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December 26, 2004 Tsunami

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Missing People From the Tsunami Disaster -- Missing from INDONESIA

The people listed below have been reported as missing.

If you have any information about any of these people, please contact their loved ones at the e-mail address listed below the name.

IMPORTANT: Please be respectful to these people and ONLY send them an e-mail if you have information about their lost loved one. DO NOT send them an e-mail otherwise. Period. Thank you.

If you would like to add the name and information about a missing person, please click below:

Please ONLY use the link below to report a missing person. Thank you.

Missing Person Information Submission Form

Missing People -- Indonesia

Adams, Tiara
Looking for a 4th grade girl, Tiara Adams, and her family. Used to live in Columbus and moved back to Indonesia about 2 years ago. Please let us know. My 10-year-old daughter is especially concerned about her friend. Thank you. magentasl@yahoo.com

Adissasmito-Smith, Steve and Niken
Looking for any info regarding Steve and Niken Adissasmito-Smith and their two children. They are known to have been visiting family in/near Java, Indonesia 12/17/2004 through 1/3/2005. deetsgooch@yahoo.com

Afriangki, Charles
Making sure that Charles Afriangki is ok, a little boy I adopted through the Christian Childrens fund. Anyone with any information please let me know. megibson@nationsls.com

Agusta, Paul Fauzan
Paul Fauzan Agusta, last known area Jakarta, Indonesia. alicia_isha@yahoo.com

Aman, Tiffany
My friend Tiffany Aman was in Indonesia visiting family, in Jakarta I believe, when I last heard from her. I really hope to hear from someone who knows about her. rdpedersen@ucdavis.edu

Ameilia, Reiza
Looking for Reiza Ameilia. She had a work visa in the United States and returned to Indonesia one year ago. She was working in a hotel in Bali until a few months ago. Her parents live in Jakarta. She would be in her mid- to late 20s.
Update: Thank you ever so much for the posting regarding one of my best friends, Reiza Ameilia, in Indonesia. Great news! I have finally heard from her. She and her family are all OK.

Amiruddin family
I'm looking for news on my family in Aceh: Tengku Amiruddin, my father; Rosnani (sister), plus [her] husband and daughter; Erlimianti/Zullaiti (sister), plus [her] husband and three daughters; Elly Sumarni (sister), plus husband, son and daughter; Amla Yusni (sister). They live at Simpang Tiga Lhok Pawoh, Desa Panton Makmur, Kecamatan Manggeng, Kabupaten Aceh Barat Daya. sultan_fariz_syah@yahoo.com

Anderson, Marguerite
Marguerite "Maggie" Anderson was traveling throughout Indonesia, and her friend Stephenie is looking for her. Froglet403@Aol.com

Andrews, Mori
I am looking for Mori Andrews from Jakarta and family, please can you give me any information you have. Many thanks. lpsimpson1983@yahoo.co.uk

Arendse, Stephen
We are looking for Stephen Arendse. Last we knew he was in Hong Kong and traveling to Bali and islands by Indonesia. Please, if anybody knows about his whereabouts, let us know. Last we heard from him was three days before the tsunami. He is a great friend of ours. tarrtnvv@webmail.co.za

Asy'ari family
I am hoping for news of my sister, Zumaroh Asy'ari, and her family. Her husband is Hasrul Edyar Rohas, and their children are Churin Sukmadina Zumhas (age 5) [and] Albarqi Zumhas (10 months). awanku@yahoo.com

Augusto, Paul Frazian
Looking for Paul Frazian Augusto, Jakarta, Indonesia. alicia_isha@yahoo.com

Aulia, Dina
Sister and family. Ji Sekolah Kencana, Pondok Inoah, Jakarta. style4eve@hotmail.com

Aware, Lizda

Bailey, Larry A.
Looking for Larry A. Bailey. He arrived in Bali on December 24. Has not been heard from. Please help locate him. He was also going to Indonesia. Larry is 5'8", about 190 pounds, balding, with mustache. MrsStadnik@aol.com

Ball, Ryan and Arian
I'm looking for my friend Ryan Ball and his sister Arian Ball, which I last knew went to Indonesia for christmas vacation. Please send any information. snow_flake25@hotmail.com

Barber family; Heartly, Vale
I am looking for Belen, Dana and Chuck Barber. I am also looking for Vale Heartly. Their last known whereabouts was on Sumatra. Chuck worked for a paper company. Belen and Dana would 18-19 years old this year. JrBeta@yahoo.com

Baroma, Jeric
My friend Jeric Baroma was on vacation in Indonesia when the tsunami hit. If anyone has heard from him or knows of his whereabouts, please contact me. Thank you. cvirag42@hotmail.com

Barry, Jon-Paul
We are looking for my son and his family -- his wife and two children. His name is Jon-Paul Barry. He is a teacher at Mountainview Christian School. Last known address is Jateng, Indonesia.
Update: We have found our family. Thank you.

Bayan, Khodor
We are looking for Khodor Bayan. If you have any information, please e-mail me. Thanks.

Bellefontaine, Gulay
Can anyone give me any information about my sister Gulay Bellefontaine? She was living in Bali, Indonesia. We have not heard from her since the disaster. Please if anyone has seen her or any information about her, please let me know. NEVINSISIL@aol.com

Bernard, Ruel & Kawabata, Akiyo
My brother Ruel and his sweetheart, Akiyo, have not been heard from since December 21. Think they may have been in Sumatra. They are both approximately 50 years old and from Oakland, California. Akiyo is Japanese-American, just over 5 feet tall with long black hair and bangs. Ruel is approximately 6 feet tall with longish dark hair and glasses. bernara360@hotmail.com
Update: Ruel Bernard & Akiyo Kawabata have been found. They came down from the mountains of Indonesia on Jan. 6 & finally contacted their families. Needless to say, we're overjoyed.

Berruti, Giancarlo
Giancarlo Berruti, born in 1941. Bold, black eyes and "bags" under his eyes. elena75@supanet.com

Billadi, Muhammad Ismail
Please, we are trying to find our 10-year-old cousin, missing in Banda Aceh. Name: Muhammad Ismail Billadi (Agam). Father's name: Syaiful Billadi. Date of Birth: July 17, 1994. Last seen: Kampung Mulya, Lampulo, Banda Aceh, on December 26. His father, Syaiful, and little sister Sarah survived the tsunami when the water came to their village, but Agam was last seen at their home with his mother and grandmother, who were both killed. His father has found the bodies of his mother and grandmother, but he could not find Agam at all. We are desperate to find Agam, or at least his body, if he did not survive.

Bixler family
Dennis and Lynn Free; Bob and Jan MacLean; John and Marilyn Mulkey; Lisa Richardson; Gideon and Mei Tanbunaan. If anyone has any information regarding the Bixler family, please let me know. They are an American family working and living as missionaries in Indonesia. xbrokenwords76@hotmail.com

I'm writing with concern for several Christian Church/Church of Christ missionaries in Indonesia who have not been heard from since the disaster. Stephen Bixler family; Dennis and Lynn Free; Bob and Jan MacLean; John and Marilyn Mulkey; Lisa Richardson; Gideon and Mei Tanbunaan. Any word would be much appreciated. rmbowman@sbcglobal.net

Bocci, Dominic
I'm looking for Dominic Bocci. He lives in New York City, and imports furniture from Indonesia. I have e-mailed him, but I haven't heard from him. If any relatives or friends know anything, please let me know. Thank you. pompo@prtc.net

Bombag, Serli
Looking for Serli Bombag. Last heard to be in Jakarta, Indonesia. kilimi@yahoo.com

Bosselmann, Axel
My father, Axel, was last known to be in East Timor. He is traveling on both Australian and German passports. He is in his early 50s, lean, curly gray-streaked hair and thick glasses. Family from all over the world [is] worried about him and searching for him. kirstenboss@hotmail.com

Bradley, Douglas
Looking for a good friend of mine named Douglas Bradley. He attends the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. He is a native of Indonesia who recently returned home for the Christmas holidays. RRabal1265@yahoo.com

Brough, Shayne
I am searching for any known whereabouts on Shayne Brough. ktsheesh13@hotmail.com

Brownsword, Walt
Looking for word of Walt Brownsword. He is in his 50s and is a teacher and principal of a school in Indonesia. He taught in Chappaqua, New York, before going overseas. Failte52@hotmail.com
Update: Thank you Walt Brownsword called the States, safe and well. DD

Budiman, Alan
Alan Budiman is a good friend of mine who left on vacation with his family. He traveled to visit relatives with his mom, dad and little sister. Please send me any information. AHooker@scu.edu

Budiman, Tasha
May have been vacationing in the affected areas. jeaniewalker@chariot.net.au

I was search for my pastor "Budiono" and his wife "Mrs. Stevi". The last news I heard about them was that they live in Aceh, Sumatra. My very best friend "Carlo P": Are you still in Sumatra?

