is 5 years old, has blond hair and blue-gray eyes. He was playing with two other children near the Andaman Resort. pbehrbohm@freenet.de

Lendi, Yugesh
My best friend, Yugesh Lendi. I've tried to contact him He works in the merchant navy, his ship is called MSC Jessica. I want to know that his family is OK.

Dr. Limaye, Sanjay
Dr. Sanjay Limaye, Satara- (Maharashtra) based scientist, doing research on medicinal plants [and] was in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands with scientist friends. shridongare@rediffmail.com and smita@quasarty.com

Lizundia, Sofia
Please, someone that knows the situation of Sofia Lizundia (Sophie) from Chile. Woman of 26 years, Caucasian, red hair, brown eyes. She probably traveled to Sri Lanka but I don't know because lost contact with her. ffloresm@hotmail.com

Lopez, Laciette
Co-worker Laciette Lopez was traveling on December 26 to India for a holiday. Have not heard from her since arrival. Rockutz@aol.com

McKeown, John
I have a friend who was working on a film. He is a first assistant director called John McKeown. Last I heard a few weeks ago he was in India up North Chandigarh, but since he has not answered lately, I guessed he might have gone down south for the holidays. I am really concerned. He is originally from Newcastle, England, but has been residing in Nova Scotia, Canada, for the last five years. Please, if you know anything at all, I would greatly appreciate it. He is 38, date of birth: 12/17/66. Just under 6 feet, shaves his hair and has brown eyes and a good build. veronicab@onvol.net

Mahapatra, Arun and Mugdha
Any news? priya1687@yahoo.com

Makumna, Priya
I am looking for a woman in her 20s. Her name is Priya Makumna. She is 5'3"- 5'6". She has black, shoulder-length hair and brown eyes. She is of Indonesian descent and was going to India for a wedding. No word from her since November. cooney30@excite.com

Mannath, Joe
Looking for Father Joe Mannath -- Dom Bosco Salesian priest. He taught at Department of Christian Studies, University of Madras, and lives/works at St. Bede's School (Santhome) in Chennai. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you. nataliehendon@yahoo.com

Marshall, Lisset and Anthony; Lee Yonsey Fernandez
We are looking for Lisset Lee Marshall (31yrs old), Anthony Marshall (63yrs old) and Yinsey Fernandez Lee (8yrs old). Last known location Canacuna, India. If you have any info please contact us. blueangel75674@msn.com

Martin family
My sister's family is in Mumbai for the wedding of their daughter Jessica Martin to Bhaskar Rege. We are looking for Nancy, Lynn, Marty and Melissa Martin. We have heard nothing since December 23.
Update: We have heard from the Lynn and Nancy Martin family and they are all fine

Martin, Mathieu
We are looking for our Swiss friends Mathieu Martin and his girlfriend, Marie, and Adelphe from France. They are supposed to be on Havelock Island. viemou@hotmail.com

Matheson, Kay Lynne
My sister is a teacher at the American school In Chennai. We have not heard anything since a December 20. Her name is Kay Lynne Matheson, she's 39, 5'8" tall.
Update: I've just spoken to Kay Lynne, and she is fine. She was a meditation center in Chennai and could not be reached.

Matsumoto, Hikari
I am looking for any information about Mr. Hikari Matsumoto who is my friend. His wife, Setsuko, is alive, and his son is dead. sally@cg.mbn.or.jp

Mathur, Jaya
Known to be traveling in India at time of the tsunami disaster. Last heard from in Delhi several days before. paiknicely@cox.net

Mathew, Varughese
Looking for Rev. Varughese Mathew, who has a children's home in Andaman Islands. Does anyone have any news of the reverend or his family and ministry?
Update: Rev. Varughese Mathew has been heard from is safe.

Mathews, Rachel
She was my therapist for 6 months and I know that she was on vacation in the areas where the tsunami hit. I have heard that is she dead but not from confirmed sources. Please help me. Blenders1012@aol.com

McGinnis, Charlotte
Looking for Charlotte McGinnis, a native of White Bear Lake, Minnesota, and her boyfriend, Janusz. Last known to reside in Poland. Charlotte is a friend of ours from college in Germany. She and Janusz love to go to the south of India -- Goa -- for Christmas vacation every year. Unsure if they went this year, but we're worried. Please let us know if she and Janusz are safe. Thank you. Any information would be much appreciated. jennifer_zarrinnam@hotmail.com

Mehta, Virat
I am trying to confirm the safety of my son's former college roommate and his family. Roommate's name is Virat Mehta and he and his family were in India attending a wedding. Failed to meet his former roommates for a bowl game in Charlotte, North Carolina, on December 30. Please help! uncbabe4u2000@yahoo.com

