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December 26, 2004 Tsunami

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Missing People From the Tsunami Disaster
Missing from MALAYSIA

The people listed below have been reported as missing.

If you have any information about any of these people, please contact their loved ones at the e-mail address listed below the name.

IMPORTANT: Please be respectful to these people and ONLY send them an e-mail if you have information about their lost loved one. DO NOT send them an e-mail otherwise. Period. Thank you.

If you would like to add the name and information about a missing person, please click below:

Please ONLY use the link below to report a missing person. Thank you.

Missing Person Information Submission Form

Missing People -- Malaysia

Ahmad, Affendi.
Wife Jamillah and son's Luqman and Zaid. Last known at Lorong Air Putih, Jalan Kota Tanah, Alor Setar, Kedah, Malaysia.nelsonfamilyuk@hotmail.com

Alemayhu, Paye
He could be about 50; wife; daughters: Suzie is about 6 and Jema is about 4. They had been taking a vacation in Penang Island. lesewa@aol.com

Ali, Ahmed Alau
I'm looking for a close friend of mine. His name is Ahmed Alau Ali, he's 33 years old. I don't know which island he resides on. All I know is that his mother and sister both live in Singapore. Please let me know if you know of his whereabouts as I'm quite worried. Thanks in advance. johari.azizee@tbwamy.com

Andryshack, Peter and Sharlene
I am looking for Peter and Sharlene Andryshack, both Americans. Shar and Pete went to visit family over the holidays in Malaysia. He is about 6'4" and she [is] about 5'4" [and] expecting their first child. We cannot reach them. Any news would be much appreciated!
Update: Pete and Shar Andryshack are home safely. Thank you for this site! It is so comforting to have so many people concerned and giving info!

Looking for my friend and her family. Her name is Azizah. Last known address: Raja Norazizah Raja Azam, Lot 4874 C, Kg. Mahkota Jalan Sg. Tua, 68100, Bt. Caves, Selangor Darulthsan, Malaysia. Address current as of October 23, 2004. Pat_Elnoor@SMBCGROUP.COM

Batcha, Haji Mohamed
I am looking for Haji Mohamed Batcha who is a retired Executive of Borneo Trading,Penang. I have not heard from him for a long time and am worried whether he is OK. jonohng@hotmail.com

Bennett, Garrison C.
My children's dad, Garrison C. Bennett, has been visiting a friend for the last few months in Malaysia. He hasn't communicated with us in the last week. I'd like to know if he's safe, so the kids (and I) can stop worrying. Thanks for any info available. kjgordon@accesswave.ca
Update: Got an e-mail this morning, Garrison Bennett is fine. Thanks for your help, my thoughts and prayers are with all of you.

Bennett, Geoff and June
I would like any information on my uncle and aunt, Geoff and June Bennett, who are residents in Paradise Sandy Beach Resort.
Updates: I managed to get in touch with Geoff Bennett in Penang, Malaysia. They are safe at the hotel. Please tell the sender of this e-mail they can get in touch with me if they want to.

Benson, Leif
Missing my brother Leif Benson. We last heard from him at 10 p.m. Christmas night. He was vacationing in Malaysia with his girlfriend, Christina. Please contact me with any information. Thank you. fbe9041414@aol.com

Bin, Suhaimi; Hasib, Aditi
Looking for information on the above persons. Aditichampa@yahoo.com

Bin, Arahman Abdul Satar
I'm looking for news of a Malaysian friend, Arahman bin Abdul Satar. He works at Penolong Pegawai Program, Sekretariat Anugerah, Perdana Remaja for the Malaysian government. Please, any news, tell me. gabiredondo@yahoo.com.br

Bin Daud, Mohd Zaidon
I am looking for Mohd Zaidon Bin Daud who is working at the telecom dept in West Malaysia, he lives with his whole family (three or four children) in S. Perai.

