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Missing People From the Tsunami Disaster -- Missing from MYANMAR

The people listed below have been reported as missing.

If you have any information about any of these people, please contact their loved ones at the e-mail address listed below the name.

IMPORTANT: Please be respectful to these people and ONLY send them an e-mail if you have information about their lost loved one. DO NOT send them an e-mail otherwise. Period. Thank you.

If you would like to add the name and information about a missing person, please click below:

Please ONLY use the link below to report a missing person. Thank you.

Missing Person Information Submission Form

Missing People -- Myanmar

Alvarado, Zenon and Ivonne Camaronni
I'm looking for my brother, Zenon Alvarado, and his wife, Ivonne Camaronni. We haven't had any contact since December 25. He has Swedish nationality. alelagosa@hotmail.com

Baxi, Don
My friend is American and his name is Don Baxi from San Clemente, California. I was very worried because he said that he living in Myanmar about 10 days ago. After that, he didn't contact me more. If you know anything about him, please contact me.
Update: I am very happy to have received an e-mail from Don Baxi. He is safe and living in Bangkok now.

Brosha, Rayleen
Trying to locate my Canadian friend, Rayleen Brosha, from Antigonish, Nova Scotia. She was supposed to have left Thailand on December 13 to travel to Myanmar. Any information would be very much appreciated. fwstreicher@hotmail.com

Butler, Liam;
Looking for Liam Butler, 35, Irish male, and his Sri Lankan wife, Upekha Gunasekera, 35. cmanu.rehani@gmail.com

Campbell, Teri Janice
Looking for Teri Janice Campbell, 35, Canadian, 5'8", 130 pounds, long blond curly hair, blue eyes. She is teacher from international school in Kuwait City. Last known staying at a bed and breakfast in Myanmar. screw_all_authority@hotmail.com

Cannon, Robert
My uncle, Robert (Bob) Cannon, age 50-ish, was traveling in India, Burma and Thailand. [He] was believed to be in Burma (Myanmar) at the time of the disaster. He may have been attending spiritual classes. He is an avid jogger. Any info, please contact. shoegirl804@yahoo.com

Cooper, Kevin
Missing in Thailand. U.S. citizen on vacation. Last contacted us on December 19. [He was] going to Burma then, possibly heading to coast/Bangkok around time of tsunami. Kevin Cooper, 46 years old, brown hair and eyes, 5'10, traveling alone. mikimreynolds@aol.com

Daum, C.
I am looking C. Daum. He was in Myanmar! Please contact with us! info@fenerbahce.org

Dorfler, Tom
Seeking info on friend Tom Dorfler of Nelson County, Virginia. He's traveling in Myanmar and India. Several attempts to reach him via e-mail have been unsuccessful. lenoregay@comcast.net

Drummond, Alex; Lynn Peace
Looking for information on Alex Drummond and wife, Lynn Peace, holidaying in Yangon, Myanmar. We have not heard since December 17. Due to return to Bangkok on January 3. Any help or advice appreciated. mike@plasticraft.co.nz

D'vaz, Leona
My very dear friend Leona D'vaz was known to be in Thinguanguan, Myanmar, at the time of the disaster.
Update: After a long wait, we received news today that my friend Leona D'vaz is safe and well.

Elini, Roberto
Desperately seeking info about Roberto Elini, 51 years old, from Italy (Bologna) traveling by himself from Thailand to Myanmar, landed Thailand on Christmas Day, scheduled to travel on to Myanmar, no news from him since.
Update: Roberto Elini was found safe! We reported him as missing on your Web site last week, but he called home yesterday and is now scheduled to come back from Bangkok in the next few days. Thank each and all of you for your help and support and God bless you all for your work. May all the missing people come home safe ! Thank you again and again.