Mendanha, Ivel
My friend's name is Ivel Mendanha. He is a priest and teacher in Bangalore, but may have been vacationing during the Christmas season. I haven't heard from him since Christmas Day. If you have any information please e-mail me. kklinkhammer@hotmail.com

Meredith, Ryan
His name is Ryan Meredith. He is 26 yrs old. Lives in Goa. Went for a wild life shoot with a friend in Kanyakymari during the tsunami tragedy. angelamartins@indiatimes.com

Milne, Chris
I'm looking for a friend of mine named Chris Milne. I last heard from him on December 22 and he was in India. am1014@txstate.edu

Modi family
The Modi family left for India on Christmas Eve to visit family. Geena Modi (a pharmacist) her husband Dr. Modi and their two daughters. verna03@netzero.com

Moodley, Tashni; Padayachee, Devan
Looking for two friends, Devan Padayachee and Tashni Moodley, who were on holiday in India during the time the tsunami hit. Please help to find out their whereabouts. elissam@nedcor.com

Malhotra family
Narinder Malhotra family, from Pennsylvania, on holiday in India. Hoping to hear info on Dr. Malhotra, his wife Sharon, and their two daughters. venommlss@aol.com

Matthias, Mareen
I have not any news of my grandson who is traveling in India and was in Kerala at the end of November 2004. His name is Mareen Matthias, Belgian nationality, born in 1982. roganass@skynet.be

Monocha, Sunjay
Please, let me know if you know of his and/or his family's whereabouts. LGold1206@yahoo.com

Motiani, Neera, Seema and Sharad
Searching information on Neera, Seema and Sharad Motiani. They had recently gone to Mumbai to prepare for Sharad's February wedding. livypatjon@aol.com

Mukhopadhyay, Somnath
I am looking for Somnath Mukhopadhyay whose last known whereabouts was in the Andhra Pradesh region in India. Somnath is approximately 38 years old and returned to India to see his wife, whom he had not seen in three years. Somnath works at a research institute, and all of his co-workers are extremely worried about him. cpearson@nccu.edu

Naik, Vivek
We are trying to reach Mr. Vivek Naik and his family from Charlotte, North Carolina, who are currently in India. If anyone has any news of their whereabouts, kindly send us word. Thank you. christine@amerisouth.com

Nair, Devika and K.B. and Balachandran, Sanchita
Devika and K.B. Nair, and their daughter, Sanchita Balachandran, left the U.S. to attend a wedding between Christmas and New Year in either Madras or another city in or near the Indian state of Kerala, where they are originally from. I e-mailed Sanchita, and my parents called her international cell-phone, but we haven't heard back from her or her parents. The Nairs live in L.A., CA, and Sanchita travels worldwide as an art conservator. Sanchita is about 29 or 30 now. K.B. was recently 60, and Devika, I believe, is younger.

Nair, Divya
Tall, heavyset, long hair, dark skin. deepa@yahoo.com

Nambiar, Rejeesh
I'm looking for information about Rejeesh Nambiar. He lives in Banu Nagar, Pudur, Ambattur, Chennai. He is 24 years old. He has a short black moustache. He has short and curly black hair. alexandraady@yahoo.com

Nargolkar, Pramod
Name: Mr. Pramod Nargolkar, Wildlife Warden of Pune, Maharashtra, in India. Age: 54 yrs. Appearance: Brownish skin color, grey hair, grey beard. Last known location: Turtle Bay at Campbell Bay on Nicobar Islands in India. Local Contact: Forest Department at Port Blair in Andaman. Accompanied by 3 more nature lovers. ashleshan@hotmail.com

Narotam, Neilish
Neilish Narotam and his mother were visiting India. They arrived in India around the time of tsunami. Haven't heard from the family. I am a good friend of Neil. Family is from the state of Iowa. Wondering whereabouts. jeff.stasi@compusystems.com

Natarajan family
I am looking for the Natarajan family of Acworth, Georgia -- Anusha, Asha, Usha, and Raju. They departed Georgia on December 23 for India, and Anusha told her friends that they would be traveling the four corners of India, including Madras. We have not heard word since. She and her family were there to visit relatives and family for three weeks, but she is due back to graduate school in five days. Please let us know if she and her family are OK. Thank you. dmtash@uga.edu

Nayak, Alok
Seeking Alok Nayak. Employer: Indian Navy. Last known residence: Andaman/Nicobar islands of India. shainas123@yahoo.com

Nelson, Scott
I am looking for information on Scott Nelson who is traveling on his own. He is in his 30s and was on his way to India. Anyone seen him?
Update: I have been advised that Scott Nelson, a 31-year-old Australian, who was unaccounted for, flew from Colombo to New Delhi before the tsunami hit. A great relief.

