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December 26, 2004 Tsunami

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Missing People From the Tsunami Disaster -- Missing from MALDIVES

The people listed below have been reported as missing.

If you have any information about any of these people, please contact their loved ones at the e-mail address listed below the name.

IMPORTANT: Please be respectful to these people and ONLY send them an e-mail if you have information about their lost loved one. DO NOT send them an e-mail otherwise. Period. Thank you.

If you would like to add the name and information about a missing person, please click below:

Please ONLY use the link below to report a missing person. Thank you.

Missing Person Information Submission Form

Missing People -- Maldives

Please either Scroll down to view the missing people or click on a letter below. Names are categorized by last name.

Abeyakoon, Cyril
Cyril Abeyakoon, a Sri Lankan national, works at Kurumba Village Hotel in Maldives as chief accountant. herathrj@hotmail.com

Adam, Ali
Hi, we would like to know if Mr. Ali Adam and his family from Kaafu Guraidhoo island (South Male Atoll, Maldives) are all right and survived the tragedy. aga@agadesign.cz

Ahmed, Ibrahim
I am looking for Ibrahim Ahmed, who works at Kurumba Village in a restaurant. ozcankilic@hotmail.com

Ah-Sing, Melissa
Ah-Sing, a British citizen, was vacationing with her family in the Maldives. sheere17@hotmail.com

I am hoping to receive any information about Dr. Ali. We trained together in Nepal at Bir Hospital. If anyone can tell me of his whereabouts or situation I would really appreciate it. combine360@yahoo.com

Ali, Ahmad Fifshan
Father owns a resort in the Maldives. Born around 1980-1981. suresh@localbar.com

Ali, Najeeb
Looking for Najeeb Ali, a barman at Fun Island resort. Please let us know if our friend is safe. His sister lived in Male. Would be grateful for any information. ee.duffy@ntlworld.com

Arp, Maria and Theo
We are waiting for news from our colleagues and friends Maria and Theo Arp, who are vacationing in the Maldives. Maria is German and Theo is Dutch. david.pollard@ing.com

Babcock, William and Sunny
My stepfather, Charley Adams, is wondering if his friends in the Maldives are OK. The last we knew, William "Bill" Babcock and his wife, Sunny, were still living in the Maldives somewhere. Anything you can tell us would be appreciated.

Barber, Stephen and Kerry gilli.read@telkomsa.net

Barton, Jean
We are looking for Jean Barton, daughter, Nicola, and granddaughter, Charlotte. Any information will be appreciated. jech@deakin.edu.au

Bartsch, Birgit
I am looking for news from my friend Birgit Bartsch, who is originally from Germany, and her boyfriend, Olli. They live on Baros Island as dive instructors. Please, when you hear from them let them contact me, Corrie Bakker, in Aruba, the Dutch Caribbean.
Update: I received an e-mail that she and her boyfriend were at sea at the time the tsunami hit. They survived!!! I was so glad to hear they were OK. Thank God for small wonders! Happy New Year. Corrie Bakker. Aruba, Dutch Caribbean.

Blank, Ron and Iben
Ron and Iben Blank -- he is Canadian and she is Danish. [I] just received news they recently left for the Maldives. If someone has seen them please let them know we are ready to help them come back home. Peste.buchanan@us.army.mil

Brinkley, Bruce
I am looking for news of Dr. Bruce Brinkley of Geneva, Switzerland, who was last known to be spending a vacation in the Maldives. Many thanks.
Update: This is to inform you that Dr. Bruce Brinkley is safe and sound and returned back home yesterday afternoon. Many thanks for all your efforts and I wish you good luck in finding those others missing.

Coulthard, Lorraine
Lorraine Coulthard and her husband went on holiday to the Maldives for three weeks from 20th December. Does anyone have any information please? Thank you very much. atodd@online.de

Dar, Ipeek
We are missing Ipeek Dar, a Turk, and her French husband. info@istanbulambalaj.com.tr

Dean family
I am keen to know how the Dean family are. Mr Dean owned the Bandos Resort in the Maldives. Any news of the family will do. abs3131@yayoo.com

Dean, Aisha and Shawnee
My [former] school friends Aisha and Shawnee Dean (sisters) and her family live in the Maldives. Her father owns a few of the luxury hotels on the islands. She has a large family, and I am worried about how they fared, as there is not much detail in the news about how the Maldivians fared after the tsunami. Our prayers are with them. richtan@whidbey.com

Deen, Tyfeen
Her name is Tyfeen Deen. She is a citizen of the Maldives. She is a student at Aberdeen University, Scotland, and I am a friend. She had gone home for Christmas. taybasharif@yahoo.co.uk