Buehner, Beverly
The name of the person I'm looking for is Beverly Buehner. She was going to be in Bali and possibly travel around. She lives in California. She is around 60 years old, 5 feet 5 inches, blond/gray hair, around 150 pounds. Many thanks. connieoreilly@sbcglobal.net

Cahyana, Dita Meidina
Trying to locate the above person. sujaro2002@yahoo.com

Chalad, Lisda Yanti
I am looking for information on my friend Lisda Yanti Chalad. We were friends when she lived in the U.S. She lived in Jakarta the last time I spoke with her a few years ago. Any information on her would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. pixieaintfaries@yahoo.com

Chandra, Ineke
I'm looking for my Indonesian friend called Ineke Chandra. I've known her for six years now and I haven't heard from her since the tsunami. She lived in Ujung Pandang but maybe she was there on a holiday.
Update: I was looking for Ineke Chandra, but she was in New York at the time of the tsunami. She e-mailed me and is OK.

Chapman, Becci
I am looking for information about a dear friend, Becci Chapman, American citizen, studying art in Indonesia. I talked to her mother about a year ago, and Becci was in Indonesia at that time. She is from California, and I believe her mother is located there now. My hopes, heart, and wishes that she is safe. Any one with information about her location, safety would be a Blessing. Thank You. inthenatrualstate@yahoo.com

Chatab, Yasha
Looking for friend Yasha Chatab. He attended the University of Houston and returned to Indonesia about four years ago. He was working for MTV radio in Indonesia. He would be in his mid- to late 20s. If you have any information, please e-mail me.

Cheyney, Deavonia
111 pounds, brown short hair, short: 4 ft. and 11in., peach skin color, frekels on chest. rock_star432@hotmail.com

Chou, Jennifer, Kristopher and Nova Jade
Looking for Jennifer (Rogers) Chou and her daughter, Nova Jade (about 1 year old), and husband Kristopher. They were visiting his family in Indonesia -- unsure of township. CALIFEMSGIRL@yahoo.com

Crawford, Hugh and Vera
I am trying to contact my father and his wife, Hugh and Vera Crawford, staying in Banda Aceh, Indonesia. Anyone with info, please e-mail me. hughjcrawford@3mail.com

Cullen, Robert and Joy; Milan and Griffen families
Relatives [are] concerned about Robert and Joy Cullen [and the] Milan and Griffen families, who could have been in any of the disaster areas traveling. Milan and Griffen families live in the area. bevdrain2003@yahoo.com

Danga, Yaku
Our United Methodist Women's group at Bramlett United Methodist Church in Gray Court, South Carolina, sponsors a child in Indonesia. We sponsor her through the Christian Children's Fund. Her name is Yaku Danga and she is from Jakarta, Indonesia. We are concerned about her and her family. If anyone knows anything, please respond. kimblack@kemet.com

Darlian family
Please help me know if my long time friends the Darlians, Mr and wife Yusida and boys Yudi and Andre, sister Ecka are ok. They run a small home stay in Lhokgna area, Banda Aceh. I have known them for 10 years and when I surf in Aceh I always stay at their house at least twice a year

Darmawan, William
I'm looking for a friend named William Darmawan. He is about 26-27 years old and his height is about 5'6". Thank you for help. curiousg@hoopsmail.com

Daud family
I am still looking and waiting [for] information [about] my brother name Hamdan Daud (Kodim army), his wife, Santi, and their children. Also seeking news on my sister Evi Susanty and her husband. They are all in Ujong Kareung Complex with the army, Melaboh, West Aceh. ivan_irwansyah@yahoo.com

Dauncey, Rebecca
I'm desperately looking for my dearest friend, Rebecca Dauncey, who lives in Pulau Weh. She was building a bungalow on the island and is well-known in the area.
Update: Thank you to everyone that helped me get news of Rebecca, who is safe and well. Have received texts from Pulau Weh, which reads: On the island still no electric or phones, medicine finished days ago and food getting short, a lot of people lost everything but are just glad to be alive.

David, Agutegeorge
He departed Nigeria on December 24 aboard Ethiopian airlines to transit in Bangkok and arrive in Jakarta on Saturday, December 25. But since then, I have not heard anything from him. idnuga@yahoo.com

D'cruz Antony
I am looking for my wife's uncle Fr. Antony D'cruz OCD from India stationed in Indonesia. His address is as follows: St. Joseph's Monastery, Bogenga Bajawa, Flores. After the tsunami disaster we have been worried not knowing anything about his whereabouts. It would be a big relief to know if he is safe.

Degruiter, Steve
He was last working for the consulate. mbarganier@cox.ne

Dermawann family
Just wanting to know if the Dermawann family is fine. Their daughter, Alisa, was one of my students last school year in Brazil and they moved back to Indonesia. I believe they live in Jakarta. lulacer@attglobal.net

Dewi, Johansyah and family
We have found my uncle Rusli, Arifin, his wife, and two children safe and sound, but we are still missing another son Johansyah, his wife, Dr. Shinta Dewi, and their 18-month-old baby. They live at Uleulheu, Banda Aceh. pervidia@yahoo.com

Dhollander, Pieter
My brother-in-law, Pieter Dhollander, is lost in Sumatra, Utaru province. pet.peeters@pandora.be

Dickenson, Duane
Duane Dickenson. He's 37 yrs old. He was on vacation. Please contact me if you have any information regarding Duane. We need him back with us. Duane, we miss you. Call please if you can. We love you. Sister. Belinda77778888@aol.com

Dijon, Markes
His name is Markes Dijon. He is about 10 years old. He has black or brown hair. cc1@intergate.com

Djasus, Bakir
Djasus, Bakir: Sponsored child through World Vision for many years. Lives in the Tcapung Tengah neighbourhood in Cawang province just south of Jakarta. Age 9 years and in grade 3. Lives with his mother. Desperate to hear if he is OK. Last word from him was just prior to Christmas. edithrick@accesswave.ca

Djauhari, Cynthia
I am looking for my friend Cynthia Djauhari, 25, who lives in Jakarta, Indonesia. I have not heard from her since the tsunami and am extremely worried about her. If anyone sees her or knows her whereabouts, please e-mail me. Thanks! busymom24301@netzero.net

Drolshagen, Stephan
I'm missing my best friend. Last known to be in Bali. His name is Stephan Drolshagen, 45. White male with blond hair, blue eyes, slim, 1.78 meters (5'8") tall. Omiblondi@aol.com

Duell, Ian
His name is Ian Duell. He has reddish-brownish curly hair. His wife is eight months pregnant and he should be with her. He has brown eyes and is about 6 feet tall. His body is of medium build. He lives in Indonesia but may have been traveling in Malaysia or Thailand. He has light complexion. His wife is Alicia Duell. She has brown hair and brown eyes. Please find him! maih13@sbcglobal.net

Edwards, Jeffrey M.; Meyer, Peter R.
I'm searching for close friends of mine, American citizens, Peter R. Meyer and Jeffrey M. Edwards, on a trekking trip in Sumatra, Indonesia, during the time of the disaster. Please help. I can't get through to them or find out about them in any other way.

Eiger, Ilan
My nephew's dad was in Sumatra. He is 6 feet 2 inches, about 250 pounds, shaved head, blue eyes. His name is Ilan Eiger, and we are desperate to have some news on him; he loved the beach. We have not heard from him, and we pray he is well, but if he is hospitalized or someone knows who he is, maybe they can help us find any news on his whereabouts. His sons are Jonathan [and] Romen and daughter [is] Natalie. gloriadepaul@safetysorbzeolita.com

Evans, Madison
Madison Evans lives with her dad and her little sister on the coast on Indonesia, and everyone back in South Africa, where she goes to school, are all very worried about her and her family. tbrigham@bol.co.tz

Fatimah family
They live in Melauboh Aceh, Indonesia. The latest news is her husband was killed, and two kids were missing. jayakie@cbn.net.id

Fink, Angela
Looking for Angela (Angie) Fink, [who] was teaching as a counselor with elementary students at Jakarta International School. smith_lance@asdk12.org

Frazer family
Brett and Jeana Frazer and their daughter, Isabeau, were on a beach on December 26 in Pangkil, Indonesia. They live in Singapore, where Brett was transferred with Microsoft. webefroggy@yahoo.com

Freund, Francesca
We are looking for Francesca Freund, from Hawaii, who was last known to be on vacation in Indonesia for the Christmas holidays.
Update: We just heard from Francesca Freund via e-mail that she is safe and sound on the island of Java. Mahalo for all of your support and prayers.