Neumann, Noriko
Last known place was in Port Blair in Andaman Islands. She was due to take the ferry back to Calcutta on Monday, December 27. She is 24 years old, single, medium build, slim, long curly blond hair. manong@dbm.co.za

Newman, Michael
I am searching for an Indian man, his name is Michael Newman. He is 28-years-old. During the earthquake and the tsunami he was in Chennai. anac21ro@yahoo.com

Nguyen, Hanh and Tung
My sister and brother-in-law (in their 40s) were in India when the tsunamis hit. They're supposed to be in a city to visit a Buddhist temple but we have not heard from them since the disaster. Please call home. If any one knows information about them, please e-mail me.
Update: This is to let you know that I heard from my sister and her husband from India on Saturday, the 8th. They are fine. Thank you.

Niharika, K. Evangeline & Family
Live in Andhra Pradesh. leepsm13916@aol.com

Nirmalnath, John and family
I am looking for Lexington, Ohio, area family. Dr. John Nirmalnath and family are believed to be vacationing in the Madras, India, area.
Update: The Nirmalnath family is safe. Thank you.

Pachagounder, Kannan
Looking for Kannan Pachagounder of Canada. He was staying with family near Madras/Chennai during the week of the tsunami. Haven't heard from him yet despite his friends numerous attempts to contact him. Canadian authorities will not file him as missing due to lack of specifics regarding his location pre-tsunami.

Pakki, Srinivasa Moorthy
I am trying to find my boyfriend, Srinivasa Moorthy Pakki. He lives in Germany and he was to visit his parents in Chennai, India. I have not heard from him yet. If any one knows if he is OK, please e-mail. maia842002@yahoo.com

Pandey, U.S.
I am looking for my grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. U.S. Pandey, who are residing in Port Blair. Since the disaster, I've made several attempts to contact them but I've been unsuccessful. If anyone has any information about their whereabouts, please contact me. codesantra@hotmail.com

Panickar, CPM; Susheel Dixit
Looking for the following friends who were in Port Blair and Havelock in the Andaman Islands: CPM Panickar and Susheel Dixit. Any info greatly appreciated. lorijeangustafson@hotmail.com

Paranan, Nakkiran
I am searching for Nakkiran Paranan from India, whom I befriended over the Internet. Thank you. physiquedesigns@highstream.net

Passi, Jon
My brother, Jon, is working in India and took a trip to the south of India just before the tsunami. He was to be on his way north again, but we do not know. Please contact me. bobpassi@earthlink.net

Patel, Ami
Ami Patel, a friend of mine was to be getting married on December 26, in Vishnapuru, Gujarat. She is from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. We are all concerned about the whereabouts and safety of her and her entire family. A large number of family were expected to be there. mmworl27@dejazzd.com

Patel, Ashmi
We are looking for Ashmi Patel and her family. We just want to know if they are all OK. Went to India on December 16, 2004. Any information please let us know. Thank you. MIGLSBABY22@AOL.COM

Patel, Dharma
His name is Dharma Patel. I just want to know if he's alive or dead. Everyone in school is worried about him. Please notify me if any information is found. sueyduey07@yahoo.com

Patel, Diepsh
Looking for information on Diepsh Patel of Centreville, Virginia, who was traveling in India on a 10 day train cruise. Last heard from on December 23. Please e-mail with any information. niffiee43@yahoo.com

Patel, Kalepesh
Looking for a co-worker, named Kalepesh Patel, who was getting married in December in India. sue.peterson@nextelpartners.com

Patel, Hiral
My friend Hiral Patel and her family recently went to India around Christmas Eve and we do not know anything about her or her family. Please, if anyone knows her, have her contact me. We are really worried about her and her family. mz_tweety10@hotmail.com

Patel, Purvi and family.
Were traveling to India to also attend a wedding and return on or about January 4. Purvi and family reside in Rutland, Vermont. tclain@finsvcs.com

Patel, Vishnubahi
My aunt is very worried about her doctor Vishnubahi U. Patel who practices at North Oakland Medical Center in Pontiac, Michigan. He went to his native India to go from village to village performing medical services. He left 12-22-04 and is due back in the United States in Feb 2005. momoftaylor2002@yahoo.com

Paul, Sam; Srinivasalu, C; Karanayil, Sanoj
I need to know if they are safe after this tragedy of the Tsunami. imasweetmagnolia@aol.com

Parasuram, Prerna
Any word would be appreciated. lizrawson@bluep.co

Pelletier, Gerard
My close friend Gerard Pelletier of Princeton, New Jersey, was working as a volunteer in Chennai during the recent events. His only family is a sister in Florida, who I don't know how to contact. I am very worried about his status and have registered his name with the State Department. I think he should be considered among the missing Americans. He is approximately 51 years old, of Canadian ancestry, a U.S. citizen, 6' tall, about 180 pounds. Brown hair and eyes. No tattoos or other distinguishing marks. lswpubrw@optonline.net

Perry, Andrew and Laurie
I am looking for information about my son and his wife. Andrew and Laurie Perry are in Puttaparthi at the Ashamram Prasanthi Nilayam, run by Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Any information about what the people at the Ashram are doing would be helpful.
Update: Andrew and Laurie Perry have phoned from their Ashram to report that all are safe there. Thank you for your help.