Dincic, Miro
Looking for information on Miro Dincic, food and beverage manager at Meeru Island Resort, Maldives. If you know, let me know. Thanks. andywsmith@hotmail.com

Embudu Village
Does anyone has some information about Hotel Coral Garden, Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka, and Hotel Embudu Village in Maldives? We have some very good friends living there and we are very worried. Please contact us. Thank you. info@galaxy-amusement.nl

Engelbrecht, Freek and Jean
We are seeking news on Freek Engelbrecht and his wife, Jean, from Port Elizabeth in South Africa. They were visiting their son in the Maldives. The son is an engineer assisting in the construction of a hotel on behalf of the Sun International Hotel Group. jc-vd@iafrica.com

Farkas, Agnes
I'm looking for a 32-year-old Hungarian woman named Agnes Farkas, [who has] long red hair. She is slim and is about 180 cm tall. s_juci@freemail.hu

Fernando, Jayanthi
I am inquiring about the safety of Jayanthi Fernando, who teaches school in Male. gimmer@juno.com

Fernandez, Carol
I am looking for a friend of mine. Her name is Carol Fernandez. The last I heard was she was living in the Maldives. I just need to know she is well. Thank you. rmichael@bloomberg.net

Fritz family
We are looking for our friends the Fritz family from Oberndorf, Austria. My parents had their daughter, Pia as an exchange student in 2002-2003. They vacation in the Maldives every Christmas vacation. usavictory@juno.com

Gabileo, Gilbert
We are looking for our friend Gilbert Gabileo (Filipino) who is working at a resort in the Maldives. We would appreciate any news on his whereabouts. lizacamu@yahoo.com

Habeeb, Hussain
Can anybody help me trace my son-in-law Hussain Habeeb, born June 21, 1963, who works at Banyan Tree Resort as a sales and marketing manager in the Maldives. Thanks. sunnyirmy2000@aol.com

Hashim, Ali
I am looking for information concerning the whereabouts of Ali Hashim, his wife and daughter. They live in the Maldives. I am not sure which island. I have tried to call and e-mail, but have received no response. If anyone has any information, I would appreciate receiving an e-mail. nlt0624@aol.com

Hatipolu, Tolga
I am looking for my friend Tolga Hatipolu, a Turk. regider@superonline.com

Herft, Daisy Josephine
My mother has been teaching in Maldives. Her name is Daisy Josephine Herft. Can I get some information about her? Her son, Sena, is waiting for some information. auntvini@sedal.usyd.edu.au

Hinckley family
Looking for Steve and Lynn Hinckley and their two sons.
Update: The Hinckley family is safe and has returned home to Tokyo from the Maldives.

Hopman, Carline
I am looking for confirmation that my friends Carline Hopman and her boyfriend Martin are OK! They were vacationing in the Maldives and are from Holland. lizanderson.chartner.net

John, George
We are looking for our Indian friend, George John, who was a barman on Fun Island resort, Bodufinolhu. What happened to him? Where were the survivors evacuated to? Please contact us by e-mail. rognat@skynet.be

Johnson family
Dave, Kath, Adele and Melanie Johnson from Slough, England. jattman_jaz@hotmail.com

Katriana, Naning
Looking for a good friend of mine. Her name is Naning Katriana and she is Indonesian. She is about 28-29 years old. She was last known to be working as a chef at Kanuhura Spa & Beach Resort in the Maldives. She started to work in the Maldives around year 2000. I would be grateful if anyone who knows something about her would contact me. rere_hadi@yahoo.com

Kotsis family
Requesting any information on the Kotsis family from Greece, arriving in the Maldives on December 25. Family members include Apostolis (father), Marina (mother), and Amthia, Yiannis and Alexios (children). This family was vacationing on two "over the water villas" commencing December 25.
Update: Kotsis family has returned safely to Greece.

Laiseaux, David
I would like to know if my friend David Laiseaux who was the head of Water sports at Club Med Kanifinolhu in the Maldives is alive and well after the tsunami. Thank you for your help. cecighi1@hotmail.com

Leitner, Hannelore and Willie
My parents are vacationing on one of the Maldive islands. They are German citizens and approximately 70 years old. Please let me know if you have any information. Thank you. ulim@sbcglobal.net

Maard, Sophie
Hoping for news about Sophie Måård and her boyfriend, Kalle, from Stockholm. They planned on going to the Maldives. Send message if you see this to MariAnne Häggander in Stockholm, Sweden. haggander@chello.se