Gardner, Wan
Looking for info about my sister-in-law, Wan, a Thai native who was visiting her parents in Sumatra when the wave hit. She was traveling with her twin daughters, Ann and Marie, approximately 9 months old. My brother is there looking for them, but is out of contact with family. Any help appreciated. davesmom147@hotmail.com

Geary, Crystal
Crystal Geary and her friend Courtney were traveling to Indonesia on Sunday. Her family has not heard from her since she left Japan. Desperately worried, please contact with any information.
Update: Crystal Geary and Courtney have contacted their families and are safe. Thank you.

Geiger, Ilan
We haven't heard from my nephew's father, Ilan Geiger. He was staying in Jakarta, Indonesia, by the beach. Please, if anyone knows him or has seen him, let us know. admin@giftbargains4u.com

Gibson, Norman
I haven't heard from my uncle Norman Gibson since before Christmas. ditzyblonde813@aol.com

Gordon, Sinead
I am looking to hear from my friend Sinead Gordon, who was traveling to Bali and Southeast Asia from Australia. She was last heard from December 21 and was in Australia for Christmas. melyssaa22@hotmail.com

Gunawan, Gimmin
I want to make sure Gimmin Gunawan, who should have been living in Medan or Jakarta, and his family is safe. Please give me any info. Thank you very much! jackiejunko@hotmail.com

Gurtoo, Stuti
My friend Stuti Gurtoo is living in Jakarta with her family.
Update: I had written an appeal about Stuti Gurtoo. Please remove it as contact has been established.

Haliem, Lianto
I am looking for information about my friend Lianto Haliem. He left Chattanooga, Tennessee, to return to Indonesia after 14 years. Thank you. toddr@focushealthcare.com

Hamzah, Musaddiq
I am looking for Musaddiq Hamzah on behalf of his mother, Satilah Abdullah. Last known residing in Aceh.

Hanan, Didiet and Cut; Mrs. Solihanoum
We are looking for our grandmother, Mrs. Solihanoum, 72, in Banda Aceh, Indonesia. She's staying alone in Lamteumen district, and we haven't had any contact. We're also looking for Didiet and Cut Hanan. They were last seen in Peunayong, also in Banda Aceh. They are missing after the house [where] they were staying was swept away. si_andella@yahoo.com

Handojo, Rene
I am looking for a girl I knew in college named Rene Handojo. She would be about 35 years old and her last known address was in Jakarta. twbitner@earthlink.net

Harahap, Azhar Effendy
I am looking for my little boys' father, Azhar "Agam" Effendy Harahap. I last spoke with him a year ago, and he was working for a hotel. I do not know which city he was living in, but he is from the village of Binjai. hols@cableone.net

Kain, Harry
I am looking for Dr. Harry Kain. Thank you very much. atonina@pla.net.py

I need to know if she was a victim or a survivor. Her name is Haryanti Haryanti; she lives in North Sumatra [and is] 26 years old. monalisaheryanti@mailcity.com or

Haryanto, Salim 'Khim' and Su Ann
Looking for any information on the whereabouts [of] Salim "Khim" Haryanto, his wife, Su Ann Haryanto, and their two little girls -- all from the Ettlingen-Waldbronn area in Germany. The family was to spend Christmas vacation in Indonesia. The exact location in Indonesia is not known. Thus far no contact possible. regis@debitel.net

Harzorow, Rudi; Henrikus, Terumi and Arnanto
I am hoping for word from my friend Rudi Harzorow. His family is from Sumatra, and I am hoping that he and his family are OK. Also my friends Terumi and Arnanto Henrikus; they are from Jakarta. lisayoung66@hotmail.com

Hasan, Dailamy and Marcinah
Looking for Dailamy & Marcinah Hasan, last known address: Mrican Baru 17, Yogyakarta, 55281, Indonesia. rkhomh@olemac.net

Hasan, Mawardi and family
Anxiously looking for word on Mawardi Hasan and family who we believe was still on staff with Shiah Kuala University in Darussalam (English Language Department), Banda Aceh. His friend in Canada are very worried about his well-being. sean@alliancecoin.com

Hasibuan, Abdu and Ibrahim
We are looking for our brothers, Abdu Hasibuan and Ibrahim Hasibuan, in Meulaboh, Aceh, Indonesia. They are staying in the housing of Government Hospital in Meulaboh. Mrs. Abdu is working as a medical doctor. We haven't had any contact since the tsunami tragedy. titierman@yahoo.com

Hayes family
I am extremely concerned about my uncle and his family. His name is Gerard Hayes. He is an electrician, originally from Ireland, County Galway. He has a wife and two small children, and they reside in Indonesia. Please e-mail me if you have any information. sberr27864@netzero.com

Hendramin, Candra and Lily Sondhi
I am looking for Candra Hendramin and Lily Sondhi. Their last address was in Palembang, Sumatera Selatan. They are fair in complexion and both are Indonesians. If anyone knows them, please contact me ASAP. I need to know that they are safe. They are very good friends of mine. Thank you. cherrios73@yahoo.com

Hendrata family
We would like to know the whereabouts of Dr. J. Tanu Hendrata and family. kenandgwen@wiktel.com

Hermawi, Rania
Looking for Rania Hermawi, who lives in Jakarta, Indonesia. chronomage@aol.com

Heuer, Jordan
We are looking for our brother, Jordan Heuer. He may also be known as Jordan Biggs. Blond hair and blue eyes, 6'1" or 6'2". tinkyou@hotmail.com

Hidayati, Nur
A friend in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. nasser_t@hotmail.com

Ho, Petra
Looking for Petra Ho, employee of PT Komatsu in Jakarta Indonesia. Have not heard from anyone at this business. Cannot locate Petra. Can anyone tell me if she is alive?
Update: FOUND! Heard from her yesterday, she is on the other side of the island and everyone there is fine! Thank God!!!

Huang, Winardi
He's about 28 years old and is/was in the shark fin business. kll02a@acu.edu

Hudson, Link and Hana
Looking for Link and Hana Hudson who are currently living in Jakarta. No one has heard from them that we know of. info@healingcommunities.org

Hwang, Il Tae
Looking for my brother, Il Tae Hwang, who went to a wedding and was vacationing in Indonesia.
Update: Il Tae Hwang has been located. He called from Indonesia and will be returning to the U.S. soon.

Irving, Stephen Anthony
I am looking for my brother Stephen Anthony Irving aged 50 years. He has been working in Lampung area of Indonesia since 2002 for a company called PTL. We have not had any contact with him for a while now and are very concerned for his safety. Please help! tjpatrick@77dobcroft.freeserve.co.uk

Iskak, Danny and Mary Lynn
Searching for our friends Danny and Mary Lynn Iskak who were in Indonesia. Please let us know that you are OK.
Update: We have heard from Danny and Mary Lynn Iskak! They are safe and doing well.

Iskandar, Iwan
Our family served as a host family for Iwan Iskandar in the early 1980s in Mercer, Pennsylvania. Iwan has kept in touch with our family for the past 20+ years. We last spoke to him on Dec. 24. He has a wife, Farrah, and 3 children. I believe they are 12, 9 and 8 months. I believe they were living in Jakarta. He worked in a bank, that is all I know. If anyone knows of the family, we would love to know their fate.

Ismail, Yusriah
kak Yusriah have a hosue in Banda Aceh, but also at Sigly at her mothers'place. I do not know her current address to find her and am very concerned of her family. (Husband, children) If anyone knows her back from IAIN Siyah Kuala, Darussalam University have any information of her, Please kindly reach me.

Jarawoli, Herman
Herman Jarawoli, six years old, Compassion International child. I'm his sponsor.