Phillips, David
I am looking for David Phillips. He has a hotel in Madras. If anyone has seen him, please let me know. God Bless. tegomez@myfam.com

Pires, Natacha
Resident of the United States. Lives in Colorado. gauxie8@comcast.net

Pizzitola, Nicolette; Croly, Antoinette
Looking for information regarding twin sisters from New York. Nicolette Pizzitola and her Sister Antoinette Croly of Virgina. bigskycountry55@yahoo.com
Update: Please remove the appeal. They are OK and returning home to NY next week. Thank you.

Prema, S. and Santhi
These are dear friends of mine living in Tamil Nadu state in India. I have not heard from them. Please, I need to know they are safe. colstock-vasquez@msn.com

Price, Clay
I have not heard from Clay Price since December 23. I just want to know whether he and his family made it through safely. kathryn@statcollab.com

Price, Timothy
Looking for my son, Timothy Price, 42, a resident of Great Britain, and four grandchildren. Last known vacationing in the area of Trivandrum [in] southern India. DFGP2@aol.com

Priest, Jean-Paul
My friend e-mailed last week on December 23 that he is in India and on his way to Bombay. I can't get hold of his family. I need to know that he is OK. His name is Jean-Paul Priest, 24 years old, born February 7, 1980, and he is from Australia. I miss him and am worried. niki_1979@hotmail.com

Priest, John-Paul
I'm looking for someone who was on the way to Goa on December 23. His name is Jean-Paul Priest, 24 years old, from Australia. alguien_mas_@hotmail.com

Priya family; Balasubramanian family
Please, any information on the family that I sponsor. I will list all family names that I have: Sakthi Priya, the Priya family, Uma Balasubramanian, Dilles Balasubramanian (my namesake); uncle Balasubramanian, K. Ganesan. The above referenced individuals are all residents of Tamil Nadu. K. Ganesan is oldest brother to Balasubramanian and worked for the Tamil Nadu Electric City Board on Kamarajanar Road, Attur. I have photos that surviving family members would want. I am desperate to find out if the ones that I love are alive. dillesh3@knology.net

Pulloppillil , Father Thomas; Father Joseph Isidore
We are looking for two priests actually living in India: Bishop Fr. Thomas Pulloppillil, who lives in Bongaigaon, Assam, and Fr. Joseph Isidore who resided at St. Joseph's Church in Tiruneiveli District at Tamil Nadu. If anyone heard about them, please contact us. emergency_search@yahoo.com

Puri, Sona; Arjun.
I am trying to get in touch with my friend Sona Puri, her husband and their 9-year-old son, Arjun. They travel between the Seychelles and India. They may have been in India at the time of the disaster. dadam@mweb.co.za mailto:dadam@mweb.co.za

Raj, Joseph
My friend Joseph (J. Durai) Raj lives in Chennai, India. I haven't heard from him since Christmas Day. Anxious to know if he is OK. playwright@juno.com

Rajagopal, Raj
Our dear friend Raj Rajagopal moved back to Pondicherry last April. His address is Tirukkanoor and Post. We are trying to determine if he and his family are OK. miller.barbara@att.net

Rajesh, Vanatha
I am looking for my niece, who was working in Andaman with her family. Details as follows: Mr. E.S Rajesh. Wife: Mrs. Vanatha [Rajesh]. Please update us, as we are greatly worried. dsppandian@yahoo.com

Rajparia , Amit
On behalf of the Sovner Center, we are looking to see if our colleague Dr. Amit Rajparia and his wife are safe and sound. We are not sure what part of India they were visiting. If someone has information and they can e-mail us, we would appreciate it greatly. acheers@glmh.org

Rajshekhar, Meghna
Looking for news about Meghna Rajshekhar, 13. We saw her on TV, wanted to know if she was OK and to send her some dolls. I am her age and cannot imagine what she must be going through. sramdat@gazette.net

Ramachandran, Bindu
I have a friend. Her name is Bindu Ramachandran. She did physics at Pondicherry University and later did engineering at Rec Trichy. I want to know if she is fine.

Ramachondran, S.
Looking for S. Ramachondran. Lives in Chennai. dcjennsh20@hotmail.com

Ramamoorthy, Sivanesan
Age 33, also known as "Siva." erlinhawks@aol.com

Ramchander family
Ramchander family residing at Sneha Apartments, 1st Main Road, Rapuram, Chennai. Phone not responding.
Update: The family is safe and well.