Bogor, Sagal
I'm looking my young sister, Sagal Bogor, who was in living Malaysia; she is 5'7", Canadian citizen (Somali born). I'm very worried about her. Just want to know she is OK. geniunesister@hotmail.com

Bonner, Martin and Sharon
I am looking for my good friends Martin and Sharon Bonner. They are from England and are staying on the island of Penang, Malaysia. We would appreciate any news of them. jahentges@juno.com

Boutot, Anais
Looking for Anais Boutot, 28 years old, brown hair, 170 cm, 40 kg. She was either in Kuala Lumpur or on an island in Malaysia. alexis.llewellyn@free.fr

Bramble, Curt and Ninfa
I am looking for Curt and Ninfa Bramble of Santa Monica, California. They moved to Malaysia on December 6. Ninfa is now a personal assistant to Queen Raja Permaisuri Agong of Malaysia. Curt and Ninfa were going to travel in the area after arriving there, and they very well could have been on one of the affected islands during the tsunami. We have been trying to call them, but no answer. Could you please find them? Thank you. dlg@birdmarella.com

Bright family
I am trying to locate members of an American family that were originally from Texas, the Bright family: Tracy, Richard, Chet and Sawyer. I just [want] to know if they are OK. christopher_montague@co.harris.tx.us

Broda, Louise
I last had an e-mail from her on December 16. She was due to leave the Cameron Highlands on December 17. lisafreud79@hotmail.com

Broschart, Thomas C.
Looking for my brother, Thomas C. Broschart. He is from Florida and works for a company that builds yachts. Last known location: 81400 Johor Bahru. cindyb@bradentonheartcenter.com

Campbell, Kartini
I am praying that my friend Kartini Campbell and her girls, Nisa, 17, and Nora, 11, are safe. Last time I talked to them was December 24. Kartini told me they live near Brunei and Borneo in Malaysia. I just want to know they are safe. efacciuto59@yahoo.com

Chan, Yean
Flew home to Malaysia for the holidays. We last had contact when he e-mailed me the day before the tsunami. yuylsworld@yahoo.com

Chang, Lee Leng
My friend Lee Leng Chang is Malaysian. That is her last known location for me. Lee Leng has at least two children and is a member of the Soka Gakkai International as well as the Malaysian headquarters. The SGI is a lay Buddhist organization. Lee Leng is also a graduate of Soka University in Japan. We went to school there together. Her maiden name is Chang. Would like to hear about her whereabouts. Thank you.
Update: Due to a wonderful family delay, Lee Leng and her entire family were not at the beach yet. All are safe and sound. Thank you so much.

Diller, Charlotte
My friend's name is Charlotte Diller and is originally from Michigan and lived in Chicago for many years. She moved to Malaysia four years ago and is the assistant principal at a school in Kuala Lumpur. The last e-mail I received from her was on December 20 letting me know she was not coming to Chicago or Michigan for the holidays. She was going to one of the resorts in one of the areas affected. Banda Aceh sounds familiar, however, [I am] not sure. She's about 5'4" [and] weighs about 135 pounds. She's blond and has short hair and turned 38 on December 15. She is of Danish descent. She was traveling with her boyfriend, who is a local. She e-mailed me for my birthday, December 20. My name is Celia Lopez. Thank you for all of your help. clpz5@aol.com

Epperson, Saritha Satheeson
I am looking for my friend Saritha Satheeson Epperson -- and her family. She was traveling (home) to Malaysia on December 22. Other names in her family are: Sageetha, Sageena, Satheeson. kerrijknight@hotmail.com

Foo, Tat Kan; and Kim Gek
Rev. Tat Kan Foo and his wife Kim Gek Foo were on holiday in Chinese Malaysia near the capital visiting their families. We have had no response to the number we have to reach them. He is a retired Methodist minister and she is a retired school social worker. bevinbloom@comcast.net

Francis, Bill
Looking for information on the whereabouts of my very dear friend, William (Bill) Francis. Last known to be in Borneo, Malaysia, during the last two weeks. mmaxwell202@comcast.net