Magnani, Claudio
I am looking for any information on Claudio Magnani from Lodi, Italy. He and his family boarded a private yacht on December 22, headed from Italy to the Maldives. I have not heard from him am anxious to know of his whereabouts. I pray for the best. JLONON@hotmail.com

Michaela, Beránková
Looking for information about above person. irenka@rps.cz

Mohamed, Ali
I am looking for Ali Mohamed, he was working in Fullmoon Beach Resort, when I vacationed in Maldives. Would like to know his whereabouts. I tried his mobile but his mobile is not working. zaadhi@yahoo.com

Mohammed, Aisha
I am looking for information about my friend Aisha Mohammed. She studies in Australia and her family lives in the Maldives. She had returned there with her mother for the university holidays. I have heard nothing from her since the tsunami. a.depass@student.qut.edu.au

Muchitsch, Martin
I'm looking for my Austrian friend, Martin Muchitsch, 22, who went with his parents to the Maldives for Christmas vacation. He didn't return yet to Austria and I'm worried about him! Both parents are dentists and he has a younger brother. mshehadi@hotmail.com

Nafiza, Aishath
We have a friend who is from the Maldives. Her name is Aishath Nafiza. We used to be course mates when she came and studied in Malaysia. I'm worried for her safety. If anyone has info about her please let us know. We're praying for her safety. soomei02@yahoo.com

Naheed family
Desperately trying to find out about Shafik, Abdulla, Ali and Naheed who worked on Fun Island (Bodufinolhu). fattyla@msn.com

Naseem, Badruddin
I am looking for news of my friend who is working at Reethi Rah Resort in Maldives. I understand that he was in the resort at the time of the tsunami tragedy. His name is Badruddin Naseem. iluthufi@hotmail.com

I am looking for a person who we called Naz that I had met when she had lived in Canada and she had taken a weaving class at the craft centre that I had worked at. We all called her Naz, and I think her full name is Aishath Nazeer. She had a daughter who is about 10 years old and a son who is about 14. I think Naz's husband is a teacher, who might work at University. I had lost contact with Naz when she moved back to the Maldives.If anyone knows her to please give her my e-mail address. Thank You. rumtumtugger02002@yahoo.ca

Netto, Vernon Robert
Indian-Malaysian, 31. cynthiakhan@lycos.com

Niikura, Naoko
I am looking for the Naoko Niikura (Japanese), director of watersports [at] World Ohlveli Resort. jtdavos@hispeed.ch

Newport, Pia
Can anyone tell me how the Exotica resorts in the Maldives fared? My good friend Pia Newport is a spa manager there and I have been unable to contact her. lindapoulton@onetel.com

Onodera-Nojima, Fumie; Daisuke Nojima
We are very worried about our friends Fumie Onodera-Nojima and Daisuke Nojima who were vacationing in the Maldives for Christmas. We are desperate for any information that they are OK. Please contact me at jyahne@sbcglobal.net

Parisi, Marco
I am looking for my friend Marco Parisi, Italian, 30. He works in an animation team somewhere in Maldives. He arrived there on December 8. venus83@gala.net

Pereira, Romel
Please let me know if you get any information about Romel Pereira of Sri Lanka, [who was] working on a Maldives Resort island. We have no news from him after the major disaster of December 26. Thanks. dilini_john@hotmail.com

Priyandarshani, Champa
Missing person -- she is a 25-year-old named Champa Priyadarshani from Sri Lanka. prasangi@aliceposta.it

Reethi Rah Resort
Please let it be known that all expats, including South Africans working/visiting Reethi Rah Resort, are alive and well. We have received many phone calls and e-mails from concerned friends/family. Please rest assured that our damage was comparatively low, and no lives have been lost and very few injuries sustained. Thank you for all your concerns. scuba_diva_mv@hotmail.com

Rich, Sarah; Berensden, Scott
My two American friends, Sarah Rich and Scott Berensden, were last heard of flying to the Maldives on Christmas Day and there has been no word since. traceybarradell@hotmail.com

Rock, Taryn; Syd Bale
Seeking information on friends Taryn Rock and Syd Bale of the UK who were vacationing in the Maldives over Christmas. Thank you! jchumphreys@houston.rr.com

Rossi, Massimo (Max)
My Italian friend Massimo (Max) Rossi was in the Maldives on Christmas with his daughter, Janiele. They are from Rome, Italy. I have not been able to reach them. If you have any information, I would be very grateful. gleason98@aol.com

Rasheed, Ali
I would like to know that my friend Ali Rasheed and his family are alright in the Maldives. mcmyeh@hotmail.com

Shareef, Neveen
I got worried as soon as I found out the tsunamis struck and I'm wondering if Neveen Shareef, a good friend of mine who is in the Maldives, is OK. May Allah protect her and her family. pashmina29@hotmail.com