Ramya, Shanthi; Karthik Rajasekaran
Looking for Shanthi, Ramya and Karthik Rajasekaran. They live in Chennai, India. kelly_lablanc@yahoo.com

Rangasamy, Krish and Saras
Krish and Saras Rangasamy live in Benoni, Johannesburg, South Africa. Went on holiday to India. Haven't returned yet. Kindly advise if they were affected by tsunami and if they [are] OK. David.Bester@amex.co.za

Rao, Jayathirtha
Looking for information about a friend, Jayathirtha Rao, a civil engineer in his mid-20s. His family [is] in India. If anyone knows of them, please contact me!
Update: Thank you for all your help. Jayathirtha Rao has contacted me via e-mail and he and his family are all OK. They were located on the opposite coast of where the tsunami hit. Thanks again for you help.

Rao, Krithi
I'm looking for Krithi Rao and her family. They were visiting in either Madras or Bangalore on Sunday. jamiebeth10@gmail.com

Reinisch, June
I am looking for my dear friend, Dr. June Reinisch. Last I heard from her, she was in India. She has not been responding to any of my e-mails or phone calls. wenclarke@yahoo.com

Rendon, Carlos; Robert Fondessey
I am trying to locate my roommate and his friend, who are traveling in southern India along the coast. I haven't been able to reach them. Their names are Carlos Rendon and Robert Fondessey. Last known location [was] south India on the Arabian Sea. Thanks.
Update: Please remove Carlos Rendon and Robert Fondessey from your list as they contacted me this morning and they are OK. Thanks for all your help!

Revi, Reshma
She lives in Kerala about 60 kilometers from the capital with her mother, father, and little sister Renja. terrena_b@yahoo.com

Rimmer, David
We are trying to find David Rimmer, he was on the ferry on December 11 from near Madras to the Andaman Islands to spend Christmas there. He is English but tanned as he lives in Rome. He is 50, very slim and normally carries a bum bag. If you sight him please let us know. neil.y@blueyonder.co.uk

Rodrigues, Celson
I am seeking any information on my friend Celson Rodrigues of the Indian air force, who was stationed at the air base in the Andamans with his family.
Update: I have subsequently learnt that Squadron Leader Celson Rodrigues was the first to lose his life at the Indian air force base at the Andamans.

Rodruquez, Terrance
I would like to know about Mr. Terrance Rodruquez, a young man I met in September. Would like to know that he and his family are safe. He was supposed to be going home in India in December. My prayers are with him and his family, and all the other victims. didi2@sbcglobal.net

Roederer, Josh; Zora Teucher
Josh Roederer is my son who was traveling in southern India with his Swiss girlfriend, Zora Teucher. We have not heard from them since December 10. Josh is blond, blue-eyed, age 34. He has a frog tattoo on the inside of one wrist.
Update: We have heard from Josh Roederer and Zora Teuscher. Thank you for this public service.

Rogers, Bernard Edward
Any news on my brother, Bernard Edward Rogers, traveling in south of India when wave hit. Not heard anything since. tatta@btinternet.com

Rose, Ajetha
I am looking to find word if the child I sponsor through Compassion International and her family are safe. Her name is Ajetha Rose and she and her family live in the Kannyajumari district Her father's name is Sudharian, her mother is Rosly and her elder sister is Sajithe. martywells777@hotmail.com

Sachdev, Archna
I am looking for my friend Archna Sachdev who was on a six-month spiritual retreat in the town of Pondicherry. Any information on her would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. mrshaadi@yahoo.com

Sahota, Sharon
I'm looking for anyone who has heard from Sharon Sahota and/or family. jodigarner@hotmail.com

Sambathkumar, S.
I am looking for my younger brother, S. Sambathkumar, 49 years old, working in Car Nicobar Island as a civil draftsman in CPWD for the past 20-25 years. He is recently married and his wife is from Vellore, Tamilnadu, India. kumar@ee.usyd.edu.au

Sandhu, Navjot Singh
Navjot Singh Sandhu was in India over the holidays to get married. Was supposed to be back to work in the U.S. on December 28. No one has heard from him. If anyone has any information regarding Joe or his new wife and their family please contact us. brendap@amerion.net

Sandhya, S.
I would like to know about my friend S. Sandhya. She is a student in Madras. warut_suk@yahoo.com

Sarrelanque, Neftali
I am looking for a friend of mine that was working in India for a cell phone company as a contractor, his name is Neftali Sarrelanque. Any information please e-mail me. kuilanh@aol.com.