Gant, Sue and Alf
Sue and Alf Gant were on holiday at a beach resort hotel on one of the islands off Malaysia. They come from Gravesend in Kent and are both in their 50s. We have no more information on their stay and are unsure of their whereabouts. If anyone has any knowledge of where they are please contact me. We are worried and would welcome any news. enquiries@ftlfloors.co.uk

Gantt, Dick and Edith
Friends, Dick and Edith Gantt, were anchored at Langkawi Resort on their sailboat, Celerity. Their plans were to spend the holidays there. If anyone knows of their condition, or of that of their boat, please e-mail. Thank you. chj_1@hotmail.com

Gross, Simone; Jennings, Paul
Simone Gross (German national, resident in Auckland) and her partner, Paul Jennings (New Zealander, based in Auckland ), were in Langkawi and due to take their boat out sailing for a few days. smitson@gogogo.co.nz

Hackett family
We are looking for information on our friends who visited Malaysia for the holidays. They are the Hackett family: John, Jasmine and Justin (who is 6 years old and a good friend of my son). Jasmine is from Malaysia and they were there to visit relatives over the holidays. We would like to know if they are OK and if they need any help to get home. Thanks. bookwom@earthlink.net

Does anyone has any information on Mrs. and Mr. Hagenzicker? They were vacationing in Penang when the tsunami hit. anandi@sbcglobal.net

Hall, Jarvis
My professor, who also happens to be the political science department chairperson in my school, took a trip to Asia this past semester. During a conversation with him, I remembered him saying he was going to visit Malaysia and some other Asian countries. Although he is due to return on January 1, I have not heard from him. I have sent him numerous messages, and he hasn't replied to any. I just pray he is safe and returns back to school next semester. By the way, his name is Jarvis Hall, and he is the Political Science Department chairperson at North Carolina Central University. coded999@yahoo.com

Harer, Patrick; and O'Sullivan, Patrick
My son, Patrick Harer, was traveling with his friend Patrick O'Sullivan from Malaysia to Thailand. My son is a German citizen, weighs about 175 pounds. He is 5'10", has short blond hair [and] speaks German as well as English. He is a scuba diving teacher in Thailand. If you have any information on either one of them, please contact me. Any word about his or his friend's location will mean the world to me!!! Thank you so very much. callyourmom@earthlink.net

Hart, Graeme
Am looking for Graeme Hart, from England, he is 32 years old. vanina_o@hotmail.com

Hatta, Salman
Salman Hatta from San Francisco, California, who is a student at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, California. I know that he was planning to be both in Malaysia and Thailand. clee1029@yahoo.com

Hensarling, Scott
Concerned about a friend, Scott Hensarling, residing in Kuala Lumpur. Age 40. 5'6" to 5'7". An American from Texas. Enjoys vacationing up north of Malaysia and Thailand. E-mailed two weeks ago but no response. Hope he is OK. babymagwai@yahoo.com

Hickey, John
I was hoping to see if you knew the status of John "Jack" Hickey. He was in Jakarta last I heard. He's from Stamford, Connecticut. cbirdge@connectionsny.com

Islam, Faridul
I am looking for FARIDUL ISLAM. His address is 379 Jalan Barme, 10350 Penang, Malaysia. and phone no is 0125798170 but could not get him over phone. Already tried 100 times but result is same. If anybody can give me any information I will be greatful forever. mony_mu@yahoo.com

Johnson, Franklin
If anyone has any information on a U.S. student, Franklin Theodore Johnson, please contact me. My son is currently living in Japan and attends the university. He and his classmates/companions were going to travel to Thailand and Malaysia for the winter recess. We have not heard from Frank since he left on December 22. starr1213@aol.com

Katsuda, Leighton; and friend Mari Matsuo
Both were visiting Langkawi. Received an e-mail on December 27, but [we] have not received any communications since then.
Update: We received a phone call from Leighton last night and they are well. Thank you to everyone for your help, and aloha.