Jaya, Indra Putra
He is working in police (Brimob) Meulaboh -- West Aceh. jimi_manea@hotmail.com

Joko-Prasetyo, Rizal
Rizal Joko-Prasetyo and his parents Eko and Pingkon Joko Prasetyo and his sister Reya; last known place of residence: Rizal Jokoprasetyo, J1. Kramat Pela Raya, No. 80 Bldg. A, Keb. Baru, Jakarta, 12140, Indonesia. lmkhawam@aol.com

Jukita, Frida
Frida Jukita -- woman, 28 years old, lives in Jakarta. heydriana@yahoo.com

Junko, Augustus (Agus)
I'd like to know if my friend Augustus (Agus) Junko is doing fine. I've sent him some e-mails since December 26 and still no reply. He's 28 years old, about 5'10" and 155 lbs. He lives in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Kelvin-Kwek, Yuvianvy
Looking for Yuvianvy Kelvin-Kwek. She and her family live in Jakarta City. Want to be sure they are all OK. I am so worried! leslie_hammonds@yahoo.com

Kidd, Mandy
I'm concerned that my friend Mandy Kidd is still in Indonesia. She is from Perth, Australia. Can anyone help? anouska.wright@churchill.com

Koharti, Ellys
We are all looking for Ellys Koharti. Originally from Jakarta, Indonesia, but also attends school in Malaysia. mnike20@hotmail.com

Krisanty, Fitria
I'm looking for news from Fitria Krisanty, an Indonesian young woman in her late 20s, who lives in Jakarta but could also be in Bandung, where her parents live. jorgefecuri@yahoo.com.br

Kroes, Robert
Searching for information about Robert Kroes, who lives half year (winter) in Minang-Kabau, Sumatra, Indonesia, and the other, in Holland, of which he is a native. He's 70 but quite spry. He's known to the Sumatra people as "Papa Bob." hendry@usit.net

Lakawa, Septemmy; Lakawa Ibor
Septemmy "Temmy" Lakawa of Jakarta studying at Boston University was a classmate at Austin Seminary and works also at Jakarta Theological Seminary. May have returned to Jakarta over Christmas. Cannot reach by e-mail or phone in MA. Hoping she did not go back to Indonesia. Also her brother Ibor Lakawa is still in Indonesia. ATPaine@Netscape.Net

Lawless, Robert and Surea, Dandi
No word from my brother, Robert Lawless, American from Hawaii. He was visiting a friend, Dandi Surea, and his family in Subang, Jaya. Is this area affected? He could have been at a nearby resort. No word. Please let us know if this vicinity was hit. LeinaalaSandy@aol.com

Lazwardi, Rudi and family
I'm looking for my brother and his family in Merduati, Banda Aceh. Our last contact was just after the earthquake but before the tsunami. Rudi Lazwardi (male, 39), Maya Kesuma (female, 29), Daffa Alfaridzi (male, 5), Haifa Azzahra (female, 1.3). norman.sabi@gmail.com

Ledden, Kim
I am looking for my sister, Kim Ledden. She was in Indonesia, traveling with other friends from Saipan. We haven't heard anything. If anyone knows anything, [we] would be grateful. Brookeledden@comcast.net

Leifman, Tiffany
Can you please help us find Tiffany Leifman? She traveled to Indonesia on December 17 with her younger brother, father and mother. She's 14, Chinese, with black hair, about 5'1". She's from Honolulu, Hawaii, and was in Indonesia visiting family. Please contact me as soon as you find out any info.

Lestari, Ilsa
Her name is Ilsa Lestari and she is 25 years old. She and her family live in Indonesia, Sumatra, Medan. I met her when she was here in the U.S. She was a foreign exchange student (that is how we became good friends). Please help me find her. I need know if she is all right. Thanks. Tstrickler@hotmail.com

Lim, Pamella
We're looking for our housemate, Pamella Lim, who is an Indonesian national working in Australia. She traveled to Jakarta over Christmas and was going to Medan in late December. gaia_puleston@hotmail.com

Liu, JH
I'm looking for my friend JH Liu. He may also be known as Jonathan Liu. Please e-mail me if you know where he is. Thank you and God bless. hova724@gwu.edu

Ljungberg, Gert
Gert Ljungberg of Malmo, Sweden. Last visiting Indonesia for the holidays. No word from him yet.

Lolley family
Seeking information on Mike, Theresa and Aaron Lolley. May have been in Thailand or Indonesia. poca3@earthlink.net

Lovas, Zacary
I'm looking for my friends Zacary Lovas, alias Zac (American), his Indonesian wife, Jason Lovas alias Jay (American) and their Nepalese friend Narendra Babu alias Babu. They used to travel to Thailand & Indonesia very often. Any information about them will be highly appreciated. shri01@india.com or shri_s01@yahoo.com

Lowe, Chris
She is a college student from the United States. She was teaching English in Indonesia. airplanenuts@verizon.net

Ljungberg, Gert
Looking for news of Gert Ljungberg of Malmo, Sweden. He is a Swedish woodworker and teacher, with his new wife. almx@pacbell.net

Lubis, Aldy
Her name is Aldy Yulianna Lubis (many call her Lia). She was my exchange student here in America and now the tsunami has hit her island. She is about 5' with dark black hair. She is Indonesian. We last got an e-mail from her in August and heard from her a week later. Now my whole family and I are just going crazy wondering if she is OK. Please let me know if she is OK. sonsl@findlay.edu

Luce, Jim
Anyone who knows of his whereabouts, please e-mail me. Jim, If you see this, e-mail me so I know you are well. sammykchin@aol.com

Mabee family
I am looking for my friend and her family that live in Jakarta. They are David and Michelle Mabee and they have three children. If you have information on there whereabouts, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you. joanne.fallon@comporium.com

MacLeod, Stewart
Looking for Stewart MacLeod. Was last contacted in Bali. Please send a notification of some sort, if his whereabouts is known. Thank you all. jlongtin@avenuerealty.us

Mahadana, Haga
I just want to know if Selatan is struck by the tsunami and if you know of a person named Haga Mahadana? He's a classmate of mine from college at Silliman University, Dumaguete, Philippines.

Maier, Arthur Frederick
American, 6' tall and fair. To be in Indonesia from December 24 until January 2. honycombad1@sancharnet.in

Mailig, Monica R.
I would like to know the whereabouts of my friend Monica R. Mailig, the last time I heard from her was that she was in Indonesia with her husband.

Manek, Alfonsus Liqouri Nepa
Looking for Alfonsus Liqouri Nepa Manek age 10 who lives in Kusa Bakti SSC Jakarta Indonesia. This is a child I have sponsored through Christian Children's fund and we are very concerned for him and his family. Please contact me with any info.
jfladmark1222@hotmail.com or fladmark1222@hotmail.com

Mann, Jeff and Eke
We are looking for our friends Jeff and Eka Mann. We think they were in Batam or Bintan.

Manalu, Nena
Her last location was Cermin Beach. webmaster@lunaproject.ro

Marantika, Chris and Saria
Looking for Dr. Chris and Saria Marantika with the evangelical theological seminary in Jakarta, Indonesia. ASBURY@yahoo.com

Mardjuki, Christy and Herman
Looking for Christy and Herman Mardjuki. Last known to be living in Jakarta. Concerned neighbors. Not even sure if they were still living in Indonesia. Any info is appreciated. cmtrudeau@yahoo.com

Margono, Irawan and family
I am trying to find out any news or information concerning Irawan Margono and his family. They reside in Jakarta, Indonesia. Please advise if they are okay. monticello20@hotmail.com

Markeli family
I am looking for a family in Maydon Sumatra on the island of Java. Their names are Helmut and Tina Markeli. Linkma@iiimef.usmc.mil

Marshall, Carl
A U.S. citizen, age 49, male, living in Japan, a professor. He flew before Christmas from Tokyo and was supposed to fly back to Japan before Jan 3. 2005.

Marti, Jean Christophe and family
I am looking information about the health conditions and whereabouts of Jean Christophe Marti (Swiss), his wife Sophie Cegielski (Swiss), and their son Arthur Marti. They are living in the south coast of Suamatra, circa Telugbetung. elisabethisha@hotmail.com

Marya, Bali
Please help. We have tried reaching a friend who lives In Jakarta and works on the west side as a secretary. She's 30 years old, and her name is Bali Marya. The last contact we had was the morning of the tsunami about 6:50 a.m. (Pacific Time). We are extremely worried about her. Please contact us with any information at all. It would be most appreciated.
Update: I have heard from my friend Bali Marya -- she is well! Thank you very much for posting us on your board. I wish everyone the best of luck with their searches.