Floyd family
We are looking for our employer, Dr. William Floyd of Somerset ObGyn in Troy, Michigan. Dr. Floyd, his wife, Gail, and their daughter, Jennifer, flew to Thailand via Myanmar for the holidays. We've contacted the State Department. They have no registry of their itinerary. No one -- including their family -- has heard from them since they left before Christmas. Desperately seeking information. sbeachz@aol.com

Floyd family
Looking for a family of three: a man 70 years of age named William Sanford Floyd, M.D., his wife, Gayle Floyd, and their daughter, Jennifer Floyd, 21. shanny26915@hotmail.com

Garambone, Gian
Looking for Gian (pronounced John) Garambone. Was in Burma or traveling in Indonesia. 49 years old, of Italian descent, grew up in NY, Resident of Australia. About 5'8", slim, brown eyes/hair. ceweil@adelphia.net

Horlock, David, Ellaine and Zuri
Last heard from on Christmas Day. Please contact Nick and Sheridan who are most concerned for their safety. mundsy@brunet.bn

Ingram, Tracey and Brady, Tom
Tracey Ingram is Scottish and Tom Brady is Irish. Last heard of on Christmas Day. Tracey is 27, thin build with long dark hair, 5'7". Tom is 28, from Dublin, has short dark hair and is approximately 5'9". If anyone knows anything please let me know.
Update: Tracey Ingram and Tom Brady have contacted home and are safe and well in Laos. Good luck to everyone in their endeavors to find family and friends still missing.

Kallenberger, Mark and family
My brother Mark Kallenberger and his wife, Suzie (Burmese born), and their three daughters were expected home to Irvine, California, December 29. I am desperate to know where they are. They were visiting relatives in Myanmar and touring Thailand.
Update: The Kallenberger family arrived safely to Irvine, California, on December 29. Thank you all very much!

Kent, Daisey
We are looking for our daughter Daisey Kent, a Canadian who is visiting Myanmar. We have not heard from her since December 25. The information we have is that she arrived at Yangon on December 22 via Bangkok. She stayed at Lin Thar Oo Guest House in Ngapali Beach December 24 and 25. She left for Bagan via Pyay on December 26. She was planning to go to Mandalay also. If you have any information about her please contact us.
Update: We heard from our daughter, she is safe. She phoned us from Bangkok Airport. She says Myanmar's lack of communication systems prevented her from reaching us. We thank all of you who gave help and support during this time. God bless you! We sincerely hope everyone gets home safe!

Klingbeil family
I am hoping to find that a co-worker and his wife are OK and unaffected by the tragedies in Myanmar. They are German citizens and were on personal holiday travel to Myanmar. Freddy Klingbeil and his wife, Sybille. I only know that they traveled to Myanmar on December 24 and planned to return back home to Germany by January 24, 2005. debra_l_elliott@yahoo.com

Khuri, Lawrensio
We are looking for a priest who our family used to sponsor. He lives in Loikaw, Kayah State in Myanmar and his name is Father Lawrensio Khuri. If anyone heard about him, please contact us. emergency_search@yahoo.com

Lozano, Mary Gloria; Electa Fairchild
My friend is Mary Gloria Lozano. She is accompanied by Electa Fairchild. They are with a German tour group in Myanmar from December 18 to January 2. Both ladies are teachers with Dodds in Germany. Your coverage has been excellent with events in other countries affected, [but] I have heard minimal on the events of the disaster in Myanmar. Please assist as we are very concerned about their whereabouts. Thank you.
Update: Mary Gloria Lozano and Electa Fairchild have arrived home safely. Thanks to all for your comforting and informative e-mails.

Lukaszek, Luke
I am trying to locate Luke Lukaszek in Myanmar. He was teaching English and geography there at a private school and his friends have not heard anything from him since the tsunami. He is thin, 5'10", in his 50s, brown hair. He is a Canadian national from Vancouver. Thank you for your help -- we are very worried for him. mbelly@hotmail.com

Lund family
My good friend Claus Lund and his family were vacationing in Myanmar during this holiday. I am not sure where in Myanmar they were staying. Any information on their whereabouts or their welfare would be greatly appreciated. ramesh_anand@hotmail.com

Maung, U San family
I live now in Holland, but I am originally from Burma (Myanmar). If it is possible I would like to know the real situation in Burma. My parents and my family live in Bassein (Pathein), Rangoon (Yangon), and Kyangin. I can't get any contact with any of them. Please kindly let me be informed if one of you know anything about the real situation in Burma. The name of my father is U San Maung. The name of my mother is Daw Myint Myint Win. My sister's name is Daw Thin Thin Mar. My brothers names are U Zaw Moe Aung and U Nay Myo Aung. My son's name is Mg Htet Hmu Tun Lwin (in Rangoon). s.oo@wanadoo.nl