Schapiro, Steve
Steve Schapiro, his partner, Maura, their son, Smith, and friend Elle. Steve is a famous celebrity/show business photographer. They had been in India for five months and we received a Christmas card posted from India the day of the quake. We have sent several e-mails but received no response. We would appreciate any information about them. Thank you. domenickandleigh@aol.com

Schenkel, John and Ammu
I am trying to find any information on John and Ammu Schenkel. They live in Kerala, India. Any information at all would be very helpful. They are an older couple and Ammu has been great friends with my aunt for many years. If anyone has news of them, please email me. Thank you and God Bless. beethree@iowatelecom.net

Sethu, Santha
We are looking for Santha, who is missing from December 26. She is a teacher at the Kalchal islands in Nicobar (India). santhasethu@rediffmail.com

Shahi family
We are desperately searching for Paramjit Kaur Shahi, Sarabjit Singh Shahi (AE), Japjit Singh Shahi and Gagandeep Kaur Shahi. They were living in Port Blair, Andaman. Paramjit: round face, medium set, dark brown eyes, dark brown hair, sharp features; around 49 years of age; 5'3"-5'4" tall (it's kind of broad but we haven't seen them in a while). Sarabjit: around 5'9"-5'10" tall, about 170-180 pounds; not very dark, not very light; has a beard and turban (last time we saw him); in his early 50s. Paramjit is originally from Garh Bhadana, Nawa Shahar, Punjab, India. Sarabjit's family has been settled in Port Blair for over 20 years Their kids, Japjit and Gagandeep, were born and raised in Port Blair; they should now be in their teens. If anyone has any information about them, please contact us. jd81557@aol.com

Shaji, Alex John
Looking for Alex John Shaji and family; last contact from Andaman Island. If any one has any info about him or his family please respond ASAP. sudhish@theoreminc.net

Shah, Nayana
Looking for Nayana Shah that was visiting family in India. Not sure where she is and have been unable to contact her. Have her get in touch with Mari at work in Jacksonville, Florida. mgilman1@comcast.net

Sharma, Dr. Garima
Was posted in Car Nicobar or Port Blair in Indian air force medical wing as a doctor. She was on post of Sqdrn Ldr Garima Sharma. v_aryan@rediffmail.com

Shastri, Vina
Vina Shastri, from Seattle, Washington, [was] supposed to be in South India over the Christmas period. Haven't heard from her and worried. surluvjan@hoail.com

Sheram, Reena
I am looking for my good friend Reena Sheram. She lives in the Meenashi Temple and she has a husband and a daughter. I really want to know that she is ok and her family is well too. If you know them please tell them of this e-mail and that I want to reach them. nmcedwards003@yahoo.com

Sherman, Harvey
Last known location was at an Indian coastal resort on Christmas Day. He's 52 years old. 5'10". Brown curly hair. Hazel eyes. 175 pounds. barbarag@sonic.net

Singh, Jay
Looking for Jay Singh. He was visiting India with his family for the holiday break. He is a business associate, and no one with our company has been able to make contact with him since the disaster. Thank you. jason.swift@ecolab.com

Singh family; Raj family
I am looking for a friend and her husband. Her name is Sangeeta N. Singh/Raj, Akash Singh from India --somewhere in Madras. She has two brothers: Amarnath Raj (doctor in Bombay) and Navin Raj (film editor in Bollywood). Her dad is Krishna Ashok Raj, her mom is Rajeshwari Raj. Please let me know if anyone has any information on her and her family. Thank you very much for your help. sweetcoolaruna@yahoo.com

Shivaji, Magar Nagurao
From Port Blair. pramod_lomte@rediffmail.com

Shreekant, John
My friend John Shreekant has not checked in with me. I'm very concerned for him and his family.

Shyam, Beena and children
I am looking for info about them. Shyam was working in the Andamans. iete@radarindia.com

SisuBalan, A.
I am trying to locate my friend A. SisuBalan, a teacher at Kendiya Vidyalaya, Car Nicobar Islands. He is about 57 years old and hails from Kerala where his family is settled. He has been missing since December 26, along with three other colleagues. Friends met him last on December 25 and haven't heard from him since. vijayakrishnan@mailcity.com

Sivanandan, R. and Kausalya
I have not heard from my friend R. Sivanandan and his wife, Kausalya. They live in Chennai. He is a professor at one of the universities there. I worked with him several years here at Virginia Tech. My last contact was an e-mail from him [was] on December 22 with holiday wishes.
Update: The couple is safe and well.

Smejcova, Irena; Petr Elias
Seeking information about two missing people from Czech Republic. They were on the Andaman Island at the time of the wave. They are Irena Smejcova and Petr Elias.
Update: Irena Smejcova and Petr Elias are OK in Andaman.They contacted us on December 27. Thanks very much to all who contacted us. Their parents.