Kaur family
I am trying to find out if the Kaur family -- especially their daughter, Kuldip, who lives in West Malaysia -- is safe and OK. I have not heard anything, so any information would be appreciated. Thanks. hi-its-me@sympatico.ca

Kaur, Sukhvinder
Sukhvinder Kaur (Sukhy) was visiting her family in Malaysia. Just wondering if she and her family are OK. lyssababy97@yahoo.com

Khan, Adnan Nasir and Aamina
I last talked to my brother Adnan Nasir Khan and his wife Aamina three or four days ago when he was in Kuala Lumpur. salmannasirkhan@hotmail.com

Kilpatrick, Mark

Kim, John (Tae Hwan) and Family
My friend John (Tae Hwan) Kim and his family were supposed to visit Malaysia for the holidays. If anyone has any information about their whereabouts, please let me know. Thank you so much. klewlezz@hotmail.com

Kruger, Cobri and Dries
I am looking for Cobri and Dries Kruger. They are teaching in Taiwan and might be on holiday in Malaysia. They are South Africans. Should anyone have any information please contact me. zenobiab@absa.co.za

Kumar, Manoj (Frankoin)
My friend Manoj Kumar (Frankoin) is Indian but he lives in Frankfurt. He was in Malaysia almost one week before the tsunami. I am waiting for hearing him soon. I do not know where he is now. If you know anything please help me.

Lamb, Kristina; and Thomas, Chris
We are looking for Kristina Lamb and Chris Thomas. They are both British and work and live in Taiwan. They went on a vacation to Kuala Lumpur and then to Langkawi around the day of the quake. If anybody has any information, please contact us. Thank you. primm@mozart.inet.co.th

Lim, Shyan Shyen
Shyan Shyen Lim, a college friend, lives in Malaysia, I think it is Penang. If you see this Shyen please write back or if anyone has any information on him. Thank you! knd7997@hotmail.com
Update: I have made contact with him today and he is fine! Thanks for all who emailed!

Ling, Fong Teng
My friend lives with her family in Tanjung Bungah, Penang. Her name is Fong Teng Ling, she is 25 years old. She has a brother and loving parents. Her nationality is Malaysian Chinese and she is Hainamese-Chinese. She speaks Hokkien and English.
Update: Thank you very much. I had contact with my friend today!! "Muchas Gracias."

Maclure, Chris
I am looking for my brother, Chris Maclure. He was traveling in northern Malaysia when the quake hit. I spoke with him on Christmas Eve, I have not heard from him since. I do not have a contact number or an exact location. He may have been heading to an island off the coast with some local friends as this all happened. He is 23 years old, about 6', 160 pounds, dirty blond hair, glasses and blue/green eyes. If anyone has information please e-mail me. Thank you. meganmaclure@yahoo.com

Mahandran, Vanisha
I am looking for a little girl called Vanisha Mahandran. Her father is a businessman there. His office overlooks the Straits of Malacca. I want to know she and her family are OK. ashak74@hotmail.com

Malaka, Etan Anak
This 36-year-old Malaysian man has not contacted his family since the tsunami. Not exactly sure where he was but his family are desperate to hear of his whereabouts. ramlimalaka@yahoo.com

Mathur, Satkuna
I am looking for Satkuna Mathur. She lives in Virginia and was on vacation visiting India. She has known family in Malaysia. Please let me know if she is safe. mreese@nvfdrs.org

McGowan, Cunnie
I am looking for Cunnie McGowan from Ketchum, Idaho. She was visiting friends, Sally and Larry Burk, who are teachers in Asia. I don't know their travel plans on December 26. charrison3@rr.com

Mitchell, Dave
I think my friend, Dave Mitchell, was visiting his parents in Malaysia for the holidays. If anyone knows the whereabouts of Dave and/or the Mitchell family, please contact me. Thank you.