McDonough, Tom and family
Friends work for the US Embassy in Jakarta: Tom McDonough and family (Cecilia Lau). They haven't responded to e-mail messages. ann_m._schenning@hud.gov

McFarlane, Richard
I am looking for Richard "Richie" McFarlane; he is from Canada. He has been teaching English in Indonesia for a few years now. modem@nbnet.nb.ca

McFarland, Sarah
Looking for Sarah McFarland from Massachusetts. We believe that she was vacationing with friends on the island of Sumatra. Her family in Indiana and Michigan have not heard from her. We would appreciate any and all information. Thank you and God bless. perry1009@insightbb.com

McPherson, David and Sally
Of Melbourne, Australia, and formerly of Glasgow, Scotland. They were traveling to Sumatra with their son David (14) for a family reunion at Sally's mother's. Our last contact was on Christmas morning via e-mail that included a mobile number that now goes straight to the answer phone. jspaul@dsl.pipex.com

Messakh, Salina
I am hoping to find out information about my friend Salina Messakh. She is from Jakarta, Indonesia. We met in high school, in Ohio, where she attended as an exchange student. I am praying for her well being as well as her family. foss3120@bellsouth.net

Meutia, Rina
I'm looking for dear friend Rina Meutia or any Meutia family members. She lives in Banda Aceh, and I really want to know if anything has happened to her. If anyone knows, please contact me. shasulei@student.bond.edu.au
Update: Rina Meutia has been found; she and her family are all safe and sound.

Mhrlina, Leni
Family friend looking for Leni Mhrlina and son Eric (8 years old) last address of JW:Tandu No.10 MO Geudong Lhok Seumawe Aceh. gkh48167@aol.com

Mills, Regus and Lorraine
I am looking for any information on my friends Lorraine and Reg. They had just moved to Jakarta. Not sure if this area received any damage due to the tsunami. If anyone can give me any information as to their whereabouts. They are both middle aged Canadians and Reg works with the United Nations, I believe. I would appreciate just a bit of news.
Update: Just to let you know that I have heard from my friends, Reg and Lorraine Mills.

Minskip, Joanna Gymice
I am concerned for Joanna Gymice Minskip, New Zealand/British passport. Would appreciate any information, if someone knows her whereabouts.
Update: I have received information that Joanna Minskip is in now in the UK. Thank you.

Moalim, Devy
Devy Moalim and her husband Eric (last name unknown) from Raleigh, North Carolina. Devy has friends and relatives in Texas. She is an engineer and has an identifiable birthmark on her right wrist. She had gone back to Indonesia for Christmas. You're in our prayers! tx_fireman@yahoo.com

Moffatt, Austin H.
Seeking information on Austin H. Moffatt of British Columbia, Canada, staying in Banda Aceh, Indonesia. moffattsasdid@yahoo.ca

Morada, Sutriana
Information relating to the safety of our sponsored child, Sutriana Morada, 12,, and family (part of the Banggai Area Development Program -- World Vision -- Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia).
Update: Received correspondence from World Vision relating to Sutriana Morada. States: "Initial reports indicate that there have been no serious injuries in your sponsored child and their family's community."

Muchilwa, Eunice Hayochi
She was working in Bali or Yorgyarta Indonesia. I would like to know if she is fine. If anybody has information, please contact me.

Munandar, Haris
Has anyone seen Haris Munandar from Jakarta; Dharma Lingam from K.L.; Anchali Ruamsake from Bangkok? My name is Donna Wilmoth at DRW3500@yahoo.com.

Murphy, Erin
I'm looking for my American friend Erin Murphy. She is 26 years old, a middle-sized person, and has brown hair, blue eyes. She has been missing since December 26 in Indonesia. If somebody sees her please tell me, or tell her I'm looking for her. zang_leh@hotmail.com

Netto, Vernon Robert
Vernon Robert Netto, male, 32, 6', Malaysian, skin tone dark, lives in Banda Aceh. cynthiakhan@lycos.com

Ng, Lang
I've been trying to get in touch with Lana Ng who lives in Jakarta but I cannot get through at all. ctheodo8@otenet.gr

Ngo, Phong Su
Looking for mother, Phong Su Ngo, 65, and brother-in-law, Afung, 30, living in Jl. Singgahmata, Meulaboh. wilanasyarif@yahoo.com

Nancis, Airindari
Airindari Nancis from Jakarta, Indonesia is a young lady about 23 years old. Does anyone know where she is? Please contact us or have Airindari contact us. We are very concerned about her. eljm88@yahoo.com

Nanda, Siri
I'm looking for information about my friend Siri Nanda who lives in Habaraduwa (near Koggala) and worked as a beach boy near the Koggala Hotel. manuela_manara@yahoo.it

Newman, Michael
I am searching for a man; he is 28 years old with dark eyes and dark hair. During the tsunami, he was in Chennai, spending the holidays there with his mother. anac21ro@yahoo.com

Nona, Iman
My friend Iman Nona lives in Aceh. I've not heard anything from her since the earthquake. qazalbashkhan@hotmail.com

O'Bannion, Faraday J.
Faraday J. O'Bannion arrived in Banda Aceh on December 23. He is 59 years old, approximately 5'6" tall, 220 pounds, with brownish to graying hair. faraday@london.com

Padmanabhan, A.K.
One of my friends, A.K. Padmanabhan from Enercon, Bangalore, India, went to Sumatra recently. He was to return on December 28. After the recent calamity, there has been no information about him. He had gone to visit the factory of Lafarge Cement in Sumatra and was supposed to stay in [a] guesthouse in Sumatra. All of us and Mr. Padmanabhan's wife and children are extremely worried and are looking for some information on him. devas@softhome.net bkarat@vsnl.com

Pangemanan, Pricilla
Looking for Pricilla Pangemanan from Indonesia. All of us from Modul-Vienna, Austria, love and care about you. Please contact us because we are all worried about you and Randy. E-mail us at mikeandadriana@qwest.net

Pechal, Rose Marie and Gary Robbins
Looking for Americans Rose Marie Pechal and Gary Robbins of Portales, New Mexico. They were to be married on Bali at Christmas. Received card from them prior to tsunami. May have traveled around region. Rose is petite caucasian approximately 45. Please provide any info.
Update: Rose Marie Pechal and Gary Robbins are safe and home in U.S.

Pendergrass, John Wayne
He is 31 years old and was last known to be in Bali or Surabaya. jen7tn@lycos.com

Peters, Frank and Mary
I am looking for missionaries from New York State, affiliated with the Christian Missionaries Alliance. Last known whereabouts was Indonesia. Their names are Frank and Marie Peters. Encharma@stny.rr.com

Pfaff family
We are looking for the whereabouts of our Pfaff and Kepel family. The Pfaff family last known in the Sumatra area. We would like to know if they are ok. Please e-mail us. pfaff@verizon.net

Poernomo, Bernard
Bernard Poernomo. Please advise as to whereabouts if known. Has not reported to work or school in the USA. doreen.m.buller@smithbarney.com

Pope, Dave
Looking for a friend called Dave Pope. He is British and was working for Lafarge Cement plant in Banda Aceh. ginger.courtenay@lafarge.com

Popp, Courtney
Courtney Popp (American) , was visiting her parents in Indonesia. 5'4, robust build, long dark curly hair, fair skinned, has a Russian word tattooed behind her ear extending toward her back hairline, blue eyes, wears a Medic Alert bracelet. Spoke of Banda Aceh mainly and mentioned several other beach resorts. Friends are searching for information regarding her and her family, to the best of our knowledge she has no family in U.S. Father's name is Richard, he is a federal employee of U.S. living in Indonesia. dcplautz@yahoo.com

Pulau We region
If anyone can give me an update on Pulau We, which lies off the coast from Banda Aceh, I would greatly appreciate it. The many friends I made on the island seven years ago are yet unaccounted for, and I still don't know the extent of damage and death on the island. Please contact me if you know anything. ageat420@hotmail.com

Rachmadina, Wardha
I'm looking for information about Wardha Rachmadina. She is from Semarang, central Java, Indonesia. She is 17 years old. We have been corresponding for 8 years. Please send any information.

Resistantie, Novi
I am looking for my girlfriend, Novi Resistantie. She is a doctor, young obstetrician, who just came to serve in Simeuleu Island on December 22. I lost contact with her since the disaster in Aceh. Please help me to find any news about her.
Update: I have spoken with Novi using emergency telephone in Simeulue and she is fine and safe there. She has already worked again at the hospital. Thanks for all your help and support.