Sood, Ketaki
Please contact me if you have any information on Ketaki Sood, age 26, visiting her mom in India for the holidays. Please get in touch. rlsantuci8@hotmail.com

Soren, Manuel
Praying and Hoping that a boy that we adopted years ago with Christian Foundation for Children and Aging is ok. His name is Manuel Soren and his Family. Please let us know.

Srivastava, A.P. and Prakash Kumari
My parents are missing from Indira Point in Andaman and Nicobar. Father's Name: A.P. Srivastava. Mothers Name: Prakash Kumari Srivastava.

Stanislaus, Maria Silvia
I am looking for Maria Silvia Stanislaus, 19. She lives in Royapuram, Chennai, India. We have been friends for 11 years. I am concerned about her and her family, as Royapuram is on the water. If you have any information, please e-mail me. I am worried about her and have not heard anything from her since the tsunami. Joony99@aol.com

Sullivan, Bill; Ben Pyle
Desperate for information on my brother, Bill Sullivan, and his friend, Ben Pyle. They were on a diving holiday to Kerala and we think they initially went to Cochin or Trivandrum but were planning on touring. geraldine@sullivanshaw.co.uk

Sunny, Sibi
His home was in Andaman-Nicobar Islands (Port Blair). siruhan@msn.com

Szczurowska, Agnes
I'm looking for Agnes (Agnieszka) Szczurowska and Abhi (don't know his last name). Last I heard from Agnes was the day prior to the tragedy. She sent me a video of her and Abhi wishing me a Merry Christmas. Agnes and Abhi were traveling to India to meet Abhi's family, and they were also having their wedding there. They are residents of Texas. They were by the ocean in the video they sent me. I have sent her e-mails and called her but I have no response as yet. She has been my best friend since 1996. Any information on her is greatly appreciated. Thanks so much. enigmaiks@hotmail.com

Talwar family
Currently visiting relatives in India. Penney7@shaw.ca

Tardieu, Jean-Claude
I am looking my for friend Jean-Claude Tardieu. He lives near the beach in Tamil Nadu, Kottakuppam. minuit1@free.fr

Thadimalla, Komali
I sponsor a little girl in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. Her name is Komali Thadimalla. I would really like to know of her condition and that of her family. Please get in touch. stephaniemeyer@kaxy.com

Thirumal, Kethu
I am looking for Kethu Thirumal, ID#1655900214, from Tamil Nadu, India. His age is approximately 19. He was my sponsored son, through World Vision. Our last contact was in 1987. Would love to have you come to the USA. Sincerely yours, mom. vmitchell4@triad.rr.com

Thomas, Jakob; Tove Ostergren
Looking for Jakob Thomas, an American citizen, traveling with Tove Ostergren, a Swedish national. Last seen in Trivanvrum. jonsimonds@mac.com

Travedi, Prashant
If anyone has heard anything about Prashant Travedi, please let me know thank you. Also he was with his step mum and his little brother. leeharris2525@hotmail.com

Turner, Michael
Michael Turner, 18, who was on vacation in India with his family. He is about 180-185 cm tall, 70-80 kg. He has short brown hair.
Updates: I am happy to report that ... Michael Turner and his family are alive and well!

Uebel, Julia
My daughter, Julia Uebel, from Germany, has been on the Andaman Islands, probably on Havelock or Neil Island. She is 24, blond with colored raster locks. Has anyone seen her? brigitteuebel@web

Updaya, Chaitra

Usabiaga, Luis
My brother Luis Usabiaga, (40 years old) was on Dec. 17, in the north of the India in Jaizelmer, but he was going to travel to the south of India and fly to Sri Lanka. That's the last notice we have from him. He was traveling with a friend named Vladimir.

Valasquez-Haboff, Una
Looking for information on my American friend, Una Valasquez-Hanoff. She is visiting her family in South India. usjmelis@yahoo.com

Van Deutekom, Jan; Paula van de Ven
I'm searching for my parents. They are currently staying on an island on the Andaman Islands called Havelock. If anyone has any information about the situation there or about my parents, please contact me. Their names are: Jan (J.M.) van Deutekom, Paula (P.H.A.M) van de Ven. They are both in their late 40s and are from Holland. supercowtje@yahoo.com

Vargheese, Kuruvilla
My name is Edgar Ancheta. I would like to know the situation of my friend Kuruvilla Vargheese and his whole family, who left Toronto [on] December 19 to attend their son's wedding at Ebenezer Cottage, Kuzhikala. P.O. Kozhencherry, Kerala, India. I want to if they are safe. Thanks. anchetateden@rogers.com

Varghese, Anu
Anu Varghese is a nurse practitioner at Spaulding Rehab Hospital in Boston. She went with her husband and daughter to Kerala, India, to visit family over the holidays. We pray for their safety. cmwatson42@hotmail.com