Mitchell, Rebecca and Pete
Looking for information on Rebecca Mitchell and Pete who may have been sailing in the areas affected by tsunami. Both on the sailing vessel S/V Jonah. mmetzler@metzcon.com

Mohaghegh, A. Raymond
I'm searching for my friend who is a teacher in Mahary University in Nashvil-Tennesi & his name is A.Raymond Mohaghegh. moghijiin@yahoo.com

Muriz, Amirul Muaz Ahamad
I am looking for Amirul Muaz Ahamad Muriz. He and his family live in Selangor. kandlechick@aol.com

Murray, Cris
My father, Cris Murray, was vacationing on the island of Langkawi in Malaysia with his friend Katrine over the holidays. He is a British national working in Taipei, Taiwan. I have had no word and no luck finding anything out. Please help. sarahm@jdewers.com

Nadarajah nee Chia Choon Hong, Ivy
We are looking for Ivy Nadarajah nee Chia Choon Hong. She and her husband have not been receiving our e-mails, at least they have been returned. Need to know that they are alright as well as son Arvin and family and daughter Sunita. Arvin was like a son to us when he lived here and attended college with our son. They live in Kuala Lumpur. Thank you. cte23680@centurytel.net

Newly, Ed and Irene
Trying to reach Ed and Irene Newly. bonsaimama@aol.com

Offen, Elliot
I'm looking for a dear friend. His name is Elliot Offen. He dressed very elegantly and shouldn't be hard to miss. He last told me was going on vacation to drink some cocktails on the beach. He has long brown hair, sometimes pulled back. mtang7@gmail.com

Oldwage, Elge
Looking for Elge Oldwage was last heard from on Christmas Day and was supposed to be leaving Bangkok for Malaysia on the morning of the quake. Was to be returning to South Africa on January 12.
Update: Elge Oldwage ... has just called home and is safe and well.

Ong, Kar Weng
We are looking for Kar Weng (Mel) Ong. He went to visit his family in Ipoh for the holidays and no one has heard from him since around December 20. He is due back in America on January 7 and we are all very concerned about his safety. If anyone has heard from him please e-mail us.
Update: Kar Weng (Mel) Ong has e-mailed us and is fine he should be back in the U.S. in a couple of days. Thank you and our thoughts and prayers are with all that are lost.

Patel, Rajesh M.
Rajesh M. Patel, works at Supreme City Mushroom Enterprise at Pahang Darul, Makmur.

Ramnauth, Mala; Romie Persaud
My friend Mala Ramnauth and her sister, Romie Persaud, went on vacation in Malaysia on December 13. I was expecting to hear from her via e-mail or telephone but have not been able to get in touch with her. Please help. adassawilson@hotmail.com

Santos, Michael
He is about 5'8" with medium length black hair, dark skin, and weighs about 180 pounds, early 20s. He also has a number of piercings and tattoos. His dad owns a hotel in Malaysia.
Update: He is safe.

Sauffi, Faisura Mohd and family
I am looking for Faisura Mohd Sauffi and/or any members of the Sauffi family. Faisura is about 23 years old and she and her families last known whereabouts were in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. Lisa@Visker.info

Seide, Steven and Barbara
I'm looking for any information concerning my brother, Stephen Seide, and his wife Barbara. They are 62 years old and have been sailing on their boat, Sidereal Time. They last reported from Langkawi. Any news would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. stuartseide@theatredunord.fr
Update: You have us (my wife Barbara & I) listed due to email from my brother, Stuart Seide. We are fine, and he has been notified. Please remove us from your list.

Shamsudin, Radin
Radin Shamsudin from GWU/Kuala Lumpur. mtortajada1@yahoo.com

Sheild, Tracey; and Neil Evens
I'm concerned about two friends. They are husband & wife. Their names are Tracey Sheild & Neil Evens, from England. They are working there until January 13 & I was just wondering if you could tell me if they're OK. They're in Kuala Lumpur. carolej1972@fsmail.net

Sheldon, Jay
Jay Sheldon: Call or write to let us know if you're OK. bragsar@comcast.net

Shen, Amy
My good friend Amy Shen is visiting Malaysia until Jan. 10 and I haven't heard from her to see if she is OK. Any news about her would be appreciated. She is a 22-year-old UCLA graduate visiting some family and friends over there.
Update: I have heard from her, [and] she is totally OK. Thanks for people's responses.