Richter family
My relatives that are missing are brother, Kenneth Richter, and wife, Mellisa, and their daughter, Brianna. Their last whereabouts were in Indonesia, giving their help in need. They lived in Plant City, Florida. Your help is greatly appreciated. 3bleedinghearts3@insightbb.com

Ripoche, Ayu Lestari
I'm looking for my girlfriend, Ayu Lestari Ripoche, an Indonesian national on vacation in Phuket when the wave hit. I don't know the name of the hotel she where she was staying, but I know it was French-owned. Her former husband, also named Ripoche, is this hotel's manager. He is an expat from France. He would probably know whether or not she is alive. timothy_sivert@yahoo.com

Ringseis, Jim, Judy and sons
From San Rafael, California. Last known whereabouts on their way to Indonesia. m.merlo@comcast.net

Rohiama, Ima Amanula Sita.
Last heard of living in Samarong, Indonesia.

de Rooij, Frank (Muhammed Herman)
My brother, Frank de Rooij (Muhammed Herman), is living in Sumatra, about 100 kilometers west from Medan. The last time we heard from him was last week before the disaster.
Update: Thank God my brother has called my mother. He is fine and has no damage. He had felt the quake, but there was no water. Thank you for your concern. I wish the best for the other people who are missing relatives. Thank you.

Ross, James and Jocelyn
I'm looking for a James Ross and son Jocelyn Ross of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. They were staying in Phuket. Any information would be greatly appreciated. adamsdesign@sympatico.ca

Rothman, Martin
Martin Rothman, 27, male, South African from Gauteng, Lonehill, holidaying in Bali. brad.grobbelaar@standardbank.co.za

Rotua, Anastasia
Anastasia Debora Rotua, last known address Jakarta. avery64@yahoo.com

Rudnyckyj, Daromir and Anissa Paulsen
We are looking for our friends Daromir Rudnyckyj (UC Berkeley) and Anissa Paulsen (San Francisco State) who were conducting anthropological research in Indonesia at the time of the quake. They were due to return to the US in January. We think they may have been in southern Sumatra or Flores. We are very worried as we have had no word of them. granifuga@yahoo.com

Rusli, Arifin
I'm desperately seeking information on the whereabouts of my uncle, cousins and his family, who are living in Banda Aceh. My uncle's name is Arifin Rusli; his nickname [is] Abang, and my cousins [are] Deddy and Johan. pervidia@yahoo.com or vweekend@yahoo.com

Sa, Devasya Yang Suci Bunasir
I am looking for a little girl who was to I planned to be sponsor through World Vision Canada. Her name is Devasya Yang Suci Bunasir Sa, She is 6 years old, dark hair, just past shoulder length. Olive skin.

Safarah, Sitti
I am looking for Sitti Safarah (in her 40s) and family. They live in Aceh, Indonesia. I just wanted to know if they are safe. tmaniego@yahoo.com

Salazar, Carla; Van der Ven, Michel
My sister and her husband are on their honeymoon in Indonesia. Her name is Carla Salazar, and his name is Michel Van der Ven. We haven't had any information about them since the earthquake. If somebody knows anything about them, please contact me. vsalazar@invita.com.pe

Samudro family
Yus and Indra Samudro and daughter, Stephanie. Mega Kebun Jeruk Blok C5 No.6-8 Jakarta Barat 11640 Indonesia. cara824@att.net

Samuels, Elijah
Elijah Samuels, 21, last seen in Jakarta whilst on holiday. Missing (accompanied by identical twin brother -- safe). Australian nationality. Short spiked light brown hair, blue eyes, toned build, approximately 6'. Any information greatly appreciated. ela_meno_p@yahoo.com

Santosa, Yolanda
Ethnic Chinese Indonesian, 5', short black hair, 25 years old. Attending a wedding party. Her family and friends reside in Jakarta. blee0280@hotmail.com

Saptarini, Dessy
I'm looking for an Indonesian girl who spent a year on a study holiday in Italy, my country. She was a member of my class from September 2002 to July 2003. Her name is Dessy Saptarini and she is from Kedung Halang Bogor, Jawa Barat. My friends and I haven't heard from her since the Asian earthquake struck. I would really appreciate to know if my friend is ok.

Satriya, Vincent
Looking for Vincent Satriya and his wife, Yuni, known to live in Bali. Vincent [is] age 45. Parent's name Dr. Micheal Adiwinata. Address: JL.Kapus 41 Surabaya, Indonesia. daddyjustcuz@aol.com

Schaafsma, Sjoerd
Sjoerd Schaafsma from Hellevoetsluis (Netherlands), you left Holland in December 2004 and went to visit family and your wife in Indonesia for Christmas and New Year. Can you please let us know if you are all right. We are worried about you. g.hofman10@chello.nl

Schissler, James
I'm requesting information about my good friend James (Tim) Schissler, of Salt Lake City, Utah, age 47. He was in Indonesia when I last heard from him, in September 2004. He'd been traveling and surfing in Asia for some time. He was in Thailand before Indonesia and said he was planning to go to Australia next but didn't say how long he would be in Indonesia. Thanks. rodgerhoover@yahoo.com

Schnackenberg, Lia
I'm looking for my best friend, Lia Schnackenberg. Last time I contacted her she said that she was staying on a bungalow at a beach. I'm not sure where. If anyone has any information about where she may be, please e-mail me. As soon as possible. Thanks. rockerbaby2007@hotmail.com

Scott, James and Hartini
Deserately trying to find brother and sister-in-law, James & Hartini Scott. She is Indonesian and was in Indonesia. We don't know if James was there, but we have not been able to reach him since the quake/tsunami.

Septimeri, Yeasi
I am trying to make sure that my close friend and loved one, Yeasi Septimeri, is alive and well. I have not received any e-mail from her since the earthquake and tsunami. I am a U.S. naval officer on my way to the affected areas to assist in the disaster relief efforts. Last I heard she was in Jakarta, Indonesia, but I have not heard from her since before the tsunami. Any help would be greatly appreciated. TonyRojas_h60@hotmail.com

Seri family
My sister-in-law is missing. She was in Melauboh, Aceh, with her son and daughter. Names: Astuty, Atikah, Izad and Natasha Seri. roslan_abdullah@dell.com

Setiawan, Agus
I adopted a little boy through Christian Children's Fund. I would like to know if he and his family are OK. His name is Agus Setiawan. He is from Lampung, Indonesia. cwebb@setel.com

Setiawan, Djody
Seeking information of Djody Setiawan and family from Jakarta. They frequent the islands during the holidays. Any information would be deeply appreciated. I have had no luck with telephone contact. Lennonstudios@aol.com

Severi, Ferdinando
Italian priest in Meulaboh named Fr. Ferdinando Severi, 70 years old. On December 26 morning, he went to Meulaboh from Banda Aceh for duty. Maria_s02@yahoo.com

Shearer, Caleb
I am looking for information on my uncle who may have been on vacation in Indonesia at the time of the tsunami. He has been living in Tailand teaching, and working as a rock climbing instructor. His name is Caleb Shearer. I have not seen him for several years and have heard that he was with his wife and in-laws. I have heard that he is OK but I want to see if any one knows anything. The last I have heard was he was OK but may still be there. Thank you for any information. tawnnie_2@yahoo.com

Sheil, Douglas
Douglas Sheil, who works for CIFOR in Indonesia, was believed to be on the Indonesian island of Sumba with his partner Miriam van Heist at the time of the disaster. He was expecting to be out of contact anyway until today but we have still not heard anything. Can anyone supply any information as to whether Sumba was in any way affected and as to the whereabouts of Douglas Sheil or Miriam van Heist.
Update: Douglas Sheil and Miriam van Heist have just been in touch with their families. Please remove them from your page.

Sherratt, Sam
He moved to India in the summer to teach, from Norwich, England. Last known to have been planning to go surfing on the Indonesian coast-Malaysia over the Christmas period.
Update: Please take Sam Sherratt off the Indonesia missing list, he has turned up safe and well in Thailand.

Siagan family
The address in Indonesia is 25 jalan banka raya. tabitha_corazon@hotmail.com

Simanjuntak, Maria
Trying desperately to find Maria Simanjuntak and her family. Anyone knowing of her safety and/or whereabouts, please get in touch. It would be so very appreciated. hlfrey@aol.com

Simarmata, Chandra P.
Chandra P. Simarmata worked with us for a short time and was going home for the holidays. We have e-mailed him, but have not received a response. We would really like to know anything about him and his family. vmastach@med.miami.edu

Simon, Francis Harry Doraiswamy
Looking for word on Mr. Francis Harry Doraiswamy Simon. Last known to be in Jakarta. Just want to know if he is safe. rochiesimon@hotmail.com

Sinaga, Ron
I am looking for Ron Sinaga. I know he was living in Indonesia but I am not aware of the name of the island. He has family in Rialto, California. I am his friend of 10 years. If his family, his sisters, or even Ron himself, read this well, please let me know about him. prlgomez@yahoo.com

Singh, Bulvant
I am trying to discover the welfare of a close friend who is from Malaysia but has been working in Indonesia. His name is Bulvant Singh, and I would be grateful for any information as to the well-being of him and his family. Thank you. precious_she_wolf@yahoo.com

Siregar, Chairil
I am looking for one of my college classmates: Dr. Chairil Siregar. He was living in Bogor, Indonesia. elizabeth.gordon@furman.edu

Siwi, Veronica
I haven't heard from Veronica Siwi for some time now If anyone knows of her whereabouts please e-mail me. Last known address was Jakarta.