Middleton, Maria
Maria Middleton was in Myanmar on the beach with a friend named Suzy, but is believed to have run away in time to avoid the waves. We still need to know that she is safe, where she will try to go, and if she can contact family. victoriangardenfairies@shaw.ca

Mynard, Peter
Telephoned his sister on Christmas Day. Nothing has been heard from him since. All his family are concerned. marionward@hotmail.com

Ogimachi family
I am looking for my parents. Naomi Neil Ogimachi, 79, and Frances Imogene Ogimachi, 73. They have been in Thailand since December 15. They were going to Myanmar for a tour and then fly back to Bangkok, Thailand on January 3. I have contacted the tour company and the hotels where they were supposed to be staying, but they are not there. They have been to Thailand and Myanmar seven times, and [I am] not really sure if they are in Myanmar or Thailand. They said that they wanted to spend time on the coast. On January 2 they are supposed to be in Yangon. I have contacted the State Department with their passport numbers. They are to supposed to be leaving for a cruise from New Zealand to Australia on January 5 on the Princess Line. wishingbones@aol.com

Parker, Gregg Jonathan
I have not heard too much about the situation in Myanmar. A friend of mine and his girlfriend [were] supposed to be there for vacation. His name is Gregg Jonathan Parker, he is English but lives in Malaysia. I need to know if they are OK.
Update: I ... talked to my friend and thank God he is OK. Thanks a lot.

Passfield, Kelvin
My brother, Kelvin Passfield, is supposed to be in Rangoon. He is usually very caring in that he would have alerted me as to his situation knowing we would be concerned. He works with the U.N. as the sustainable fisheries expert and has a close affinity with the coastal areas. He is Australian [but] has lived in Cook Islands for 15 years, except past three where he has been based in Bangkok. If any one has heard from him, please e-mail me if possible. Thank you.
Update: My brother and family are now located and are fine. Thank you for posting the notice.

Rohde, Michael
My father left for Myanmar on November 20 to stay for three months. He is always staying with his friends (locals of Myanmar) in the coastal region. He is a German citizen, 73, fluent in English. His name is Michael Rohde. I haven't heard from him since the tsunami. I don't know how to get in touch with him. If you know where he is, or how he is doing, please let me know. ggergen@prisma.com

Ruzickova, Klara
I am looking for my sister, a Czech woman called Klara Ruzickova, age 26. The last e-mail I had from her was on December 8, when she was in Rangoon. She said she planned to travel north. tereza.ruzickova@spcorp.com

Sloane, John
Looking for info on John (Patrick) Sloane, [who] arrived in Rangoon (Myanmar) on December 24 on a flight from Bangkok. On the December 26 he was supposed to be traveling to Ngapali in the Bay of Bengal until January 2. The Burmese government [is] reluctant to give out any information. If anyone has any information regarding him, please contact me. My prayers are with you all. Thank you. maureen.munro@sympatico.ca

Tambini, Gina; Mung Kams; and Thang
I'm searching for whereabouts of Dr. Gina Tambini, husband, Dr. Mung Kams, and their son, Thang. The doctors worked for Pan American Health Organization and they were in Birmanie or near Burma for holidays visiting relatives. Please contact me if there's any news about them. They might be staying to help people there. I just want to know if they're OK. Thank you very much.
Update: I've just received good news about my family: Dr. Gina Tambini, Dr. Mung Kams and their son, Thang, They are very fine, in good health and they're coming back home today, thanks to everyone who helped me out in their finding.

Taubman, Richard and Cathy
Richard and Cathy Taubman [are] traveling throughout Myanmar on a vacation and photographic adventure. Cathy had been in India for six weeks and Rich joined her in Myanmar just 10 days ago. I have no idea of their whereabouts in the country. Cathy is a photographer. They are from San Diego, California. He is 6' tall, bald, [with] lovely blue eyes. Cathy is slight, petite, with thick, shoulder-length brown hair. Thank you! God bless! mapmania2@aol.com

Tuin, Martin
I am looking for any news about my brother, Martin Tuin (Dutch nationality), who currently lives in the Pa Auk Forest Monastery, close to the city of Mawlamyine (Moulamein), in Myanmar. edotuin@lycos.com

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