Seeling, Ingrid
I am looking for information on Ingrid Seeling, a German tourist from Hamburg who was visiting the Maldives on holiday. She was going to do some diving and relaxing -- arriving on December 19. Thank you. kmelsenboss@comcast.net

Senewiratne, Judy
My sister-in-law, Judy Senewiratne, is from Sri Lanka, working in the Maldives. Last e-mail message I received from her was the morning of December 26 stating she was being evacuated. Her son, Shane, resides in Kandy, Sri Lanka. I would appreciate it if anyone has any information regarding their safety. senevim@hotmail.com

Shameem, Shyma
I just want to know that my friend, Shyma Shameem is alright. She's approx 5'4", black hair, brown eyes, Maldivian Indian. jenna_thornborough@hotmail.com

Shooza, Aminath
I would like to ask you if you might have some information on Miss Aminath Shooza, a friend of mine [from] whom I haven't heard from in a long time. A few years ago she was working at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and later at the UNDP Office at Maldives. I lost contact with her. If there is a way that I could help her, her family or anyhow else please let me know. I pray for all the people who passed away in this catastrophe and hope that this terrible suffering will end. hajosboris@hotmail.com

"Stainless Commander" crew members Ali, Mohamed; Mohamed, Umar; Ahmed, Rasheed; Abdulla, Naseer; Ali, Rasheed; Mohamed, Yasir; Ibrahim Mohamed, Didi
They were all crew members of the chemical tanker M/V Stainless Commander -- sailing under a Panama flag and under the command of Russian captain Arkadiy Savin from Nakhodka -- which was in the harbor of Delfzijl, Netherlands, from June 1995 to February 1996. If anyone can contact them, please send our regards and please send us their conditions and addresses, if possible. In advance thanks for your help. kkigkt@hotmail.com

Tomlin, Ann
I am looking for news from my friend Ann Tomlin and her friend Garry, from Edinburgh, Scotland, who were vacationing in the Maldives for Christmas. I am desperate for any information that they are OK. m.a.hamlett@home.nl

Tricou family
I am looking for news of Olivier Tricou (DOB: 11/25/79) and his parents, Jean and Muriel Tricou. They went to the Maldives from Paris on December 24. Anybody who has ever seen them or has any news of them please kindly let me know by e-mail. I am so worried for them at the moment. Thanks very much indeed and happy new year! longduo@hotmail.com

Vander Linden, Jochem
I would like to know if anyone knows anything about my friend Jochem vander Linden. He is a diving teacher on a island call Villa Varu. And also a friend called Shamee who is a dive master on the same island. I would like to know that they are both safe and in good health please.
Update: I have found my friends safe and well.

Vaughn-Williams, Matthew
Matthew (Matt) Vaughan-Williams from Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, England, on holiday in Maldives with his girlfriend. Will anyone with any news contact me please? We have had no word since Christmas Day. richard@skinnerx2.fsnet.co.uk

Velezine, Aishath and daughter Falak
I am looking for my friend Aishath Velezine and her daughter Falak. I am worried about them. I haven't heard from them yet. I know Vel, that's her shortname, studied in Australia Brisbane, but returned to the Maldives. So she should have been in Male when the tsunami hit. Please contact me if you know anything about her and her daughter.
Update: I received feedback that Aishath Velezine and her daughter Falak are OK! Thanks for your help.

Wehrmeyer, Silke
Looking for Mrs. Silke Wehrmeyer. Have no infomation at all. per.moerkeberg@gmx.net

Weisser, Alexander and Katja
I am looking for information on Alexander Weisser and Katja, German tourists from Gosheim who were visiting Eriyadi, arriving on December 25. grethaa@absa.co.za

Wismer, Karin
The missing person's name is Karin Wismer. She is a citizen of Switzerland. She lives in the city of Zurich. She e-mailed me before Christmas to tell me she would be spending Christmas in the Maldives on a boat with her family. Her father's name is Rolfe Wismer. Please call or e-mail me if you have any information. Thank you. nateoinonen@hotmail.com

Yohannan, Samkutty
I want to know about Mr. Samkutty Yohannan, an accountant with Sun Travels, Male, Maldives. He is from Ezhamkulam, Kerala, India. charlyvp@hotmail.com

Zimmermann, Jerome
I'm searching for my friend Jerome Zimmermann, who may have been at the Rihiveli Resort at the time of the tsunami. He is South African, has white skin, is about 37 years old, stands 6'6", with brown hair and hazel eyes. Any information would be greatly appreciated. rossrebecca@hotmail.com

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