Skaggs, Dan and Clist, Mobius
My son, Dan Skaggs, and his lifelong partner, Mobius Clist, have been together for 10 years. They were on vacation in Indonesia when the terrible disaster occurred.

Smith, Chad
Help my aunt find her son, Chad Smith. Last we heard was that he was missing. We are hoping you find him and that he is OK. Thanks. allisonbruhm@hotmail.com

Smith, Chad Allen
Chad Allan Smith traveling with Pretty Siallaghan for Christmas on the Sumatra island. We thought they were going to Medan, but there has been no word over the holidays. merle30yroldhorse@hotmail.com

Snyder, Ruth
Pastor Ruth Snyder who was working in Indonesia as a missionary. She was doing prison ministries. rmanikkawasagan@hotmail.com

Soeharso, Handoko
His name is Handoko Soeharso. elenamartinezm@terra.es

Soelaiman, Dr Haji Darwis A.
I am trying to make sure that Dr. Haji Darwis A. Soelaiman and his family who live in Banda Aceh are alright. He is a professor at Universitas Syiah Kuala. aishayeoh@msn.com

Soewandi, Srihayati
Srihayati Soewandi, 5'2"-5'3", 115-120 pounds, black hair, black eyes, medium skin; Went to the University of Minnesota, 2000-2004; family from and lived in Indonesia. angelbabyj2002@aol.com

Sotello, George M.
My son, George M. Sotello, was last heard from on December 26. He's a well-known singer; used to be in a group called Shoiok. He flew to Singapore the day before the earthquake. He lives in Jakarta, Indonesia, and was flying back from Singapore on December 27. We haven't heard from him since then. His fiancee is Tia. She's a very well-known actress (soap operas). I don't know her last name. Please help me find my son. I have no money to do anything from here. hdsotello@aol.com

Stallmann, Robert R.
Robert R. Stallmann is a graduate student studying monkeys in rural areas of Indonesia. A recent e-mail from him said that he was three days out from a provincial capital. sanddragon69@hotmail.com

Spillane, James
I am looking for a Dr. James Spillane S.J., last known to be seen in Yogyakarta in Indonesia. Santa Dharma Research Center. Dr. Spillane is a tall American male who is also a priest. kbova@comcast.net

Starkey, Gavin
Age 39. GillianC@incredible.co.za

Stuckey, Walton
Concerned for the well being of Walton Kenneth Stuckey Jr., employee of Freeport-MacMoran Indonesia, and his Indonesian family. somethingboutmary@hotmail.com

I am helping my housemaid check the safety of her family. He is Subakim from Brimob Jogja. He is in the military. fente@yahoo.com

Sudarnady, Dwi
Looking for an 8-year-old boy, Dwi Vitus Bayu K Sudarnady. Lives with parents and one brother in Jakarta, Pusat, Indonesia. melowe777@yahoo.com

Sukarja, Sutadi and family
I am looking for my uncle, Sutadi Sukarja; his wife (my father's sister), Jantje, also known as Janet; and their grown children, Gea and Basje. Uncle Sutadi was the Indonesian ambassador in Denmark years ago, and is still employed with the government, although I cannot now remember his position. There is no hotline to Indonesia, and we can't get through. Please if anyone knows them or their whereabouts, we are anxious to hear from or about them. aenns@rogers.com

Sulaiman, Dahlan
I need to know where is Mr. HM Dahlan Sulaiman SE, chairman of APINDO, Banda Aceh province. His home address: Jl. Uleelheu Simpang Rima No.100, Aceh Besar. susanto_joseph@apindo.or.id

Sulistio, Francy Vidriani
I am looking for Francy Vidriani Sulistio. She lives in Jakarta, Indonesia. I haven't heard from her at all, and I am very worried. Any friends or family, please e-mail me. Thank you. bluenote21@hotmail.com

Sumampouw, Herry
I am looking for a dear friend whom I've been working with. His name is Herry Sumampouw. We used to work, as of 1998, on board one of Norwegian Cruise Line cruise ships -- Norwegian Wind. I don't know if he's still on board or if he's already back on land. He was working as a wine steward. He's maybe 36-37 years old. I'm not sure if he was living in Jakarta or somewhere else. Please let me know if there is a phone number I can call to reach him. vcristinad@hotmail.com

Suriani, Yuli
She is from Bandah Aceh, Indonesia. saikat@ou.edu

Surjo, Cliff
Cliff Surjo, last known in Jakarta, Indonesia. Please contact me if you have been in contact with him since the horrible catastrophe. alexlabreque@gmail.com

Suryandari, Ari
I am looking for a woman who lives in Jakarta. Her name is Ari Suryandari, 32 years old. She was last known to have worked at the library in Jakarta. She has one son. Anyone with any info, please contact me.
Update: We have received word that Ari Suryandari have been found and they are both fine.

Susilo, Hilda
Hilda Susilo (son: Rhesa Abdiwibowo)

Sutarman, Juliana
My friend Juliana Sutarman is [an] extraordinary designer. We went to Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, together. She went back to Jakarta for a friend's wedding. She stands 5' or 5'1", medium length hair. If anybody knows, if she is well or not, please let me know. spikehug@yahoo.com

Sutarna, Veronica Jennifer and Mellinda
Veronica Jennifer Sutarna and Mellinda Sutarna. The mother of my daughter is traveling between Jakarta, Sumatra and Bali with my daughter. Does anybody have contact? Please tell me! t.gerber@hispeed.ch

Sutton, Richard
I'm looking for information on my uncle Richard Sutton.
Update: He has recently contacted us and everyone is fine Thanks for all the help.

Tabrani, Sapri
My husband and I supported a young man in Indonesia for several years through World Vision. I'd like to know if he and his family are all right. His name is Sapri Tabrani. mark.kanko@ieee.org

Tamara, Lifia
I'm looking for my best friend, Lifia Tamara. Last I heard she is in Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia. I have e-mailed her multiple times, but there was no reply.
Update: My friend has finally e-mailed me and she is okay. Thanks for the help.

Talib family
Looking for my friend, Poniman Talib, his wife, Yuna, and son, Marvin. Last known address is Duri Kencana V111, Duri Kepa, Barat 10510, Jakarta. Anyone who can give information on this family or location of this address will be appreciated. nale_v@yahoo.com

Tan, Husni
I am looking for my friend Husni Tan. If someone has news about him, please contact me. He comes from Aceh and just went back to Indonesia for one month for holidays, but now I've lost contact with him. cicciccic200020002000@yahoo.com

Tan, Rosanne
Looking for Rosanne Tan, Filipino, Single status 5'1", black hair. Arrived in Indonesia sometime in July of 2004. t_sai56@yahoo.com

Thiess, Jeff
I am looking for a friend named Jeff Thiess. He is from Pacific Beach, California, also from Running Springs in the San Bernardino mountains. His traveling companions are two young females. We are unsure of his exact whereabouts but as we understand could have been in Indonesia at the time of this tragic event. whprsnpr1@verizon.net

Thomas, Neil and Kirsty
My son and his wife, Neil and Kirsty Thomas, [were] last heard of from Bali on December 23. Need confirmation that they are safe and well. kawa-saki2002@yahoo.com

Thomason family
I am looking for information on the whereabouts of my friend Jamie Thomason, her husband, Bill, and their two children. I have been unable to contact them since the tsunami struck. hydration150@yahoo.com

Thompson, Lester
Lester was in northern Indonesia for an extended stay. I have not heard from him and I am very worried. He is abou 6 feet tall; 200 punds; white; glasses; dark brown, short hair; wear jeans and t-shirts often. TomR@Yahoo.com

Tjokrosetio, Lily Jessica
My friend, Lily Jessica Tjokrosetio, is Indonesian and spent Christmas in Indonesia. She just turned 20. If someone knows something about her, please contact me. Thank you. filmstar_3@hotmail.com

Todd, James N.
He works in Indonesia. I don't know his whereabouts. michy005@yahoo.com

Tolley, Sydney and family
Looking for news of my daughter's young friend, Sydney Tolley (9 years old) and her parents Luis Tolley and Lisa Kramer, Ph.D. Ms. Kramer was a health worker from California who moved her family to Indonesia this past summer. Thank you.
Update: Happy to report that I have heard through a mutual friend that little Sydney Tolley and her parents were actually up in the air in an airplane when the tsunami hit. They are fine. Thanks for your help.