Variath, Joseph
I am looking for Father Joseph Thannikkot Variath, Director de la Region Inde, Residence "Bethel," Azhakulam-Vizhinjam, P.O. Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India 695 521. Father Joseph Thannikkot is a Roman Catholic priest of the Voluntas Dei Institute. Has anyone had word of him? Is he OK? I have not heard from him since this tsunami happened. If you know anything, please let me know. Thank you. elihosea@aol.com

Verma family
Alan, Sunita, Sasha and Simran Verma who traveled to India or possibly Sri Lanka to visit their family. TMarkowicz@socal.rr.com
Update: After waiting patiently for 2 weeks, I have good news regarding the Verma family (Alankar, Sunita, Sasha and Simran.)They have safely returned to California. We are very happy to have them back.

Verma, Priyanka and family
Priyanka Verma is with her family in the non-tourist areas of India, but I have no idea where exactly. She is 19, with dark hair and reddish highlights; she is about 5'2", 120 pounds, and [has] beautiful light skin with dark brown eyes. Priyanka's father's name is Vikas, her mother is Dolly, and her sister is Ritu. They are wealthy Americans from Georgia and I want to know if they are OK. If any information is found please e-mail me back. Thank you. slim2186@aol.com

Venkatarmanan, Dr. Nallicheri
He took his family to Chennai, India, for the holidays to visit his family. We heard from him a couple of days before Christmas and have not heard from him since. He is with his wife and 5-year-old daughter, Mina. His wife's maiden name is Rajalakshme.

Vijayakumar, Rukmini
My neighbor from college, Rukmini Vijayakumar, is a classical Indian dancer and a very good friend of mine. I am quite sure she resided in Bangalore, India. Please send me anything you can. Thank you. jpxc7@hotmail.com

Viswanathan, Site and Ram

Vleuru, Rupesh
I am looking for my fiance. His name is Rupesh Veluru. He lives in Andhra Pradesh in Nellore, India, I last talked to him on December 25 and haven't heard from him since. Whispersinthedark86@yahoo.com

Wallace, Vivienne
I am looking for my sister, Vivienne Wallace, who is holidaying somewhere in the state of Kerala. She was heading to the beaches from Mumbai and currently teaches in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We haven't had contact since December 15. Any information would be appreciated. steve.wallace@xtra.co.nz

Watson, Will
Looking for information on Will Watson, a business associate who has been traveling in India since December 17. Will is an African American man approximately 32 years old, 6'2" tall and about 240 pounds. I am not sure what part of India Will and his girlfriend are visiting, but he has not responded to several e-mails in the last week. We would love to know that he is ok. larsmj48@yahoo.com

Wilkinson family
I'm looking for the Wilkinsons, a family of five who [are] spending the holiday season in India. That's pretty much all I know. sarawlknsn@hotmail.com

Williams, Rose Marion
Seeking information on an old friend, Rose Marion Williams, a registered nurse working somewhere in India. yorkie772000@yahoo.com

Williams, Paul and Lumilla
My brother and sister-in-law, Paul & Lumilla Williams, left Pennsylvania to visit her family (the Goings) in India. matlockr@univest.net

Xavier, Celine
Please e-mail if you have news. hondawitharr@aol.com

Zakhary, Mina
Mina Zakhary, first year med student from the University of Michigan. Was on a trip to India through a medical mission trip run by the University of Michigan Medical School. Please let me know if you know the whereabouts of Mina. Erase remove from the e-mail address. Thank you. hongkongphooeypatooey@yahoo.com

Zifarelli, Lisa Marie
I am looking for my sister, who is a Canadian citizen. Although she lives and works in England, she is from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Her name is Lisa Marie Zifarelli. Birthday: September 23, 1973. She is approximately 5'3", 110 pounds. She has a petite build, with light-brown to dirty-blond hair and brown eyes. Her last contact to family was while the quake and tsunami were happening. She was on the beach trying to get to higher land. I believe she was talking about a school they where trying to get to. There was panic and fear on the line, so I don't know where she may have ended up. She is somewhere along the coastline of India all the way to Sri Lanka, because that was her end destination. Please, if someone has seen her, e-mail me. nicolinaz1@ hotmail.com

Zilberman, Avigail
I'm looking for my niece, Avigail Zilberman. We haven't heard from her since December 24, but we think she is in either Bangalore, Pondicherry, or heading down to Madras or homebeach, next to Goa. aizen@il.ibm.com

Zinn, Adrienne
I am trying to locate an old friend, Adrienne Zinn, formerly of Cape Town, South Africa, who is believed to be traveling in India. I need to know that she is safe. berframar@hotmail.com

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