Shunmugam, Segaran
My best friend is Segaran Shunmugam. He is a major in the Malaysian military. He was on border patrol for Malaysia/Thailand. I have not heard from him. How can I find out if he is OK? ccoward@aol.com

Sime, Kevin
My son is 14 years old. He is best friends with Kevin Sime, a boy who goes to his school. Kevin and his family went to visit family in Malaysia over their Christmas break from school. My son is very concerned about his friend and would like to know if he and his family are OK. They live in Lexington, North Carolina. Kevin is a ninth grader at Central Davidson High School. If anyone has any information on Kevin and his family, please e-mail my son Brant at jblack1988@triad.rr.com

Tan, Elsa
We're looking for a friend of ours named Elsa Tan. We know she is visiting her family in Malaysia for the holidays (she currently works in Calgary, Alberta) and just want to hear from her so we know she is safe. lava_girl7@hotmail.com

Tan, Shaw Tong
I'm looking for Shaw Tong Tan in Malaysia. He spent one summer in San Francisco and graduated from Iowa State in computer science. He returned to Malaysia a while back. I'm wondering whether he's okay.

Tang, Joy; Shan lung
Joy Tang and Shan lung are Singapore nationals who went to Kuching, Malaysia, to visit friends. They are adventurous folks who love to see the scenery and sights of the land. They could have been anywhere at the time the tsunami hit. Any info, please contact me. They have many U.S. and world friends due to the Internet. flyingfree45@yahoo.com

Tanggawelu, Badmanathan
On 25 and 26 he went to the beach to spend the weekend with his family , no more information so far. joonsie80@walla.com

Teoh, Rose
Rose Teoh of Alor Setar, Kedah. I haven't heard from Rose or her family (Keat, Danial and Dicky) since the tsunami. Please e-mail if you know whether or not they're OK. amyhaden@hotmail.com

Toh, Chin Chye
I am worried about his whereabouts. If anyone have his information, please email me. lyy7728@hotmail.com

Vasquez, Mela and Yasin Yusof
I have a sister who lives in Malaysia. The last time I saw her was when I was 12 years old. We haven't heard from her in four years. My family and I are very worried about her and we have no way of contacting her. We have no mailing address or phone number to reach her at. All I know is that she is married to Yasin Yusof and they have five children. The last I knew she lived in Jahor Baharu. Her maiden name is Mela Vasquez. Her children's names are Ramen, Yasin Jr., Jasmin, Asia, and Alem. I hope this information will help find her. Thank you and God bless you. betty.michaels@ttuhsc.edu

Wai, San Loh
I am looking for Wai San Loh. She had gone to Ipoh to visit her family. cp742849@albany.edu

Weiss, Eidel
I am looking for information on Eidel Weiss and her family. Her husband is Azam and a daughter named Iman and a baby boy. dorina@regionxvband.com

Wong, Si Win
I was wondering the whereabouts of Si Win Wong. I went to college at Texas A & I in Kingsville, Texas, and I last heard that she was running a fine arts academy in Malaysia. I hope she is safe and sound. God bless. dorina@regionxvband.com

Yong, Irene; Wong Edmond
Want to learn well-being of Irene Yong and Edmond Wong, in Sabah. Bonsaimama@aol.com

Zivec, Katja
I am looking for a friend, Katja Zivec (from Slovakia). She is traveling with her partner, Mijeko (Spanish). Last I heard from them was just before Christmas when I believe they were in Malaysia. Katjia has long dark dreads, big blue eyes and a small build. Would love to know that they are both OK. pixiesflyhigh@yahoo.com

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