Trimbley, Goylaine
Alina Puig is concerned about her friend Goylaine Trimbley, a Canadian citizen living in Togya, Indonesia.

Unjati, Suti
I am trying to locate Suti Unjati (female) from CSULB/ Chemical Engineering. Last known address was in Jakarta, Indonesia. She is in her early 30s. Please contact me. Thanking you in advance. cverrier0721@yahoo.com

Van Hassen family; Rusad and Jamila
I understand how impossible it might be, but I am concerned for Rusad and Jamila, and their daughter, Wati, from Duri, Sumatra. I knew them in 1967-1969 when they were employed by William Preston Thornburgh, the shop superintendant for Caltex. They worked with Agus, the gardener, who had half a foot missing. They may have moved to Medan. I am also concerned for the Van Hassen family and their daughters, Cholita, Pamela and Sonya. The three girls had a band and had dreams of going to Medan to make it big. Their father was the Caltex camp hunter and they had a black panther. If anyone has any information about these people, I would be grateful. They were all so kind to me and my brother and sisters when we were children livng in difficult times. Thank you. silverscarab_2000@yahoo.com

Varghese, Anoop
I sponsor a child by the name of Anoop Varghese. I wanted to find out if he is all right. I'm not sure what area he's from, but am very worried for him and his family. Can you help me find out any information on his whereabouts? Thank you for any assistance you can provide. lilyz29@bellsouth.net

Walsh, David G.
David G. Walsh, white American working for Duke Fluor Daniel. Date of birth: 12/30/49 or 12/31/49. Any info appreciated. Truly a great person.

Walters, Dave and Nancy
Looking for Dave and Nancy Walters and family from Michigan. Last known whereabouts was Indonesia. Nothing more known about the specific area. He is a doctor and she is a teacher at an American school there. Please let me know if you have any information regarding them. Thanks!

Wasistha, Marc
Marc Wasistha attended college at Sheldon Jackson College in Sitka, Alaska, and returned back to Indonesia in 1991. When we last e-mailed each other he was managing a pearl farm. As far as I know, he had to travel to see his wife and children once month and lived between Bali and Jakarta (but I am not completely sure). I have tried his e-mail but it had been deactivated. cbkitka@yahoo.com

Waworuntu , Daria
I am looking for info on Daria (Ade) Waworuntu who was living in Indonesia at the time of the tsunami. I do not know what part of Indonesia she has been living in. She was my roommate in 1977 at George School in Pennsylvania. Please contact me. folsomfamily@ptcnh.net

Wibowo, Yuri
Yuri Wibowo is a dear friend who is a native of Indonesia, lived in Columbus, Ohio, and worked at Holophane located in Newark, Ohio. Yuri is 24 and was headed home to visit family and attend a wedding.
Update: We finally received word that our friend Yuri Wibowo is all right. He had been on a different Island when the tsunami hit. Thank God. We pray for those who were not as fortunate and pray for those who are still in need of aid. Thank and bless those who are helping those people in need.

Widjaja, Lily, Wiwi, Jonathan
They have a baby, Jonathan William Widjaja. They live in Tangerang, Indonesia. Near Jakarta. ginasullivan223@msn.com

Widjaja, Rusmiaty, and Julius and Moktar Setiadi
I have lost contact with my sister and her family, who live in Meulaboh, the worst hit area. Her name is Rusmiaty Widjaja, 41; her sons' names are Julius, 16, [and] Moktar Setiadi, 11. ntnusue@yahoo.com.tw

Widodo family
I am looking for the Bambang Widodo family, whose last address I have is in Lhokseumawe, Aceh. Any news about their whereabouts would be greatly appreciated. Mr. Widodo used to/still works for Mobil Oil at their PT Arun LNG facility north of Lhokseumawe. jeaninemdonohue@hotmail.com

Wijonom, Iwan
I'm looking a friend, he live in Jakarta or Jogyakarta, his name is Iwan Wijonom, he's a performance artist.

Williamson family
The Williamson family -- Ray, Anne, Allysa and Kristi -- were vacationing in Bali over this Christmas break, and I am desperately seeking information on whether they were affected by this tragedy.
Update: The Williamson family were in Bali and Bali did not get the earthquake/tsunami; Allysa and Ann are home now and Ray and Kristi will be coming home in another week or so.

Winangun, Muliawati
I'm looking for a good friend named Muliawati "Keke" Winangun she lives in Bogor, Indonesia, and I haven't heard anything from after all of this has happened and most the time she will e-mail me and let me know she is OK. I have been friends with her from October 1990 and she is more like a sister to me. If there is anyone out there that can tell me anything I would really love it.
Update: I just wanted to let everyone know that my friend Muliawati Winangun is doing fine.

Wong, Jhonny Antonio
Jhonny Antonio Wong. His family were from Medan. He lived with my family and studied a few years ago. We really want to know that he is OK. marilynhilton@aol.com

Wood, John
Looking for John Wood of Fort Worth, Texas. He was in Indonesia (I'm pretty sure Banda Aceh area) visiting a family that he sponsored. No one has heard from him. Would appreciate any news. Thanks so much. lorigreathouse@sbcglobal.net

Wrenson, Thomas
Thomas Wrenson is around 50 to 52 years old, white male, 6' tall, blond hair, blue eyes. He and his ex-wife worked at the Christian school in Jakarta. maidmarion@bendbroadband.com

Wurlianty, Dicky Sinsilay
I'm concerned about Dicky Sinsilay Wurlianty from Kec Jatinegara, Jakarta. I have tried every way I know to contact him and his family but have not succeeded.

Xoom, Budhi
I'd like to hear from my friend Budhi. macma_85@yahoo.com

I recently saw the CNN report of Save the Children on a report by Atika Shubert at a Banda Aceh hospital. She mentioned a little boy named "Yudda" who was eight years old. Can you tell me if he found relatives to live with? If he is an orphan can you tell me what group is taking care of him? My family would like to sponsor Yudda even if he has found relatives, or keep track of him if he goes to an orphanage for possible future adoption. I cannot get his picture of his crying face out of my mind. He reminds me of my five year old boy. They look almost exactly alike, and cry the same way. It touched my heart. Please send me whatever information you can. I would love to keep in contact with the family who has him. Kris Newberger. mybusinessbox@msn.com

Yulianinasih, Sri
Can you tell me where this girl, Sri Yulianinasih, is right now? Tell her that Jaclyn and her family are worried about her. Tell her to e-mail me if she can. Here is her address: Cip. Muara, Rt 008/08, No. 85, Jatinegara, Jak- Tim, Dki Jakarta, Indonesia, 13420. jaclynchiu9328@yahoo.ca

Yusnina, Nina
Looking for my Belgian wife, Nina Yusnina. Born in Medan, Sumatra, and now on holiday visiting her relatives [in] Jakarta and Belawan Medan. Haven't heard from her since December 24. Tried to reach her cell phone to no avail. Has anybody seen her [or] spoken to her since the killer tsunami? A worried husband. e.louwagie@gmail.com

Yusuf family
I am searching for Sdr Merwan Yusuf family: His wife, Yani, and son, Husain, perhaps more sons and daughters. They live in the capital, Jakarta, and perhaps have returned to Medan or to hometown on Banda Aceh. Would be very pleased to hear any news about them. arroet@yahoo.fr

Yusuf, Hamdan; lina; Atta; Pristine
Mr. Hamdan Yusuf, his wife, Lina, and their two children, Atta and Pristine. Address: Punge Jurong Banda Aceh, Indonesia d_ingram@clear.net.nz

Yusuf, Mustafa and Family
Working for the Syiah Kuala University in Banda Aceh. teguhharyosasongko@yahoo.com

Looking for an American male, approximately 50, long blondish hair, medium tall, slender build. Last known flight destination, Bali. Legal and full name -- "Zar."
Update: Thank you for posting our appeal. We have been contacted by Zar, and he was unaffected by the tsunami. Thank you again for your assistance.

Zulkarnaen, Iskandar
Iskandar Zulkarnaen is a native of Aceh. The last message I received from him stated that he had received a grant to study in Spain and Greece but I've gotten no answer to my e-mails and am afraid that he was still in Aceh when the tsunami hit. cport@mindspring.com

Zulkifli, Bastian
Looking for Bastian Zulkifli. Last known address: Bangka, Indonesia. Has anyone seen him?dsimons1957@aol.com

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